/ June 17, 2017
(4.4/5) ()


Try to break all breakable bricks oneverylevel in this really great brick breaking game!
Enjoy various missions and addictively simple play control.

Modern take on the classic arkanoid / breakout / brick breaking/pong space games
Mobs from the 8-bit classic game Invaders.
Hundreds of stages and various missions;

App Information Brick Invaders Breaker (Unreleased)

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Mine Clicker APK
Extract ore from the mines. You can buy new mines, where you canextract other types of ore. There is an opportunity to improve andbuy new picks for ore mining. You can explore caves and findancient artifacts there. The game Mine Clicker is made in the styleof pixel art, there is an idle system of ore extraction, it ispossible to develop your pick making craft (there is a possibilityto craft new picks). Benefits: Inventory; 10 kinds of ore; 7 picks;6 mines. 6 dungeons 12 artifacts. The game will be updated.
Video blogger simulator 1.06 APK
Videoblogger simulator, clicker with idle system.You decide tobecome a YouTube vlogger and start recording videos.When you make avideo, you earn money, but money will not appear right away becauseit is obtained through viewing ads, and if there are few views,then there is little income. Over time, you will have reliablesubscribers who will watch all of your videos.Features:4 Yutuberskills;2 types of adverts;A lot of things to buy in the store;5themes for video recording.
Clicker Heroes Quest 1.3 APK
You go in search of your missing relative, only it is known that hewent to the mountains and did not return. On the road you arewaiting for danger and switching, insidious enemies and newreliable friends who will help you solve the riddle.The game ismade in the style of pixel art. The mixed game genre: quest withelements of clicker, idle and update.If there is interest in thegame, I will finalize this game and release a sequel.
Meme Mine Clicker 1.2 APK
Memes, in search of gold and treasure, extract ore in mines. Whenin the cave, you need to tap to smash stones with pickaxes, extractprecious stones and ore.In the cave, 3 memories, Frog Pepe,Trollface and Guy Fawkes (Anonymous mask) as Deal With It, when youbuy each new one, it starts to break the stones (idle).There is agift chest that gives bonuses and prizes. There is an opportunityto improve skills and craft pickaxes.Features:3 memes;6 pickaxes;11types of ore and treasures;Chest with bonuses;3 improvements. Note:Meme mine clicker is a completely free game, everything in the gameis achieved as the game progresses.
Викторина от монстер куклы Кэт 1.0 APK
Монстер кукла Кэт это очаровательная ведущая новой захватывающийвикторины для детей. Сможешь ли ты ответить на все вопросывикторины получая сладкую награду за каждый ответ?Кэт это добрый иласковый монстр-игрушка, она знает веселые и интересные загадки,пройди школу монстров вместе с Кэт.Бесплатная логическая викторинаигра для девочек и мальчиков, вопросы хай уровня, загадки,головоломки, проверка сообразительности и интеллекта длядетей.Monster doll Kate is a charming leading an exciting new quizfor children. Can you answer all the quiz questions are getting asweet reward for each answer?Kate is kind and gentle monster toyshe knows fun and interesting puzzles, go to school monsters, alongwith Kate.Free puzzle quiz game for girls and boys, high-levelquestions, riddles, puzzles, ingenuity and intelligence test forchildren.
2048 Clover 1.0 APK
2048 clover is a full-fledged mathematical puzzle where you connectthe petals of the clover, and thus receive its new species. Anexcellent game for the development of thinking skills just forresting and killing time.You do not just fold the clover, but alsotrain your brain, as new types of clover appear, the game becomesmore difficult.FEATURES- New variation of the game - Clover- FullScreen Game Zone- High score support- Simple and beautifulinterface- Optimized for mobile devices
com.augon.mineclicker3d APK
Extract ore from the mine. Craft new pickaxes which updates oremining bonus. The game Mine Clicker 3D is made in the style ofpixel art and has 3D graphics. You, a dungeon keeper, buildlabyrinths in an endless world. Game features: RPG system, - trainskills, fight monsters and bosses. Dungeon system - look foradventures in the world with random events, the higher the level ofdungeon exploration, the more random adventures can be found.Inventory system - mine ore, smash rocks, collect plants and findrares, artifacts and treasure chests. Collect equipment anddifferent types of picks. The system of construction - you minegold and develop the city by building new structures , with thedevelopment of the city get new opportunities in the game. The gameis constantly updated and something new appears.
Cookie Idle Clicker 1.1 APK
Cookie Idle Clicker is a brand-new experimental time-killer withthe elements of idle. You can build your own donut, ice-cream orcake factories for chocolates and unlock new locations. Then youstart the game once again getting sweets to upgrade your factoriesand damage level. Specifics: - a new gaming genre - 18 factorytypes - treasure chest