2.0 / August 22, 2019
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Very simple but dynamic game where you must use your brain andreflexes to race against time and put elements into right order.

App Information Brain Smash

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    Brain Smash
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    August 22, 2019
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Davor & Robi
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    8045 Steward Lane, Colorado Springs CO 80922
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The Magic of Geomancy 1.4.1 APK
Davor & Robi
Geomancy, from Ancient Greek geōmanteía translates literally to"foresight by earth"; it is a translation of the Arabic term ‛ilmal-raml, or the "science of the sand". Earlier Greek renditions ofthis word borrowed the word raml ("sand") directly, rendering it asrhamplion or rabolion. Other Arabic names for Geomancy includekhatt al-raml and darb al-raml.Being an ancient method, based onunderstanding conditions, people and things that surround you, canbe used to act properly in otherwise hard-to-decide situations orto better understand things and happenings that can otherwise drivea person crazy. This app will do its' best to let you peek intoyour positions and opportunities regarding geomantic reading youprovide while concentrated on a specific matter, subject orsituation. Remember, the purpose of Geomancy is to give advices,shed new light on misty occasions and help you make decisions, notto tell you the future. Used properly, Geomancy can be your veryreliable guide in everyday life or during important turnovers.
Xpand 2.3 APK
Davor & Robi
Simple yet addictive logical game in which you must take free,expand and take over opponent's fields until you own whole board oropponent is out of moves. This game can turn upside-down in asecond due to it's "chain reactions". Play against your device oryour human friend.
Brain Smash 2.0 APK
Davor & Robi
Very simple but dynamic game where you must use your brain andreflexes to race against time and put elements into right order.
Intuition Dojo 1.1.0 APK
Davor & Robi
Train your intuition to make it better! We learn to walk, talk,read, sing, dance, and everything else no matter how talented weare. But what about our intuition - is it a gift from the sky orcan we learn to use it through simple steps like we did with allour abilities? Every part of our body including our brain reactspositively on practice and learning. If we are talking aboutdecision making there is no other part of our existence that ismore important than our intuition. Sooner or later every person hasto make the decision out of nothing so maybe guessing colors can beimportant to find out the inner feeling and build the feeling up.This game can help you to discover your own feeling and uniqueperception which you can sense as the answer to the right or wronganswer. Learning your feelings before and after every decision inthe game, you are in position to receive your inner perception andlearn the way how to bring it to your conscious level whenever youneed it.
Simple GPS Dashboard 2.0.0 APK
Davor & Robi
As its name says, this app represents a very simple dashboard withthe most important information about location parameters yourmobile device can provide. Although the application tries to showthe most accurate data according to different situations - likecorrecting compass heading due to device rotation - please notethat results still depend on your device's hardware and softwarecapabilities and compass calibration. Readings highly depend onbuilt-in hardware sensors and you could experience deviations (suchas expected 10-20 degrees between GPS and magnetic heading). Whenyou are in closed spaces such as buildings or tunnels, your GPSdata like speed and location can only be retrieved from networkingservices and cannot be guaranteed as accurate. The purpose of theapplication is to just show the most important location andorientation parameters as precisely as possible and in the mostnoticeable visual form. To keep things simple, there are two modesof information display - day and night. Switch between those usingthe button in the upper right corner. Change speed and altitudemeasuring units by just tapping the value on the dashboard. You cantoggle between km/h, mp/h and knots for speed, and meters and feetfor altitude. Please note that this application could use yourbattery intensively to keep you up with information about location,speed, and other parameters. Turn off your device screen or justquit the application to save energy when information is no longerneeded. All settings are always remembered.
Circle Focus 1.0.1 APK
Davor & Robi
Match the circle with growing or shrinking one. How long can youstand?
Hazzball 1.0.0 APK
Davor & Robi
Welcome to Hazzball - game of concentration and reflexes.Lead yourball above fields of fire by moving the ground beneath it.The ballmust reach the end of level before allowed time exceeds.Do not letit fall through openings and take care it does not step on eachtile more than three times.If you "step" on the same tile severaltimes, it will collapse, leaving another opening to oblivion. Sometiles are already "damaged", so maybe you can "step" on those only1-2 times instead of maximum 3. Take care!Good luck!
Good Cat Bad Cat 1.0.1 APK
Davor & Robi
Cats are coming to a party. Some are coming to have fun, but somewill try to ruin it.Let GOOD cats IN - do not touch them.Keep BADcats OUT (tap the door to close it quickly when a bad catappears)!If you make three errors, the party is over!Good luck!