1.0.5 / December 18, 2014
(3.0/5) (2)


This is brain training app that makes Soccermotif.
Dribbled through a lot of defenders for high score.
Sent off by mistaking once.
You can try world wide ranking.

App Information Brain Training!! Ace Striker

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You can enjoy Reversi with "SUSHI-CAT CARD"!"SUSHI-CAT CARD" has a variety of effects.Enjoy Reversi of a new sense!Fun playing with One Player, but it is more fun with TwoPlayers!
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Brain Training!! Ace Striker 1.0.5 APK
This is brain training app that makes Soccermotif.Dribbled through a lot of defenders for high score.Sent off by mistaking once.You can try world wide ranking.
茨城って読める? 1.0.1 APK
魅力度ランキング最下位の茨城県。実はもっと悲しい事実があるんです。多くの方に読み方すら間違えられているんです!あなたは【茨城】を正しく読めますか?このアプリは少しでも多くの方に【茨城】の正しい読み方を知ってもらおうと思って作成しました。茨城県民が常日頃感じているあの微妙に間違えられるモヤモヤ感が少しでも解消されれば幸いです。IbarakiPrefectureattractiveness of the lowest rankings.In fact, I have a sad fact more.How to read even I have been mistaken for many people!Do you read correctly [Ibaraki]?Even a little to many people this app of [Ibaraki]It was created by going to let you know the correct reading.Ibaraki Prefectural feels alwaysMoyamoya is a feeling that is wrong in that subtleI hope if it is eliminated even a little.