1.0 / July 2, 2015
(4.8/5) (5)


Just tap on left or right to roll the room.Itmake the ball bounce and bounce. Collect coins to unlockmorecircles color. Coins are spawned random circle everytime.
Score will be counted when the ball bounce once or you tap onthescreen.

App Information Bouncer: Color Box

  • App Name
    Bouncer: Color Box
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  • Updated
    July 2, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Dots Game
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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★ FEATURES OF AFTER LIGHT: LENS FLARE OPTICAL-THE OPTICAL SOLUTION FOR VIDEO!- A SUN light fx app for Silhouette style.- Realistic effects, realtime processing, enlight.- OPTICAL SOLUTION FOR VIDEO: Auto track the sun after tappingtotrack view in Camera mode. Customize the animation of opticalflarepath in VideoEditor mode.- Make your own video from mobile's camera or galleryphotofolder.- AFTER LIGHT: LENS FLARE OPTICAL has nice library dynamiclighteffects (Light fx is designed to match nature camera lenses).★ INSTANT OPTICAL EFFECT FILTERS OF AFTER LIGHT: LENSFLAREOPTICAL!- Not only is the sort of layer but also AFTER LIGHT: LENSFLAREOPTICAL has the direct blending of each pixel color withcolorblend elight effects. It looks so real with lensflare(optical) ofnature sun light.- Colorful, smooth, vivid and realistic with dozens ofdifferentoptical flares to choose.- Free to use!★ AFTER LIGHT: LENS FLARE OPTICAL - EASY TO USE:- Just tap to icons to choose what you like: CameraMode(recommended mode) , Video Editor mode.- Ready designed filters enligh.- In Camera mode: First tap to track your view, the camera isautofocus and lighting, then drag your sun to the real sun in view.Nowthe optical flare is always follow the enlight-sun as much asyourcamera's quality can do. No need to key the sun's position astheVideoEditor are;- In VideoEditor mode: Drag your sun to move the light overthevideo, key the frame by seekink to the next frame which you wanttomove the optical flare to, customize the brightnest and colorviaslider control. The more your video are less shaking, themorequality you have.- Simple user interface, live enlight preview, free to use, freetobright your sun sight.LENS FLARE OPTICAL - THE OPTICAL SOLUTION FOR ENLIGHT VIDEO!
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Multi shadow runner - an addictive game! You have to tap the whitezone to make the runner (the shadow is running) jump over theobstacles at the same time. First is 01 shadows, and then more 04shadows. There are 05 runners (03 in the basic and 02 in lock) inmulti lanes. 05 shadows - 05 multi taps - so you can play hard withall your fingers or ask for help to your friends. The coins will becollected for unlock 04 and 05 runner. The graphic is simple, justthe shadow and white! Easy but so hard to run. How long can yourun?
Don't pop the color PopOneDotOneCake APK
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Just tap on the screen to make the character jump over allobstacles (the bars). Don't stay in center too long (up to 03seconds) if you want to lose!
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A casual game just tap, tap, tap and tap! And simple games, arejust simple games. A minimalist 2D graphic, retro game that mixescasual gameplay with gorgeous graphics and intuitive controls. *GAMEPLAY: - A simple and highly addictive game. Just tap to rotatethe circle bar to versus dots. - There are 03 game mode: SINGLE,ONLINE AND TWO PLAYERS. In SINGLE MODE you have to versus all dot(Blue and Pink dots), dots will bounce one more time every 10points. In ONLINE and TWO PLAYERS mode, you just have to fight withpink dots, your opponent is always blue. * FEATURES: - The ballimpact the bar will be score 01 point. - Actions in game follow thedynamic physics, clean style. - PVP online or offline whenever youwant. Easy to use: Tap and drag anywhere on the screen to rotatethe circle bar. It's the DOTS ATTACK.
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"Baw Wow! sheep collection!" - a sheep breeding! ------- You whowill inherit a field of sheep to play. An enjoyable woolrestoration and breeding game! The amazing adventure jungle rungame, poor sheep so simple and lovely. *How to play: Tap on theblank ground to add a tree into there. The sheep always avoid treeand find the way to escape out of the screen. Let's complete theround when you bred the sheep. With every tap on the screen, thesheep will jump over one ground. So you should find the right wayto catch the sheep as catch fast as high scores. If the sheep runout of grounds, you'll have to return the start round. But don'tquit, try tap exactly to catch the sheep again. *There are two typegameplay to play: - Catch: You have to breed the sheep by addingtrees to inhibit the sheep until there is no empty ground aroundhim. - Trap: Don't let the sheep jump over the rock. Just taparound the sheep. *You can play "Tap The Sheep" right now! F E A TU R E S � FREE to PLAY! � Chaotic, Hilarious, cRaZy! � Lovinglycrafted graphics! � Relaxing orchestrated music � Personal highscores ------- Enjoy Tap The Sheep:-) DOWNLOAD NOW
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Smooth graphics, easy to play but IT givesyoua sense of excitement.It is a simple picture but lively about the life cycle ofaworm.You only have to move left, right and jump to make a right waytothe flag.On the way there will be many traps for your worm .So you try your best to keep the worm safety.The traps are selected and arranged into a scene withincreasingdifficulty.Think simple and quick to help the worm survive.Highlights of the game : THE WORM will move around the outeredgesof the square until you press the jump button.Be the best player that number of dead at least in this game.- Not just a simple game run , the worm contains manyattractiveelements to surprise players.- Control the worm quickly by swiping anywhere on screentomove.- 30 SCENES to play and many secrets to discover.- Addicting gameplay.- Many genres in one game.Play THE WORM and be the smartest player right now!