1.1 / June 3, 2015
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You are trapped by enemy soldiers intherecity. This is a do or die situation where you have to killthem allor they will kill you. You have to fight like a bravefighter, afighter who never give up, who never get afraid ofbullets. Thespirit of winning the battle always boost up the moralof afighter. This is a real 3D action game download and enjoythethrilling moments of a city war. Survive in the rain of bulletsandkill all enemy soldiers to become a Brave Fighter.


• It’s a FPS game
• Nice 3D graphics
• Smooth control
• Wonderful city environment

App Information Brave Fighter

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    Brave Fighter
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  • Updated
    June 3, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Blade Burning Great Games
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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  • 1.1 (2) - Latest Version
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    Publish Date: 2016 /11/7
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 42.0 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.4 (KitKat, API: 19)
    File Sha1: 1b1a928b76f50148195be843c87195afcc3dfd4f
    APK Signature: 82d74e324a145e85e6a0f7741e2e9287c32cab1b
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Brave Fighter 1.1 APK
You are trapped by enemy soldiers intherecity. This is a do or die situation where you have to killthem allor they will kill you. You have to fight like a bravefighter, afighter who never give up, who never get afraid ofbullets. Thespirit of winning the battle always boost up the moralof afighter. This is a real 3D action game download and enjoythethrilling moments of a city war. Survive in the rain of bulletsandkill all enemy soldiers to become a Brave Fighter.Features:• It’s a FPS game• Nice 3D graphics• Smooth control• Wonderful city environment
IGI Commando: City War 1.3 APK
THE GLOBAL DESTRUCTIONEnemy has taken control of your City and allthe Important Buildings are guarded by the Enemy Soldiers. The WallOf Berlin is Compromised. Lots of Good Soldiers have fallen today.Start a CIVIL MUTINY within the city and free your city from theEvil Claws Of Enemies. STRATEGIC OPERATION COMMANDThe innocentpeople have been killed and some are migrated to the neighbor cityfor the sake of their lives. There might be some hostages as well,this times your mission is a bit different from the previous ones,as you have to move carefully in the city you can find enemy at anymoment. A great challenge to kill the bunch of enemy soldiers withyour amazing commando skills. Escape your city from the enemy andrebuild life in it. Kill the criminal army the guards; bring backthe migrated people escape the hostages. If you succeed your dutyis done! EPIC CHALLENGING MISSIONS Get into the Most Brutal ArmyAction in history between evil and good on your android mobile andjoin the Clash Of The Tribes And The Royale Empire. Choose betweenPrimal And Secondary weapons wisely and according to the enemyincoming wave. Show your fury on your enemies and eliminate themusing your most furious weapons like Sniper Rifle And Ak-47 andhighly modern Fire-Power. The Warzone is filled with Russian gangs.So be careful to strike on the enemies. Take cover while reloadingyour weapon to avoid their bullets otherwise you will be dead.SILENT ASSAULT SHOOTING SCENARIOSThe targets are extremelyHigh-Profile, so Change your cover when your cover is compromised.Don’t let them ESCAPE the war zone. In order to complete yourmission you have to kill them all. After the fall of the Berlinwall the enemy has taken the Normandy. They are inside the citywalls. Wage the gorilla tactic fight on them to take back the city.Choose your primary and secondary weapons according to yourmission. Earn credit by completing the task and upgrade yourweapons to gain more power. You are Pvt. Jason who will not stop atany cost until the enemy is finished. You have been trained hard inevery style of combat by the military experienced commandos. Useyour commando sniper to defeat the enemies. Make them pay for theiractions to you and your motherland. THE COMMANDO IN REAL ACTIONBethe LEGENDARY DEATH SHOOTER and do not pity on them. Take your fullRevenge from them and be the most popular avenger for your country.Be the Hero commando of Normandy war and most brutal & trainedarmy sniper by defending your post. Nothing is impossible so makethis mission possible and show your ultra hardcore skills. Startthe sniper war and demolish them with your gun strike by taking theheadshots to kill them instantly. Push the foz of the enemy todefeat them once and for all. You are igi commando who is ready tostrike on the enemies anywhere. Be a desert lone wolf and make yourstrategy according to the war plan and go rouge against them.Commando City War is a thrilling 3D shooting game. Features:• Hardto Master, But easy to Understand• A great FPS game • Complete theprimal objective • Super amazing 3D graphics • Extremely Beautifulcity environment • Highly Addictive game play • Free to download
Commando Mission Possible 2016 1.6 APK
REAL COMMANDO IN ACTIONYou are the TOP COMMANDO in rank and You are being sent to theREAL BATTLEFIELD with extreme Force and Highly CLASSIFIED WEAPONSto make The Ultimate MISSION assigned to you POSSIBLE.ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTION COMMANDThe Enemy is so ruthless that DEMOLISHING the enemy to take TheREVENGE is the only Real Solution. So brace yourself for the COMBATat the mouth of ENEMY BASE CAMP. You have to destroy the enemy’sManpower, Highly equipped Tanks and HELICOPTERS flying over thesky.ATTACK AND SURVIVEAll the Enemy Soldiers will attack you once they got alert. Thiswill be the real test of your commando skills in enemy’s territory.Kill all the soldiers before the raining bullets smash you out. Youare loaded with various weapons. There are options to choose thedesired gun you like for shooting. It will be a do or diesituation, the courage of a commando never let him down. Becomeconquer in the war of your right.FEATURES• A FPS action shooting game• 5 levels of thrilling missions• Top quality weapons used• Real war arena• A combination of commando and sniper shooter
Beautiful Mermaid Simulator 1.2 APK
EXPLORE THE BEAUTIFUL OCEAN ENVIRONMENTSStep into Beautiful Ocean World and EXPLORE the whole New SeaAdventures in this Amazing simulator.FEEL THE ADVENTUREThe Cute Mermaid was roaming into the GREAT AND MAGICAL WORLD OFOCEAN. She was so deeply involved that she has come very far awayfrom her CASTLE. She also didn’t remember the way back to home. Sheis now alone in the DEEP OCEAN, far from her castle and forgets theway back. Now you have to help her to find her way back to castleand save the cute little mermaid.NUMBER OF AMAZING LEVELSThe ocean is not a safe place for a little and cute mermaid tobe alone. Now it’s up to you that how you play this game and helpthe mermaid to get back to her castle.The first level is tutorial level. You have to go through allrings to complete the objective.In second level you have to collect Mushrooms from differentplaces.In third level you have to find the treasure box.In forth level you have to reach to the shark in order to completethe level.In fifth level you have to follow the fishes to find your way backto castle.In this addictive game, the charming mermaid will take you toenchanting journey of sea adventure.There is much fun as you try to go through the lots of levels andcompleting different tasks.Have you ever thought of being a mermaid? So you can explore thefantastic underwater world, full with aquatic creatures.This beautiful mermaid have amazing mermaid spell! You will swimyour heart out and explore a marvelous underwater world!In faraway Deep Ocean, there is beautiful mermaid living underwaterwith many kinds of fishes.The ocean is full of the dangerous creatures like sharks etc. Theycan smell his prey from miles away.So you have to help the mermaid to get back to her castle byavoiding those dreadful creatures. If they see you or even smellyou then that could be dangerous for you.Feel like a real mermaid who is wandering around the beautifulocean in this new simulation game 2016.FEATURES:Experience the real 3D ocean views.View the lots of sea creatures closely.Controls are very smooth and comfortable.Feel like a real mermaid in the ocean.Beautiful 3D graphics.Vast Ocean to explore.
Dinosaur Hunter 2016 1.2 APK
Be the fearless and furious Dino hunter andkill some most furious, deadly and dangerous dinosaurs in thejungle.You are in the midst of the Dino crisis and there is no way outexcept fight your way out by hunting these deadly dinosaurs.These deadly creatures are hungry for your flesh and blood so youhave to be careful from them and don’t let them come nearyou.These blood thirsty creature will come to you like the Dino stormand you have to get away from them as possible and kill them beforethey get to you.This is the primal carnage between you and the dinosaurs. You haveto survive this carnage until you kill all of the dinosaurs.Be a stealth hunter and kill the dinosaur with your sniper. Ammo islimited so count every shot you take and don’t waste theammo.These Dinos are the inhabit of the jungle so they know the placebetter then you so you have to take every step withcarefully.You are wandering around the dangerous animals. These predeatorsare always looking for their prey so watch out for them.Be the master hunter and improvise your hunting skills in thesejurassic animals.Use leathel weapons on these predators so you can kill themeasily.You are alone in the jungle with only one weapon. Survive throughthis apoclypse with your ultrs hunting skills.HOW TO PLAY:Swipe on the screen to set your aim.Tap on the aim icon to take aim.Tap on fire icon to shoot.Tap on pause to pause your game.Features:Different realistic locations to hunt.Different kinds of dinosaurs are in the game.Controls are very smooth and comfortable.10 different levels with thrill and full of suspense. ( More arecoming soon )GUI and sound effects are very good.Non-linear to real hunting game.Realistic first person shooting game ( FPS ).Easy and effective touch controls.Amazing 3D graphics.
Escape Run: Smart Chase 1.0 APK
Mission: SAVE THE EARTHAlien Smart Run is the battle between aliensand a smart girl assigned a mission of saving the earth. Earth isconsidered most peaceful planed in universe, but by the time weallowed the alien to visit our planet, they have threaten ourplanet’s peace. Peace, greenery and nature of this planet madealien’s mouth watered. This is why they have planned to hold thecharge of earth. For this purpose they have installed a secretdevice which will activate the atomic bombs of every country, thiswould be actually self destruction. Now this girl Sara is given aAlien Smart Run mission. Purpose of this Alien Smart Run mission isto save the earth. But this is not it about Alien Smart Runmission, sara must have first to anticipate the power of aliensbefore executing this Alien Smart Run mission. Sara would find thelocation of device before her Alien Smart Run mission, afterfinding the location she will go after that device. She is advisedto not bring that device back, just deactivate that device and makeit on self-destructive mode, this is her Alien Smart Run mission.Though this is so simple, but she is enough courageous to save theearth and accept the Alien Smart Run mission.SMART RUN EVERThere isno other way to survive against these aliens is to pick robot run,without super fast robot run, these monsters aliens will make youthe part of earth in seconds. Right after sara will deactivate theserect alien device, the alarm will ring, and aliens would got toknow, so Sara must have to run like robot to escape from thesedevil aliens. Without smart run they will catch the sara and willtake her finger prints and make another such device. So this robotlike run of sara is only way to save the earth. This smart runseems so simple, but it is quite challenging and breath taking. Anysudden mere mistake can take sara’s life away as well as future ofhumanity on this earth. So sara will run like robot to not let thesoulless aliens take the charge of earth. When Sara will deactivatesecret device the aliens will also smart run after the sara so saratoo have to run like real robo to avoid being caught by aliens.There would be multiple hurdles during the robot run in sara’s way,she will need jumps, rush, smart run, and dives to get rid ofaliens.SECRET TEMPLE ROBBERYTemple Girl Real Run is new innovativegame with real run mission. You might have played other such TempleGirl Real Run like games, but there is no comparison of this TempleGirl Real Run game and other games on play store. In other gameslike Temple Girl Real Run game, there is one character who isrunning meaninglessly but in our Temple Girl Real Run game, thecharacter sara will run to save the earth. As in Temple Girl RealRun sara will robe a secret temple, where there is a secret deviceinstalled to destroy the earth. Sara in Temple Girl Real Run willdeactivate the device and come back to make anti alien device.Temple Girl Real Run is quite interesting and addictive game withgreat deal of dangers and challenges. Her smart run destiny wouldbe from that temple to her base camp in Temple Girl Real Run.
Caribbean Trade Cruise 1.2 APK
It is era of 1832 when East India Company isruling all the seas of Caribbean with trading between differentcountries. Sail your ship on the legendary seas of Caribbean whilesailing, trading, plundering and raiding. Experience the real lifesailor who is sailing the seas while watching out from the pirateswho are also lurking into the seas in search of wealth. It is yourduty to pick up cargo from one island to another while avoidingthese pirates ships. But if you encounter them then don’t hesitateand take the charge of your crew and the ship and destroy thosepirates. If you like to play classic RPG action, trading, adventureand high seas strategy game then you will definitely enjoy thisaction packed strategy game during sailing into the unchallengedterritory of the pirates while sailing, trading and war. Thephysics of this game is too good.Caribbean Cruise Ship gives you the full tour of the shores ofCaribbean sea from where all the fairy tales comes. This game hastwo modes:Strategic:In this mode you can sail into the seas, while trading from oneplace to another, making your way fighting with the Pirates ships.Be the merchant and the fighter at the same times. make complexstrategies to defeat the pirates. Trade in gold between differenttownsExploration:This mode will allow you to take sail free into the Caribbean sealike an free open world game. you can go anywhere, destroy anypirate ship. you can also test your skills in this mode.How to play:Press ship icon to sail the ship.Tilt the mobile to steer left & right.Press cannon icon to fire the cannon at enemies.Press save button to save your game.Press home button to return to your home town.Features:Play as the role of captain of the shipLead your own crewPlay as a merchant and as a fearless sailorExplore the high seas of the CaribbeanTrade between exclusive townsBattle the Pirates shipsCaribbean Cruise Ship is the game in which you can lead your crewto the wealth and made them rich or if you made a mistake then thepirates will kill you. So be the wise captain and take every stepwith carefully. There's also a tutorial mode for you to understandthe game easily.
Race Car Warrior Revenge 1.0 APK
Take part in most brutal highway deathbattlecar war with ultimate destruction. Start the clash of carsand burnyour rival’s car down to the ground with your weapons. Betheruthless road killer who just wishes to watch the world burningatany cost. Drive the deadly battle cars on the highway loadedwiththe deadliest weapon SMG. Takeout the race rivals coming fromtheopposite direction by firing hell rain on them. Feel theadrenalinein your blood of road killer while having no mercy uponyouropponents.Take part in this free world anarchy and start shooting at everycarlike you have license to destroy. The real destruction inthishighway mass terror shows the rain of bullets on enemies.Thisintense burning battle car wars will give you rage andburnout& will make you warrior. Drive your car as a warriordriver inthis action packed shooting car game and start mayhem.Survive inthis cars battle and become the ultimate and most skilledbattlecar driver in town.Keep firing on the incoming enemy’s cars waves with the gunmountedon car & make your way through traffic. Drive the highlytunedcombat ready cars and with realistic effects and start drivingonthe city highway. Drive on the fury road in this endlesscombatcars gladiator road rush mania with your destroyer. Selectyourrides between different vehicles and hit the road to fight yourwayto the glory. Avoid to get caught between the crossfire fromtheother cars or your ride will be destroyed. Hit and smash othercarswith your full arsenal and be the indestructible in thiscombatfight.Improvise your drive and shooting skills in this infinitehighwayshooting total destruction. Add fuel to the fire in thisraging warbetween two different car war clans by destroying them.Collectpoints and coins to score high and stay on top in the gameand earnrespect. Unlock new deadly rides and take them to the spinin thischaos and shoot your enemies. Watch your enemies to goairbornewhile you rain your bullets and weapons upon them. Be thepart ofthis action packed craziest race cars road chase and showyourbrutal skills. Don’t panic because of large number of enemy.Standbefore them as a legend warrior.