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BOYS TOWN INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE(ITC):1. Boys Town wasestablished by Montfort Brothers in 1955 as an Orphanage for theeducation skill training and rehabilitation of orphans destitute,early school leavers, and other exploited children and youths.These children learn to be proficient in one of the trades in theIndustrial Training Institution. Admission to this institution isbased solely on the economic background of the applicant. Hence themore needy a child is for help, the surer he can be of a warmwelcome to the institution, irrespective of his caste, creed,religion or cultural background.2. Those youth and children whohave the required academic qualification are admitted into the ITIin the following 12 NCVT trades.1. Machinist(Composite)2. MachinistGrinder3. Fitter4. Turner5. Electrician6. IT & ESM (InformationTechnology & Electronic System Maintenance)7. Refrigeration& Air Conditioning8. Welder9. Carpenter10. LOMM (Litho OffsetMachine Minder)11. COPA (Computer Operator & ProgrammingAssistant)12. Cutting & Sewing3. The training is offered freeof cost. And today, for the past 60 years since it came into being,we have an institution that can proudly proclaim that, within itswalls, service is rendered in a spirit of love, care anddedication.4. The trainees here are prepared for the All IndiaTrade Test. While training according to the prescribed curriculum,the trainees are also required to execute actual job works, thetype of which they would be required to do when employed aftertraining. Hence besides being a training centre, Boys Town ITC isalso a production centre and the proceeds from the works undertakengo in for maintaining and supporting the Institution itself.5. BoysTown ITI always had a record of very high internal efficiency withall allotted seats being filled. Besides the NCVT groups thisInstitution is also training groups of youth who are early schoolleavers, and other exploited youth and children in need of suchhelp. Today nearly 620 students train in the ITI each year, whichis almost twice the seat allotted under the NCVT scheme. In termsof internal efficiency which denotes capacity utilization, BoysTown has an efficiency rating of nearly 200%, if capacity forformal training is considered as basic capacity for intake.6.External efficiency which is the criteria of employability andself-employment has been very high. Boys Town receives each yearmore requests from industries for trained youth than are on therolls of the Institute. Both the formal NCVT students and thoseaccredited by Boys Town as Non-Formal trainees find ready and goodemployment on completion of their training7. Non-Formal Trainingfor early school Leavers: From the very beginning Boys Town had aprogramme of training early school leavers who form nearly 85% ofour youth and who have no possibility of admission to the formaleducation. We consider service to this majority of youth who alsousually belong to the marginalized sections of society not only asa task in skill training, but also as vital for sustaining theeconomic and socio-political fabric of our nation. We have expandedthe capacity of training such youth and today they form more thanhalf the number of trainees in the Institution. It is also to benoted that Boys Town has Pioneered Training for these children inthe more employable traders like Machinist, Turner, Fitter,Electrician, etc. The hundreds who have benefitted from thisprogramme are well employed. Today there are more than 250 suchtrainees in Boys Town. This programme will see a major expansion inthe coming years.

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St Johns Parent Login 2.0 APK
St.John’s took root way back in 1969. At that time, a great needwas felt by the people of Gannavaram for an English Medium Schoolthat could provide sound education to children. Late Dr.C.L.Rayudu,an eminent personality of Gannavaram took the initiative andapproached the then pro Nuncio (Vatican Ambassador to India) whenon a visit to Vijayawada to persuade him to request a catholicReligious group to start an English Medium School at Gannavaram.His efforts bore fruits when the Bishop of Vijayawada Diocese atthe request of Pro Nuncio invited the Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel to set up an educational institution at Gannavaram. A teamof Brothers, Bro. Felix, Bro. Julian and the late Bros. Vincent andStansilaus arrived to pave the way.Two acres of land for startingthe school was provided by late Mrs.Venkataratnamma. Another twentyacres of land around was bought by the Brothers. The foundationstone was laid by the then Chief Minister, K.Brahmananda Reddy on31st August 1969.With generous assistance given by the lateDr.C.L.Rayudu, thatched sheds were constructed and under thedynamic leadership of Bro.Julian as Principal, St.John’s wasofficially inaugurated on 10th July 1969. Since it's inception,St.John’s took giant steps across the educational arena.One of theaims of starting this institution was to cater to the educationalneeds of rural agricultural people of costal district of AndhraPradesh. The need for hostel became imperative and so St. John’sHome was also established in 1969. The girls wing of the hostel wasestablished in 1983 and is managed by the Sisters of St. PeterClaver.The school began by preparing students for the AndhraMatriculation Examination. The first batch of students took theexamination in March 1972 and came out in flying colours with centpercent results. As the standard grew, St. John’s soughtaffiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education andProvisional Affiliation was granted in May 1974. In March 1975, thestudents appeared for the All India Higher Secondary Examinationfor the first time. Thereafter, Provisional Affiliation wasextended upto April 1978. The school was granted permanentaffiliation in May 1978 and since then the students have beenappearing for the All India Secondary School Examination.Time flewand the demand for more admissions made it a necessity to press formore accommodation and more spacious buildings. The then ChiefMinister, Mr. M. Vengala Rao, laid the corner stone for the firstphase on 4th September 1974 and also inaugurated the buildings on1st April 1976. A beautiful and spacious hostel building came upsimultaneously and was inaugurated by the then Education Minister,Mr. M.V.Krishna Rao, also on 1st April 1976.St. John’s kept abreastwith time as it introduced the best facilities available in theform of a magnificent library, well equipped modern laboratories,the best in sphere of Sports and Games, a Children’s Park, a Zooetc. People began to sit up and marvel at all that was takingplace. There was a constant flow of humanity to the portals of St.John’s seeking admission and soon the second phase of buildingstook shape.Under the able stewardship of Bro. Julian, Bro. James,Bro. Claude, Bro. M.M. Joseph, Bro. Thomas Aquinas, Bro. BalthaRaju, Bro. K.M. Joseph, Bro. N.C. Mathew. Bro. Jaico Garvasis ,Bro. Lawrance D’Souza ably assisted by a community of Brothers anda group of dedicated staff, the school developed in leaps andbounds. The fame and success of this institution enjoys today isthe result of tireless efforts of the pioneering Brothers, thestaff and co-workers over the past 35 years. This institution isbeholden to all of them. Presently Bro. Shine Alex is heading theinstitution.
All Saints School Parent Login 1.7 APK
Parent Login System is Unique and comprehensive School ManagementSoftware. It is an online web portal, for smooth running of SchoolAdministration, containing school information available in singleuser and multi-user (client server).Though it is named after ParentLogin System, its functionality is the same as School ManagementSystem. With the use of this Parent Login System, parents of thestudents can be well benefited from many of its features apart fromsaving time and energy in reaching all the way to the school andmeeting the Admin and Teachers on general and simple issues.Parentlog in system provides vital information to Parents, Teachers andStudents. This allows students and parents securely accessreal-time student academic information. From the portal parents cansee all course work and grades, down load files and assignments,view attendance and disciplinary information and submit home workand other files to Teacher. Parent Login System is simple andpowerful integrated platform connecting all departments of anEducational Institution namely Administration, Office, Fees,Library etc. This System is integrated with Barcode, SMS Email anddeveloped from ground level to fulfill the requirements of schoolsin guiding their students to success. It connects daily operationsin the school environment right from Admissions, Lessons taught,Home woks given and many more. This system minimizes data errorsand ensures the information up-to-date besides reducing time,increasing productivity and improving communication.
Parent Login Montfort School Nagpur 1.1 APK
Education is an enabling and empowering service, rendered tohumanity, for the transformation of an enlightened, just andfraternal community of the children of God. The mission ofEducation continuously evolves with a new energy for change withrenewed understanding of theUniversality of a Person, Passion andProfessionalism. There is a need to create an integrated educationenvironment where everyone is valued and respected by promotingpersonal freedom, individual interests, talents and skills ofeveryone. Genuine empathy, interpersonal relationship, interactiveand a participatory process is to be encouraged in our schools. The“way” students learn should be given importance than “what” theylearn. The concept of “Teach Less and Learn More” is to beimplemented enabling a shift from teacher centred approach to childfriendly approach in the teaching and learning process. Bestinterest of the child is to be promoted and child rights to beprotected in our educational institutions, inculcating in thestudents a sense of responsibility and duty. An appropriatelearning atmosphere is to be created considering various learningstyles, thinking skills, sensory modalities, physical needs, socialgroupings, pleasant environment and attitudes of students. Apragmatic approach in teaching, learning and evaluation process isto be adapted, enabling a continuous and formative assessment,consisting of activities,discussions,teamwork, field visits,projects, practical’s etc..leading to a joyful learning bydoing.broshineCreate an excellent educational environment ofaffection, trust, respect, order and freedom by encouraging allthat is good. Value Education should become a compulsory subjecthighlighting the importance of character formation, integrity,honestyand duty to the nation, life-skills development and personalexcellence. All the schools should have a professional counsellorproviding guidance and counselling to students, teachers andparents in need enabling emotional well being of all.A spiritualambiance is to be created in the campus by promoting universallyaccepted values of all religions, cultures, displaying symbols andquotes taken from various religious books and saints. The role ofteachers in the classroom is to be redefined as the teacher is nolonger the main source of knowledge in this era of informationtechnology and knowledge explosion.Creative thinking of theteachers, their originality and freedom is to be appreciated inteaching rather than strictly confining to the content of the textbooks. An intensive training programme for teachers for a monthshould become a priority of priorities to make them competent toteach the new generation of students and to impart excellentquality education in the 21st century. “Teaching is the professionthat makes all other professions possible.” Teachers should beenabled to render their service with professionalism,expertise,confidence, trust and security.Schools should develop strongalliance with collaborators, parents, alumni, teachers andacademicians through dialogue to make education mission a sharedand living mission. Parents and the family should become animportant part of our educational process beyond homework.Ourinstitutions should become a resource centre where parents learnparenting.Parents have to be made partners in decisions that affectchildren and families. Every school should have an Eco-Club,distribute a plant to all students on their birthdays and educarefor the community of life. Human Rights and Peace Education has tobecome mandatory in schools.Educational technological advancements,innovations, creativity, media and popular social networks are tobe used to the optimum level as far as possible for improving andcommunicating the effectiveness of our education mission. Bestpractices and successful endeavours in our schools to be shared forthe common good of all.Bro.Shine.AlexPrincipal
St Aloysius Parent Login 1.2 APK
St. Aloysius school had its humble beginning in the year 1869, whenFr. Matagnoux OelalexMSFS from Nagpur came and started the school.In the year 1873, the Primary school was recognized by the Govt.and the Middle school got recognition in the year 1884.It isadministred by the Jabalpur Dioceasn Educational Society, Jabalpur.It is an English Medium Senior Secondary School for boys andgirls.Aloysius Gonzaga was the eldest son of Marquis Ferdinand ofGonzaga, Duke of Montana, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, He wasborn in the year 1568." I will sing for ever the mercies of theLord ""I am a twisted piece of iron and have entered religion inorder to get straightened
AINACS Mobile app is free to downloadinandroid mobiles, you'll expand your reach by connectingwithco-participants ,1. Get upto the minute Event details on yourAndroidMobile.2. Know about 'AINACS'.3. kNOW YOUR co-participants.4. Search the Schools prarticipating in "AINACS"-2015, 48thNational Convencen By State And City Wise.5 View Day To Day Event Images.6. Search The Schools participating by Name.7. Download Android Mobile App from Play Store.8. Scan QR-Code and Download app to your device.9.Search archana info solutions in playstore and find this app.
All Saints High School 1.1 APK
A historical 160 years old institution andstill going strong in its pursuit of excellence. All Saints’ HighSchool the symbol of persistent glory which embodiesperfection.All Saints’ hovered by the spirit of the Lord, chiseled and shapedby the passing years which continues to stand precious in the eyesof humanity. Established in 1855 by Rev. Fr. Daniel Murphy andtaken charge of by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel in 1932,has grown by leaps and bounds under successive Rectors and teams ofdedicated staff developing the much needed human resources.It prepares the student for life, develops the qualities of themind, the heart, and the skills and attitudes which enable him/ herto cope with the demands of life, and to be a concerned andcontributing member of the society and of the nation.
Sixty years ago in the historic city of Hyderabad, the MonfortBrothers felt the need for establishing a school for the people ofold city. It grew into a mighty institution. The former students ofthis institutions spread to different parts of the world, andrendering yeoman services to humanity. To commemorate this greatevent of diamond jubileeCBSE School was established in the year2014, under the able guidance of Rev Bro. Devasia the then Directorand Rev. Bro. Lawrence Principal Boys Town High school (SSC).Thiswas a diamond jubilee gift to the people of old city. The CBSESchool started from Classes I to IV with two sections andsubsequently additional classes will be added upto class X. And ifGod willing we shall continue up to class XII. In the year 2015 theold building of Boys Home was renovated for the CBSE School andshifted from SSC building to the renovated block with all thefacilities, under the able guidance of the Director, Rev. Bro.Devasia and the first principal of CBSE School Rev Bro. Monty.
Montfort Nagpur Parent Login 1.0 APK
Education is an enabling andempoweringservice, rendered to humanity, for the transformation ofanenlightened, just and fraternal community of the children ofGod.The mission of Education continuously evolves with a new energyforchange with renewed understanding of theUniversality of aPerson,Passion and Professionalism. There is a need to createanintegrated education environment where everyone is valuedandrespected by promoting personal freedom, individualinterests,talents and skills of everyone. Genuine empathy,interpersonalrelationship, interactive and a participatory processis to beencouraged in our schools.The “way” students learn should be given importance than“what”they learn. The concept of “Teach Less and Learn More” is tobeimplemented enabling a shift from teacher centred approach tochildfriendly approach in the teaching and learning process.Bestinterest of the child is to be promoted and child rights tobeprotected in our educational institutions, inculcating inthestudents a sense of responsibility and duty. Anappropriatelearning atmosphere is to be created considering variouslearningstyles, thinking skills, sensory modalities, physicalneeds, socialgroupings, pleasant environment and attitudes ofstudents. Apragmatic approach in teaching, learning and evaluationprocess isto be adapted, enabling a continuous and formativeassessment,consisting of activities,discussions,teamwork, fieldvisits,projects, practical’s etc..leading to a joyful learningbydoing.broshineCreate an excellent educational environment of affection,trust,respect, order and freedom by encouraging all that is good.ValueEducation should become a compulsory subject highlightingtheimportance of character formation, integrity, honestyand dutytothe nation, life-skills development and personal excellence.Allthe schools should have a professional counsellorprovidingguidance and counselling to students, teachers and parentsin needenabling emotional well being of all.A spiritual ambiance isto becreated in the campus by promoting universally accepted valuesofall religions, cultures, displaying symbols and quotes takenfromvarious religious books and saints.The role of teachers in the classroom is to be redefined astheteacher is no longer the main source of knowledge in this eraofinformation technology and knowledge explosion.Creative thinkingofthe teachers, their originality and freedom is to be appreciatedinteaching rather than strictly confining to the content of thetextbooks. An intensive training programme for teachers for amonthshould become a priority of priorities to make them competenttoteach the new generation of students and to impartexcellentquality education in the 21st century. “Teaching is theprofessionthat makes all other professions possible.” Teachersshould beenabled to render their service withprofessionalism,expertise,confidence, trust and security.Schools should develop strong alliance withcollaborators,parents, alumni, teachers and academicians throughdialogue to makeeducation mission a shared and living mission.Parents and thefamily should become an important part of oureducational processbeyond homework.Our institutions should become aresource centrewhere parents learn parenting.Parents have to bemade partners indecisions that affect children and families.Every school should have an Eco-Club, distribute a plant toallstudents on their birthdays and educare for the community oflife.Human Rights and Peace Education has to become mandatoryinschools.Educational technological advancements, innovations,creativity,media and popular social networks are to be used to theoptimumlevel as far as possible for improving and communicatingtheeffectiveness of our education mission. Best practicesandsuccessful endeavours in our schools to be shared for thecommongood of all.Bro.Shine.AlexPrincipal