1.2.1 / November 3, 2017
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Practice your archer skills with bow master.Start your archer practice with Bow master.

Bow Master is a perfect archery game in which you have to aim andhit the target. The better you aim and hit the more is yourscore.

This is a fun, simple and very interesting game with smooth gameplay.

In each level there are certain targets in the game play whichneeds to be achieved with limited number of moves. Master thearchery skills in this amazing game. A free time fun game of archershooting is waiting for you to download and become Archery Masterby grabbing 50 points with every shot.

Game Features

• Smooth game play with perfect trajectory
• Moving target board to make it difficult to score
• Global Leadership score card to challenge and share your scorewith friends
• Archery game

Lets take your archery fun to the next level!

App Information Bow Master

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Welcome to the magical candyland of juicy,delicious caramel sweet candy and toffee in Sweet candyparadise.This game is a jackpot candy store for all the users with mouthwatering tasty caramel candy. Tasty and challenging saga puzzle ofjuicy candy link. Create candy link of 3 or more toffees forperfect candy blast in this sweet candy paradise gameThe quest for sweet candy in this link game will keep you hookfor most of the time. This is one of the best delicious caramelcandy link game.The game play is very simple. Connect lines of sweet candy tosolve all the saga puzzle levels.This puzzle game of sweet candy has more than 200 levels of candyparadise. The candy store will never get empty of all thecandylicious candy.Sweet Candy paradise looks simple in the early stages butbecomes more interesting in the later stages. In the later stagesof this candyland game there are obstacles such as cookies, donutand ice. Remove all the cookies, donuts and ice to solve the questfor candies.There are boosters to help you in the game by removing rows andcolumns. Collect boosters by connecting 8 or more similar juicycandy.It is the paradise quest of wonderous candyland with juicycaramel candies.Game Features:• Tasty and juicy caramel candy game• Create candy link of 3 or more toffees for perfect candyblast• 200 saga puzzle of candy, cookie, donuts and ice• Paradise of connect line juicy candies• Some levels are time specific , be fast to get all the juicy anddelicious candiesDownload Sweet Candy Paradise for free and enjoy the bestconnect line puzzle of juicy caramels.Please do suggest us how to improve sweet candy paradise further bywriting us on mobilegamesacademy@gmail.comWe always welcome your valuable suggestions and feedback!
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