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Time for the compelling sniper shooting and perfect assassination,enjoy the nonstop action and show the speed of execution. Uncoversecrets in the Border army game, reach to up to the higher killerranks of silent assassination. Russian sniper is equipped withiconic guns, fighting for freedom against dealers and gangbangers,enemy armed forces. Use the best of automatic weapons and becomethe hero of the eyes for the nation back home. It is time for thethrilling gun shooting on enemy invading your borders.Save thenation’s borders with sniper gun and amazing army operationtactics. Entice the enemy to step into ambushes, let them crossgates and shoot them in the open. Time to strike with metal andstrike with scary big guns. Arsenal full of the eliminatingweapons, mass destruction bombs and other tactical operationgadgets. But the border guardians are fond of sniper guns.Clean andsmooth firing on enemy. Take the positions, secure your fellowsnipers’ towers from enemy missile launchers. Mission commands fromthe sergeant of military operations come through the ear piece.Keep in contact while keeping the target in the focus.Enemy has thedangerously awesome air support with them. Their gunshiphelicopters can do great damage. You army unit can be made a hellhole in no time. In Border army Russian Sniper Striker, find targetwith sniper scope, locate and shoot. Legendary shooting in the bestaction game. Become the warrior, which can be trusted by the armysniper unit. Battle of amazing warriors among the both sides of theborder. Border Army Russian Sniper Strike features:• Choosedifferent Russian sniper warriors for the battle.• Russian snipermodels and great weaponry• Classic game design• Complete modernways of the war by the Russian warrior army sniper.• Shootingmissions like firing from towers and straight shootingBorder ArmyRussian Sniper Strike is a totally free and amazing game ofshooting assault. Line up the Russian sniper and be ready for thestrike. Try to hit the target with the maximum speed and agility.Deadly missions for the Russian sniper are waiting. Show theperfection of shooting with the sniper gun. Take the best shootingspot from the higher ground. Take the correct estimate of the enemyposition and predict their next move to make the shooting plane tokill them. Tank attack on the border needs to be eliminated withthe cannons and rocket launchers. Duty of the Russian sniper armystriker is full of thrilling moments of glory, dangers andincredible action. Aircraft carrier bombing over the militaryshelter and bunker will do the greatest damage, so to avoid that,make sure that the war is ended before the enemy has power toattack big anymore. Make the perfect killstreak with the Russianarmy sniper. Take care of the enemy and devastate the enemy armysoldiers in every possible way to prove yourself the bigger gunner.Guardians of the borders are well versed in the war time, battlesof blood and bullets. Show the strength of the iron in order tobeat the enemy is war of the peace and terror. Become the worthy ofthe name Russian Sniper. Overtake mountain sniper legacy and rainover the enemies in the war. Get rewards for shooting enemy. Waraction with Russian sniper is perseverance of the will to win thewars. Intimidate the enemy with the amazing war tactics and forcethem to leave your territory with arsenal of immense firepower.Survival in the arena of worst battle against heinous enemy isreally hard. Hardest working riflemen and gunman Russian sniperattack on the terrorists invading the borders. Military officers ofthe high rank want the favorable results from the Russian sniperarmy soldier. Get into fighting stance and start spitting fire withthe high caliber sniper gun.

App Information Border Army Russian Sniper Striker 2018

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    Border Army Russian Sniper Striker 2018
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    December 15, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Actions Games Hub LLC
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    Actions Games Hub Studios. Rua Passeio dos Ipês, 350 - Ed. Tríade, Torre Nova York,
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Time to pull best action campaign against most heinous enemy. Theseenemies of public have abducted a lot of citizens for the money& prisoners’ release. Take action to kill them, use sniperscope for killing from a distance. Waiting on rooftops for exitroutes and money bags from city management, terrorists are unawareof action happening underneath. Civilian rescue is duty of rogueassassin. Unleashed rogue assassin is on a secret mission tocivilian rescue. Rogue assassin: Civilian Rescuer Hero specialfeatures:• Amazing gun Selection, chose the firepower wisely• UseShield as armor to block the enemy shooting• Best metal weapons forthe rogue assassin to conquer and save the civilians• Interestingmissions with great story line and extensive details to the actiongame environmentRogue Assassin: Civilian Rescuer is free todownload from the Google Play Store. Get your copy right now andget thrilled by the amazing life of rogue commando and assassin.Show the terrorists fury of the rogue assassin. Rogue Assassin:Civilian RescuerKill Kidnappers in the city & rescue hostages.Sniper shooting from towersTime to pull best action campaignagainst most heinous enemy. These enemies of public have abducted alot of citizens for the money & prisoners’ release. Take actionto kill them, use sniper scope for killing from a distance. Waitingon rooftops for exit routes and money bags from city management,terrorists are unaware of action happening underneath. Civilianrescue is duty of rogue assassin. Unleashed rogue assassin is on asecret mission to civilian rescue. Rogue assassin: Civilian Rescuerspecial features:• Amazing gun Selection, chose the firepowerwisely• Use Shield as armor to block the enemy shooting• Best metalweapons for the rogue assassin to conquer and save the civilians•Interesting missions with great story line and extensive details tothe action game environmentRogue Assassin: Civilian Rescuer is freeto download from the Google Play Store. Get your copy right now andget thrilled by the amazing life of rogue commando and assassin.Show the terrorists fury of the rogue assassin Action.
Elite Gun Dinosaur Hunter 1.0 APK
Fight the dinosaur herd and hunt the predators, elite gun action ofhuntingSurvive into big dark jungle with elite guns like sniper andassault machine guns. Wild animals will attack without any regard.Use battle learned hard skills of shooting and outmaneuvering theschemes of deadly and dangerous predators. Elite Gun Dinosaurhunter is for extreme fans of shooting and hunting, everybody loveshunting game based on hunting of a primitive beast. Catch the driftof the dinosaurs hunting the jungles after jungle, these dinosaursare looking for a prey so be careful and don’t become the preyyourself. Set in the early evolutionary cycles of the life onearth, this dinosaur hunting game is as realistic as it couldbe.Elite Gun Dinosaur hunter has some special features: Unlimitedammunition for each weapon, considering the most dangerous andlethal situation Hardest missions of survival, hunting andshooting dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs in elite gun dinosaur hunter areTrue Beasts, Earth trembles while they pursue prey. Wild nature ofjungle to test the survival skills of the hunter. Elite GunDinosaur Hunter 2018 is free to get from the Google Play store. Adinosaur game of immense action, thrilling adventures & daringquests. Elite gun and other military weapons will save you fromwrath of the dinosaurs. Missions of Forest adventure in the elitegun dinosaur’s hunter are mind boggling. Don’t infuriate dinosaursand try to run, complete the dinosaur hunter killing missions onceyou have gotten into it. Gorgeous jungles are the perfectenvironment for the dinosaur hunter game. Find shelter and vantagepoints for keeping the unmatched hunting record. Put the bullet inThick skulls of dinosaurs. Uninvited entrance into the area ofthese dangerous creatures will lead towards attack by them. Whilethe dinosaurs move towards you, aim and shoot a bullet with snipergun. Bag the biggest animals of the jungle with the elite gun. Afabulous simulation, extreme action and thrilling shooting in onegame. Mad & wild animals will not spare anybody who comes intheir way. Not a single sniper bullet ca take down the giantdinosaurs, be precise and shoot in bursts. Breathe in and take theaim. Carefully advance towards the target in the elite gun dinosaurhunter. This dinosaur hunting game is full of rewards for thewinners, in the form of ammunition, new weapons and access to thenew areas for hunting.Hunting adventure will take the fun throughthe roof in the game. Get into the immersive world of dangerousdinosaur hunting 2018. Play by the rules, find the weak spots ofthe enemy and kill with precision. Follow us ontwitter:https://twitter.com/robinia_blue
Sniper War Action Shooting in Jungle 1.0 APK
Assassin mission struggle and sniper shooting in the jungleenvironment. Commando shooting against brutal enemy forces. Hub ofthe terrorist activities & ultimate evil headquarters. Dark& dense jungle is completely off the grid and an easy choicefor the criminals and enemy forces.Covert sniper army shooter is onadventurous detailed missions for the sake of army fights. Battleprime soldier gunship heroics are appreciable contribution. Bestjoystick controls for crazy army combat warrior. US army trainedsuper sniper hot shot warrior is ready to roll up sleeves and bringhell to the heinous enemy. Kick boxy enemy soldier to put them tosleep, martial arts perfection will add a super cool touch to thegame. This warrior extreme campaign is only going to strengthenyour cognitive skills and reflexes. While playing the sniper waraction shooting in jungle is fight until eternity. This funsimulation of army soldier campaigns through the dark jungles ofAfrica is worth the download, enjoy this free fighting simulationright now.Become vigilant and invade into the enemy territory. Allthe sniper shooting skill will come in handy to make enemy bow toyou supremacy in the combat field. Do hunt some animals if you haveto. Best assassin are invisible to the enemy before they kill them.Never be out of the bullets in the sniper war action shooting inJungle. Infinite ammunition in biggest arsenal.Professional Killingsquads from enemy camps are ready to jump & take care of thethreats to the enemy kingdom. Charge up the place, advance like atrue veteran. Enemy soldiers in battlefield seeking revenge totheir check posts & army camps losses. Well trained commandobattles against the most dangerous enemy in the battle. Fromshotguns to heavy assault guns, choose the best among all to takeover enemy. Sniper War Action shooting in jungle is highlydependent on shooting tactics & command on war scenarios. Fromhelicopters to striker planes, you’re on every enemy radars. Bushes& wild grass as camouflage are your biggest weapons.TyrantEnemies with heinous plans are nightmare for the region. Sniper waraction shooting in jungle in the necessary cleansing of enemy fromearth. Avoid military rocket launcher attacks from enemy, be quickas a cat while jumping and running around to save yourself fromgetting hit. Create Distractions for the enemies to invade andinfiltrate in sensitive, no go areas. Destroy them from inside andblow their check posts.Enemy forces has attacked and tore apartyour cities many times, it is time to retaliate. Make an exampleout of the end. Crash and clear whatever stand in your way. Insniper war action shooting in jungle, be clear about the dangers& show the extreme survival skills. Sniper war action shootingis the dispute of elite fire mongers with humanity. This is thehidden place of the culprit enemy general who will go to extremelengths to make others life impossible. Better shooting kills andextreme persistence is the key to overcome the enemy. Take a breathin and use Sniper scope to spot and eliminate the enemy. Sniper WarAction Shooting in jungle special features. • Never ending vastopen world of jungle and wild forest • Amazing action time camerasfor sniper shots. • Modern weapons and sensors to assist you in thegameplay. • Several dig & pits to be used as bunkers while youare against multiple shooting targets A.K.A enemies.You can beswift & get the job done without triggering the alarms. Whilethe modern action of war and battles is dependent on the noisydestructive weapons. You can be stealth and do the job quietly.Nowdownload the sniper war action shooting in Jungle through theGoogle Play store and enjoy the most adrenaline rushing &thrilling action game on the store. Don’t forget to rate and reviewand give us your valuable feedback.
Furious Assault Enemy Shooting 1.0 APK
Take the control of the battle and win against dangerous enemy.Best shooting game, classic fun of the furious assault enemyshooting has no bounds. Crazy sniper and men with missions ofdestruction are there to stop the furious assault of our commando.Go into the stealth mode and find the targets in the city. Killthose gangsters with a sniper bullet. Survival shooting game ofelite quality, furious assault enemy shooting is the major fun. Getinto the weapon store and take out the best weapon of your choice.Take account all the minor details of the battle environment in thefurious assault enemy shooting. Rich gameplay of shooting and waragainst the terror is amazing. Soldiers on foot are only hope ofthe citizens of the city under terror. It is time to take back thecontrol of the war zone, eliminate every threat that comes in theway of the furious assault enemy shooting champ. Shooting at eachlevel is different and for what it is worth, kill as many enemy asyou can to reach the goal. Don’t ever get let down by thedifficulties of the way. City is ridden with enemy like they arebringing trains full of more enemies. Time to bring the assaultagainst coercive behavior of enemy. Time to dismantle the enemywith the hardest punch ever.Ultimate danger of having the warscenarios is the innocent citizens getting in the way of crossfireand bomb blast explosions. Take the furious assault enemy shootingas the military strategy mission and reach out to the depth ofcrime and violence in the city, take the bad seed out and eradicatethe danger to the common citizens of the country. Take the hugemilitary arsenal for a good use and finish off the terroristscaptivating the city into the darkness of violence, extortion andkilling. All the terrorist activities in the city are the result ofborder conflict near the city, enemy has disguised as your citizensand now they are amongst you. It’s hard to find the enemy in thefurious assault enemy shooting but nothing is impossible. Take downthe squads of shooters of enemy. All rewards and glory for thefastest man to kill and destroy the enemy. Furious Assault EnemyShooting 2018 has got some special features:• Strong enemy shootingcapability is a usual thing for out commando. • Thrill in the gameis taken to the maximum. • Military battle against the mostdangerous enemies. • Multiple challenges of the furious assaultenemy shooting revealed over course of dozens of missions• Bestweapon control and smooth gameplay, just right enough to make it agreat shooting game. Furious assault enemy shooting 2018 is totallyfree to get from the Google Play Store. With detailed war scenes,realistic enemy reflexes, attention to detail and smooth gameplay;furious assault enemy shooting is a great actiongame.https://twitter.com/robinia_blue
Candy Fest Christmas 1.0 APK
Swap & match 3 candies to crush sugar. Candies of Stripes &rainbows coloring are pleasant to eyes. Candy fest swap combos makethe multiple candy layer crushing possible. Stacked Candy movesdownward as you destroy the candy. Extra moves, extra lives; scorewell before time ends. Candy fest swap has delightful well wrappedcandy. Fruits extraction with free extra moves is amazing candyfest swap feature. Best puzzle game of collecting candy and blowingthe stripes and solid colored candy by arranging them in sets of 3or more. Extra and bonus time in time mode levels. Millions ofusers to gain, hundreds of candy blowing and crushing levels help alot. Be a bear and mooch off as much candy as you can. A prettyyummy game for keeping the happiness level to maximum. Sweet questsof breaking down jelly wrapped and filled candy stacks. Hundreds oflevels of happiness. Great visual effects in the candy festChristmas. Star wearing down the candy stacks. Offline play foraddictive puzzle game users. Keep exploring, crashing and crushingvillains of the candy world. Plan moves & see results ofamazing candy fest Christmas strategies. Limited moves or limitedtime to score certain score & reach targets. Hard competitionamong the heinous villains conquering candy villages and occupyingthe candy production factories. Get under their skin with brutallycrushing down their inventory and spreading candy flavors all overthe place. Wrapped stripped and special candy, all has differentrewards. Beat previous scores and records. Perfect experience ofsweet candy gaming, candy garden swap & blow. Happy times inthe game of quick thinking and using the moves like a pro. CandyFest swap is candy game of sweet puzzle has special features:•Tasty gameplay with a lot of sweet candy colliding and breakingmissions• No lag, smooth gameplay, which is supported by most ofthe smart devices. • Unwarp the candy and win the extensively greatrewards.• Incredibly journey across all candy producing villages.•Save the candy for the people of the villages.Sweet action of candyfest Christmas is sure thing to make the holiday a lot better.Delicious worlds unlocked with complicated combination. Rush up tocreate combination for unlocking cookie jars and special candies.Use the bonus and boosters to crush more candies. Blast for moredamage to invaders of town of candy with special candy. Explosivecandy fired through the guns. Artisans who master in crushing thecandy down and bringing the fruits down to the bin. Mysteriouspuzzles and addictive candy full of juice is one enchanting story,which nobody wants to let it go unfinished in Candy Fest Christmas.Enjoy treats of candy and feel the magic of amazing puzzle game,which is for everyone. Break obstacles and clear missions ofsmashing and ruining candy. Amazing challenges with lot of energybars. Score best in the puzzle game. Top the previous scores &make records in puzzle solving. Crush the jelly over the candy withdouble attack. Spit the bombs and bow the candies to solve thepuzzles. Tasty candies and the bomb attack are the best combinationin the game to catch the attention of the puzzle game lovers. Allthe sweet candy catching with diagonal, vertical and horizontalmatching of the candies is truly amazing with Candy Fest Christmas.Candy Fest Christmas is free at the holidays, get it on the GooglePlay Store for free and start blowing the candies. An adventureamong the puzzle games. Brain testing, smart gameplay and beautifulcolors of candies are the specialties of the puzzle game of candyfest Christmas. Line of sugar filled candies for you finish.Stripes, solids, shiny, strawberry and other tasty candies.
Robot War Future Battle Action 1.0 APK
are you ready for this ultimate fun, action of robots, a futurewarand surprises filled battle action. Get into enemy labs androbotmanufacturing units and infiltrate like a champ. Destroy theenemyrobots and get their heinous plans of ultimate galaxydestruction.Super robots manufacturing in enemy labs is theperfectly epicaction opportunity for our robot. A genius warstrategy is toattack before the enemy is ready for the action.Accuratetransformation of the robots to deadly warriors is amazing.A mechfight of its kind. This modern alien clash of war strategiesandweaponized control of the world is dangerous for all humanbeingsin the world. Modern laser & fire blazing swords and oldnunchucks with laser shootings. Robot War Future Battle Action isthefun of hybrid alliance of futuristic robots shooter breakingyourdefense in battlefield of modern strategic wars. Alienatingeveryplanet they go, on earth these bots have mad e theirheadquartersvery quietly to emerge as the supreme power when theultimateweapons of destruction are ready. Powerful shooting, enoughto takedown gunship helicopters and jet fighter planes. Killultimatecopters in the robot war future battle action. Now therobottransformation from the manufacturing industry to thespecialwarriors have taken a dark turn. Closed doors action ofrobotsbursting ammunition at each other. Best shooting in thegalaxy.Futuristic bullet sounds, and super robot speedy action makethishardest clash more epic than ever. Robot War Future BattleActionhave a lot of epic fight scenes full of robot fighting inkung fustyles. Burn all the forces down who works against thehumanity.Time to win a shooting war against the motorcycletransformingrobot. Like adventurous tank operating, robot warfuture battleaction is full of heavy machinery. New Robots formodern enemyblasting. Destroy them with futuristic flame thrower.Get the robotwar to the enemy front door, move fast and reach therebefore theycould realize you are coming to get them. Robot WarFuture BattleAction special features: • Multiple Robots for you tocontinue thefighting, select your favorite and rain hell on enemy •Search andfight off the rival mechs, kill with laser blaster orconventionalguns. • Do the role of robot superhero in the robo warfuturebattle action • Real robot and realistic animation ofthecharacters is amazing • Best mission stories and believablestoryplot • Awesome fighting moves, karate and kung fu combinationsandboxing punch skills. • Robots hand to hand action combatRobotwarfuture battle action is free, get it now and startwieldingfuturistic laser powered swords at heinous enemy. Enhanceyourterritories. Use giant robotic structures to level down theenemybase camps and hidden military stations. Destroy enemy battleshipsand win the simulator. Super action crazy robots, iron clawsof therobots are hard enough to take down the enemy at once. Multirobotbattle is best show down of modern military weapons. Thesemonstermachines make it sure when they kill enemies. All deadlymonstersare the super destroyer, best for wiping out the existenceof alienrobot army from the earth. These fighting action battlerobots aremade only for the purpose of the defeating the desperateattackersof the humanity. Annihilate the rival forces & fulfillthe dutyof the super hero robot fighter
Crime kill City Enemy Battle 1.0 APK
Killers, thugs and crime lords under the impression ofhavingcontrol over the city. Start the crime kill to prove themwrong.Wipe city crimes under the crime kill campaign by superheroflyingamigo.Whole city is tired of killing, beating up &wreckingdown of places by the crime mafia. Use superhero set ofpowerskills, immense precision & ability to control overtheroughest conditions. Bundle of rescue missions, do the job,inwhich the law enforcement agencies are coming short. Becometheextra hand to prevail the justice and peace in the community.Thebattle is futuristic as the enemy has the most lethal weaponsonthem. No target is the lesser target. Focus & eliminatethedanger with precision. City peace made possible with theflyingrobots & mutated super human is the only choice. Neverendingwar of guns and killing is only possible to end with thecrime killcity enemy battle superhero.Crime kill City Enemy Battlehavecrucial battle missions in the city environment, withouttheinterference of military in the city, you have to clean it upanderadicate the internationally wanted criminals. Combat skillsareeven more useful when the crime kill city enemy battlesuperherouse his superpower to punch and kick. Shatter the enemy tothecore, rattle the earth & shake their existence. Turn onthebeast mode & destroy the enemy. Multiple missions ofstrategy& outsmarting the enemy in the Crime kill City EnemyBattle.Enemy is vicious & unpredictable, taking hostages andkillingthem is common adequate in the city.Extreme situationslikeshootout in public and the firing at civilian can onlybecontrolled by superhero and we have our own superhero in thecrimekill city enemy battle. Crime kill City Enemy Battle hasspecialfeatures:• Dozens of missions full of Ultimate dangers •Superheromoves, kill dozens with a single super punch• Jump overthebuildings instead of taking the long routes.• Become themostworthy defender of people and city from the evil &crime.Arrivelike storm & wipe all the tyranny and cruelty ofcrime lords.Wash the streets from their unholy existence. Becomethe hope ofthe humanity. Without the need of weapons and gadgets,overcome themenace from criminals to the city. Use the mostpowerful vision inthe word to censor and scan the criminals.Accomplish quests tobecome the ultimate champion of crime controlworld. Alliance ofcrime is great barrier in front of city growthand peace. Thethrill and adventure of crime kill city enemy battleis enormous.While the killers and kidnappers set charges &traps for theraiding police cops, reach out before cops & savethe day. Notraffic lights to wait for, jump around and pave yourway in theair. Monitor the city from a higher point of view.Download thecrime kill city Enemy battle for free at the GooglePlay store andgive us your valuable feedback.