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Download the Award Winning Brentwood Golf Course App to enhanceyour golf experience on this beautiful premier golf course.This appincludes:- Interactive Hourly Weather Forcast- Quick & Easy TeeTime Booking - Live Traffic, Navigation & Course Directions -USGA Rules & GHIN Accessibility- Brentwood Course History-First Tee Registration- And much more...

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Brentwood Golf Course 1.5 APK
Download the Award Winning Brentwood Golf Course App to enhanceyour golf experience on this beautiful premier golf course.This appincludes:- Interactive Hourly Weather Forcast- Quick & Easy TeeTime Booking - Live Traffic, Navigation & Course Directions -USGA Rules & GHIN Accessibility- Brentwood Course History-First Tee Registration- And much more...
Vets 22 Florida 2.0 APK
Are you a veteran of the U.S. military or an active duty servicemember living in Florida? You've come to the right place! This freemobile app delivers everything you need for having an easiertransition into life after and during military service. This appgives you free access to many resources for veterans and activeduty service members such as Veterans Affairs claims assistance,exercise facilities, employment opportunities, housing solutions,discounts, suicide prevention hotlines, and members-only chat amongothers. Vets 22 comes with a clean and neat design, and theinterface is user-friendly and remarkably intuitive. The VetsConnect feature enables you to chat with other veterans nearby orany other places around the world instantly. The Vets 22 app hasreceived media accolades and mentions worldwide from publicationssuch as Fobes, Sports Illustrated, Entrepreneur Magazine, TheHuffington Post, Tech.co, Entrepreneur Podcast Network,Jacksonville Business Journal, Sports Techie, and many otherrenowned publications. Vets 22 Main Features at a Glance: • Cleanand neat design with fresh and intuitive interface • All-in-one appfor veterans (women and men) of the United States military •Distinctive resources related to Housing, Fitness, Health, andDiscounts for vets • Multiple Suicide prevention hotlines • Usefulfor all the veterans and their proud families • Free with no in-apppurchase items • High-quality military graphics and design • Easyto navigate, smooth and innovative layout • Developed by veteransfor veterans So what are you waiting for, Download the Vets 22 apptoday!
Greg Liberto Focus 1.2 APK
If You Want to Live a Life That Gets Better Every Single Day, theGreg Liberto Focus app will show you how. This dynamic app is thefoundation to the Primary Success Coaching System that will empoweryou to guaranteed success, every single day. This cutting edge appcontains a series of engaging videos to get every day off to agreat start, challenge yourself for daily success and stay groundedand present by remembering what matters most.The Greg Liberto Focusapp creates instant results daily by sending you a daily textmessage that directs you where to go inside the app, and thespecific action to take. This is like having a personal coachingsystem that's already done for you, every single day for the restof your life.With the app, you can also chat with Greg Libertodirectly, enter your daily/weekly strategies, track your progress,interact with our community of positive energy, and more. This oneof a kind app has been used by professional athletes, CEO's,veterans, business professionals, entrepreneurs and more.If you areserious about taking control of your life and getting better everysingle day, this is the best gift you can give yourself. Once youexperience it and see how much fun your life becomes, you will getexcited for each new day and the wonderful surprise it has in storefor you.To learn more or to contact Greg Liberto directly, emailgreg@greglibertofocus.com today.
Kemba's Birthday Bash 1.1 APK
Congratulations, you found my birthday application. In this app youwill find:-My birthday wish list-Navigation to the eventlocation-My beautiful pictures-My birthday commercial-My eventdetails (attire etc.)
Vets 22 Extreme Virtual Reality 1.5 APK
Download the Vets 22 Virtual Reality 360º Experience to immerseyourself in the world of virtual reality, for free.- Download theapp to start the experience.- If you’ve got a Google Cardboard orother VR headset, choose Dual View. If not, select leave the DualView Unchecked.
Florida Fallen Heroes 1.0 APK
Florida Fallen Heroes app has everything you need to learn aboutthe mission of our charity and the young Floridians who have giventhe ULTIMATE SACRIFICE for our FREEDOM
Tackling Food Safety 1.2 APK
Do you want to access the best food safety information on themarket? Maybe you want to stay up to date with the latest foodrecalls as well as violations and other food safety issues?Tackling Food Safety is here to bring you all the relevant andhighest quality information about the food industry.Tackling FoodSafety is regularly updated, so you always receive the best andlatest information regarding food recalls and food safety issues inyour community. With our help, you will have no problem accessinginformation that will be able to save the life of your family andfriends during foodborne outbreaks. The CDC estimates that eachyear roughly 1 in 6 Americans (or 48 million people) gets sick,128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 people die of foodbornediseases yearly.Tackling Food Safety is free to download and use,but the benefit is that this revolutionary app enables you toaccess all the food violations and food safety information as theyare released. Not only that, but our app also allows you to sign upfor discounts on services such as hotels, car rentals, attractionsand so much more. Tackling Food Safety also enables you to reportany food safety issues too directly to the Division of Hotels andRestaurants. If you want to keep your family, friends, andcolleagues safe from foodborne illnesses, then installing TacklingFood Safety is a must!Features:• Search For The Latest RecalledProducts• See Restaurant Violations Closest To Your PhysicalLocation• Search Restaurant Violations• Sign Up For Free DiscountsOn Hotels, Car Rentals, and Attractions• Recieve Weekly HealthReports• Access And Redeem Coupons In Your Local Area• Maximize TheFreshness Of Your Food Through The FoodKeeper App• ReportViolations Directly To Division of Hotels and Restaurants • AccessFood Safety Videos• Recieve Weekly Health Reports• Follow NationalFood Holidays• Check The Latest Food Product Recalls
The North Florida Junior Golf Foundation (NFJGF) was founded toprovide competitive and instructional play for junior golfers aged7-18 wishing to gain tournament experience, enhance their golfskills and life skills. The program strives to reinforce thepositive spirit of sportsmanship and competitive camaraderie thatthe game of golf represents. In addition, the NFJGF is proud tooffer scholarships to players who have applied forassistance.Through this mobile application, your junior golfer willbe able to take his or her golf game to the next level. NFJGFprovides local junior golfers, ages 7-18, an opportunity to be amember of the organization which will allow them to play incompetitive tournaments that are affordable, professional and areconsistent with the USGA Rules of Golf and the Conditions ofCompetition. The tournaments and events provide an opportunity forjunior golfers to build a solid foundation, gain tournamentexperience and compete among their peers for the love of the game.The experience will help prepare junior golfers, if they so desire,to compete in any State or National event. NFJGF will also promote,fund and manage a scholarship fund. NFJGF will strive to providescholarships to junior golfers that have participated as a member,uphold the values of the organization and pursue a degree at anaccredited college or university.This innovative app allows juniorgolfers and parents to stay abreast of their junior golfcareer.Features Included- Photo Gallery- Scholarship Guidelines-Donate- Scheduled Tournament Dates- Leaderboard- Standings- TourPlayer Handbook