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Boredom Challenge is sample application you should Challenge Allthe people who have downloaded the game to pressed button for alonger time you should click in the button to start Challenge andif you got new High score your name and your Picture will show inall devise that installed this game and you can play this gamewithout Internet and if you got new high score you will become theking of the game when you connect on internet

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    Boredom Challenge
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    September 28, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Apps Go
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    Egypt , sohag , al jihad Street
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Boredom Challenge 5.0 APK
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Boredom Challenge is sample application you should Challenge Allthe people who have downloaded the game to pressed button for alonger time you should click in the button to start Challenge andif you got new High score your name and your Picture will show inall devise that installed this game and you can play this gamewithout Internet and if you got new high score you will become theking of the game when you connect on internet
Horror City VR 7.0 APK
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Application horror City VR, it is City of horror to virtual reality💀💀 If you love horror games 👀, and also love VR 🎮 games, we have toincorporate them in one game it is (horror City VR) Make you livein the world of horror, and enjoy simulating the horrifying eventsin your home 🏡, or anywhere you want 🏬 And the application ofhorror City VR is a new kind of horror games for virtual realitybecause it uses camera with virtual reality glasses and makes yousee things that are not real But also the application of Cityhorror will train your child to the courage 💪 but make sure beforedownloading any horror game for your child that the game issuitable with Old 🙂 and also not to be suffering from heart diseaseand horror City VR designer are not responsible for the any damageas a result download this game to someone who is Appropriate Thatour application horror City is horrifying applications that childmust be +12 in order to be able to play freely without having tofeel very terrified The application horror City is not like horrorfilms or movies terrifying or horror game again it merges fact withglasses VR For example, when you see Zombie see moving in your roomand in your home or at any other place he is from the applicationsthat have been newly developed by using new techniques to feel thehorror of the experience of a strong and test your skills and youfeel like you're in within the game horrifying atmosphere, if youwant awesome applications then you are in the right place wherehorror game city of virtual reality is the horror of the strongestgames of the virtual reality can try it yourself and try it withyour friends to make them feel terrified and they ask you how wesee the monsters in the real world? Application horror City TotallyFree does not contain any purchases made within the application Getfree horror in this application that you encounter a problem sendit to manage the application of horror City of virtual realitymaiklalana@gmail.com via e-mail or through the application ofclassification horror city. I hope that you like horror in the sirethis game and not don't rate us low rating with Regards applicationdesigner horror City of virtual reality Sorry about my english Ihave used site for translation
Drawing store 5.0 APK
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in Drawing Museum application you can View and buy Draws Fromanywhere in the world and you can Show your Draw for sale , DrawingMuseum is A virtual museum , The drawings are updated each period ,I hope you like it
study easily 9.0 APK
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Application Help you to Remember ( History , laws , etc ) you canRepeat your voice Until Memorize it (Note : we are not responsiblefor the pictures in the way of remembering using photos)Application Study easily is an application designed to helpstudents remember their lessons through several road will help inthe study, such as repeating your voice even reservation or bylinking Wholesale pictures, for example you want to remember themeaning of difficult words in French are found to have two ways tosave first, you can lodge voice and then you repeat the word untilthe reservation or you can type in the page study by the picturesWFP initially fetches a list of images will help in keeping thefloor and you're not sure of the word pronunciation, but you wantto save, you should write them and then put pressure on the privatepronunciation button application who shall read the word, and youcan repeat process until you save the correct pronunciation, if youhave problems saving or remembering or study your lessons then youare in the right place in our application will dispense notes andwill be able to review the lessons easily and you can also run theapplication and leave it running in the background and you can lethim work in the line of duty home or before going to sleep. Itapplies not only to review the English language, but you can useother materials such as requiring conservation (studying socialstudies - mathematics - philosophy - etc ..)Not only that, but alsoyou can use our application to save the household tasks such asbuying tools - Go to the salon - Repair blocking device - etc. ..Our application "Consider easily be" completely free withoutpurchasing operations within the application allowing you to useall the many characteristics are completely free and very fewannouncements negligible You can use the application to study yourlessons and you can give it to a friend as a gift to help him savehis lessons that get stuck sent to run the application Considereasily email maiklalana@gmail.com own or through the application offair Consider easily I hope that you like the application Sorryabout my english I have used site for translation
Safe-Share 3.0 APK
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============== Basic Features ============= ⭐ PreventDownloadingImage ⭐ Prevent screenshot ⭐Ability to stop images atany time⭐Ability to make image work only once ⭐ You can put apassword forit ⭐ You can change error messages ⭐ AES encryption toensure thehighest levels of safety ⭐ Also useful for graphicdesigners================ How to use ============== 1 - Open theapplicationand allow permissions 2 - Click the add button in thecorner of theapplication 3 - Wait a few minutes 4 - You can nowpress the Sharebutton 5 - Enjoy😊 ========= Smart tips for savingtime =========You can open the photo gallary in your device thenlong press onthe image you want to share and then choose safe-shareand it willbe processed in seconds =========== Detaileddescription=========== Have you ever thought that you should sendpictures ina safe way and how to prevent your friend from thescreenshot aftersending the picture, now it is safe to sharepictures with yourfriends, where the application provides thepossibility to deletethe image after being sent or paused, theapplication also providesmany features such as option Make theimage work once or identifythe error messages yourself, you canalso in the application to puta password file before sending it tomake sure that if someonehacked your phone will not be able toaccess the images, you canalso add a layer of fog over the imagesin the case of preventionof sugary shot or option to disable, Theapplication gives you thehighest security sharing Security levelswith the AES encryptionfeature, which is used in the militaryoperations of the strongesttypes of encryption so that it preventsanyone from accessingfiles, you can also delete the picture to sendto your friend atany time, the application also allows you to manyother featuresyou can discover yourself, such as browsing imageswith thepossibility Zoom in or out In the case of images containingdata,the application is available for free in all countries. Theidea of​​the application is based on encrypting the images with arandomencryption key, which is automatically created for each imagetoensure the highest levels of safety. The encryption keyisintegrated with a hidden encryption key so that it is impossibletoSh The application is useful also in the case of graphicdesigners,because we are waiting for you to install theapplication"safe-share" and waiting for your comments to improvetheapplication, thank you for your time We hope you enjoy theappexperience =========== Connect with us =========== You canalwayscommunicate with us through e-mail maiklalana@gmail.com Or byphonenumber (Whatsapp) 00201270823965
KYLE - Random Video Call 22.0 APK
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KYLE - Random Video - Matching App Code Avilable in CodeCanyon Makenew friends Foy Any suggestions contact us via :maiklamged56@gmail.com
Photos Box - Hide pictures 65.0 APK
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Of course, many of us want to hide images from the device in asafeto Prevent anyone else from see it. this application gives youtheability to hide photos easily and with many wonderful features⭐Super speed in show and hide ⭐ Additional safety layer in casethedevice is stolen ⭐ The images quality is very high ⭐ Multiplehide⭐ Support Videos ⭐ Hide directly from the camera ⭐ Auniqueencryption key for each user ⭐ fingerprint support ⭐ takepicturefor anyone trying to insert passwords incorrectly ⭐Anti-theft ⭐Smart closure ⭐ fake password ⭐ The possibility todisguise theapplication ⭐ Supports a lot of languages ⭐ Askquestions andsupport button ⭐ FAQ section ⭐ Few ads arenegligible----------------------------------------- Why photoboxneeds thesepermissions? ⭐ camera : hide photos from camera, takehackerpicture ⭐ storage : hide photos from SD card ⭐ phone details: getcustom crypt number for you ⭐ contacts : anti-lost service youwillfind more in Privacypolicy----------------------------------------- If you want to hidethefiles from the device so that no one else if you are in therightplace because most applications hide files and imagessituation mayhide images from the Istidwa only, but does not hideimages fromthe phone when someone stole your phone may restore theimages orHidden and easy access to it, but the application ofconcealment ofimages This offers you the feature of hiding picturesfrom thephone and not complete from the studio only so that itisimpossible for any thief restore them, the applicationofconcealment of images This is to capture images from yourcomputerin a safe way stored in the server secure the password ofyourcreation and this feature allows you Also restore If you stealyourdevice while at the same time you hide the images in a finalway,even if someone stole the device, you will find only a phonefreeof all your personal pictures. The application of Hide Photosis avery safe and effective application that enables you to hideimageseasily and smoothly in a short time. While also providing thesizeof personal images from your device easily and free, also applytheconcealment of images completely free and a few adsalmostnegligible, and enjoy the application of hiding images with ahighsecurity feature prevents anyone from changing your passwordevenin the case of knowledge to ensure you a high level ofsecurity,Hide photos care about your privacy and appreciate yourprivacy Ourservers are carefully guarded so that you can safelystore yourimages away from any unauthorized access attempts. Inourapplication, storing images all your photos will remain secure.Noone can recover your photos without your permission. Once youstealthe phone, you can install the application in the new phoneand logon with the old password. Without any problems, ourapplication ofimage concealment is characterized by the ease andspeed ofconcealment with continuous support and periodic updates,and alsothe application of concealment of images is suitable forall typesof Internet because it is a light size suitable for all.If youhave any suggestions please feel free to send usfeedback.--------- key words --------- Hide images for Android HidePhotosin Samsung Hide images for Android hide pictures Hide theimageHide images and files Photo hide program How to hidepersonalphotos Hide photos How to hide images in a Hide photos fromstudioTo hide images Hide photos in samsung Hide personal photosPhotoCollage Photoshop Hide Photos in Notes Hide images in s6Hidephotos and videos Hide any image Hide videos Hide my photosHidepasswords with passwords Hide important files SpecialPicturePassword Hide secret images Hide secret videos Hide filesHide MyFiles Learn how to hide files Hide photos and video Bestprogram tohide photos Learn to hide photos and videos Hide filesmanuallyHide any type of audio and video files Hide video withpassword
Your Health 2.0 APK
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The application to connect MG doctors is characterizedby============== 1 - Online bookings received ------ 2 - theabilityof the user to follow up his role in custody, for example,before Ibook, I will tell you 15 one, and one saved his disclosureandappeared to me 14 and Keda ------ 3 - I gave the user noticeofwhat is left Fadel quarter of an hour on the disclosure byhim------ 4 - Estimated the follow-up dates of the clinic and if itisthe opening or not and leave dates