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Do you ever think math is simple ??
-> Have you ever have trouble with simple calculations, such as1 + 1, 7-5, 14 + 5, ..............
-> Think to Brainstorm Kids game and participate in thechallenge. You will find math is interesting than ever, calculaterightly to fly through the obstacles.
-> If you have children, don’t forget to let them playBrainstorm with you. They will find math is extremely interesting.You not only think quickly but also to determine exactly, in timeto be able to secure on his flight. You will be difficult if youfly and calculate at the same time.
How to play:
-> Answer the calculations by selecting Yes (V) or False (X) intime to keep the character avoid obstacles
-> There are four levels which you can choose:
Baby: Fly and calculate (+ -) from 1 to 9
Student: Fly and calculate (+ -) from 1 to 20
Teacher: Fly and calculate (+ -) from 1 to 50
Scholar: Fly and calculate (+ -) From 1 to 99

-> This is the Educational game with very simple calculationswhich you can answer wrong!
-> Character in Brainstorm Kids game must undergo a series oflessons, challenges consecutively from simple calculations, tocomplete its mission to conquer the peak.
-> Come to Brainstorm Kids game which learning by playing andpractice your mental math ability and fast reflections.

App Information Brainstorm Kids

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    Brainstorm Kids
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    January 30, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    10 - 50
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    Email [email protected]
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