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Download “Bright space” – fantastic free live wallpaperwithwonderful view of planets and stars!! Animation speed dependsondevice characteristics.! Use settings menu to adjustanimationspeed.Space is something outside of our Earth, this istheUniverse.Cosmos is a space that extends endlessly inalldirections.Cosmos includes galaxies and stars, black holesandplanets, cosmic dust...From a scientific point of view, spaceiscertain parts of the universe that surround the heavenly bodiesandtheir atmospheres.But space cannot be called completelyempty!Itwas proved that it contains interstellar matter.Scientistsalsoconfirmed the existence of electromagnetic radiation withinitslimits.Now science does not know the finite limits ofthecosmos.Astrophysicists claim that the instruments are not abletosee the entire cosmos.Scientific hypotheses do not denythepossible existence of universes like ours.Cosmos in philosophyis akind of structural concept that is used to denote the world asawhole.Initially, the perception of outer space was built onthemythology of the ancient Greeks.Cosmos in the view ofthephilosophers of the XIX-XX centuries combines art andreligion,physics and metaphysics, knowledge of the surroundingworld andhuman nature.The cosmos conceals in itself still manyriddles andsecrets, which people have to solve.Set classy "Brightspace" freelive wallpaper and enjoy magnificent spectacle!

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Star lion live wallpaper 1.0 APK
Download “Star lion” – fantastic free live wallpaper withcolorfullion!! Animation speed depends on device characteristics.!Usesettings menu to adjust animation speed.The lion isrepresentedclose-up.It stares at you!Its mane is made of set ofbrightnebulas.And a big star shines in thecenter!Amazingspectacle!Bright lion really looks like king ofbeasts!The lioninspires bodily fear and admiration at the sametime!Set “Starlion” live wallpaper completely free!The lion is asynonym offorce, power and bravery from immemorial times.Therefore, peopleoften use such expressions as " strong as a lion","lion'sheart".In Ancient Egypt lion was considered as a sacredanimal.Thelion is an animal which constitutes danger both toanimals and topeople.In the Middle Ages many Royal Courts decoratetheir coat ofarms with images of a lion to show force andpower.Here are severalinteresting facts about lions, showing thatlion is a veryinteresting and terrible animal.Muzzle of a lion islikefingerprints at the person: there are no two lions withidenticalmuzzles.Claws of a lion can reach in length of 7centimeters.Nightsight of a lion is six times better, than ahuman.Despite theimpressive sizes, lions have the smallest heartfrom all predatorsliving on Earth.Roar of an adult lion is so loudthat it is heardat distance to 8 kilometers.Still it is consideredthat only thesick or wounded lion attacks a man or pet.Lions areperfectlyadapted for life; they can live without water formonths.Lions liketo sleep very much and do it for 20 hours aday!Set classy “Starlion” free live wallpaper and enjoy magnificentspectacle!
Witch on fire live wallpaper 1.0 APK
Download “Witch on fire” – awesome free live wallpaper withyoungand pretty witch!! Animation speed depends ondevicecharacteristics.! Use settings menu to adjust animationspeed.Infront of You there is a beautiful young girl - a novicewitch!Thewitch practices in magic under the cover of thenight.Fromimmemorial time people believed that near them livebeings withsupernatural abilities.Witch belongs to suchcreatures.Who is thewitch?A witch is a woman practicing magic(witchcraft), possessingmagical abilities and knowledge.Mysticalstories about these girlsare mostly attributed to them negativequalities.The word "witch"is still often used if you want to offenda fair sex.According tomost people, the witch is endowed with evilpower.It is believedthat the witch communicates with evil spirits,flies on abroomstick, creates terrible things.Witch can look likean ordinarywoman.Witch can even be young and beautiful!At the sametime, thewitch can change her appearance at will.People whopossessdangerous knowledge and skills have long been respectedandfeared.Witches periodically fly to the Sabbath.There theyexchangeexperience and knowledge.In the Middle Ages, there was anidea thata woman becomes a witch by concluding a contract with theDevil.InSlavs, the main skills of witches were considered: theability towreck; the ability to deprive people of the harvest; senddiseases;spoil the food...Witch performs special rituals: she cooksmagicpotion, casts spells.Witch is one of the brightestdemonologycharacters.Witch symbolizes not only an abstract evil;sometimesshe can be a symbol of a deadly ulcer or even death.Fromthe angryand vindictive nature of some witches, etymologists derivetheorigin of the abusive meaning of the word "witch", meaning"evilwoman".The characteristic ability of a witch is the ability tobealways young and reincarnate in different ways.Witch can bethesymbol of a grumpy woman who knows a lot and can influencethecourse of events.Witch is capable of causing bad weather:rain,hail, drought, she can also cause an eclipse of the sun andthemoon.Witch is able to turn into an animal: black cat, toad,magpie,wolf.Witch in the form of a beast can scour at night tohouse,steal children, choke sleeping people.In general, the word"witch"means a woman who has the highest knowledge and greatlifeexperience.Such a woman lives in harmony with nature.Healersandfortune-tellers are considered to be witches.Set classy "Witchonfire" free live wallpaper and enjoy magnificent spectacle!
Lovely dog live wallpaper 1.0 APK
Download “Lovely dog” – colorful freelivewallpaper with lovely dog!! Animation speed depends on device characteristics.! Use settings menu to adjust animation speed.In front of you there is a lovely collie dog!This live wallpaper is designed for all dog lovers, especiallyforlovers of such a wonderful breed as collie.And also for fans of bright live wallpapers!Beautiful bright dog is depicted from side.There are wisdom and tranquility in its eyes.Multi-colored silk hair is endlessly flowing!Tender and fluffy hair makes the dog even more beautiful!The dog looks just amazing!If you want to cheer yourself up and enjoy cute dog, then thislivewallpaper will be an excellent solution!Download wonderful live wallpaper "Lovely dog" for free!Get your own bright pet!This pretty dog will certainly win your heart!Collie is a group of breeds of shepherd dogs originatingfromScotland and Northern England.Collie is a proportional dog of medium height withpointedmuzzle.Collies are active, agile and in most cases have apronouncedshepherd's instinct.Collies are often used in cynological sports, where theyshowoutstanding dexterity, endurance and learning ability.Collies are widely distributed around the world, especiallypopularin Australia and North America.The exact origin of the name "collie" is unknown.They say that the name of the breed comes from the Gallicwordmeaning "useful".Collie are working dogs, very active, energetic and enduring.Experienced shepherds can run all day across the roughterrainwithout knowing fatigue.Collie show interest and desire to work at the levelofinstincts.Thanks to intelligence, loyalty to man and working qualities,thecollies perform well in sports.Collies are excellent companions, can also be used asguarddogs.Set classy "Lovely dog" free live wallpaper and enjoywonderfulpet!
Fiery lion live wallpaper 1.0 APK
Download “Fiery lion” – amazing free live wallpaper withmightyfiery lion!! Animation speed depends on devicecharacteristics.!Use settings menu to adjust animation speed.Mightygoldish lion ismade of flame!Fiery lion looks great on a darkbackground!This lionreally looks like the king of allanimals!Golden lion looks like afiery god!The lion at the same timeinspires bodily fear andadmires!Burning lion is a truly amazingspectacle!Lion is standingon the fiery earth.Predator has widelyopened its mouth.The rageenveloping the lion is felt from adistance!This anger escaped tothe surface of the body and ignitedthe lion.The flame flowsthrough the body of the predator withoutstopping.Bright fire warmsand energizes!Install live wallpaper"Fiery lion" for free!The lionis a synonym of force, power andbravery from immemorial times.Therefore, people often use suchexpressions as " strong as alion", "lion's heart".In Ancient Egyptlion was considered as asacred animal.The Egyptians revered thestrength of this amazingbeast.The lion is an animal whichconstitutes danger both toanimals and to people.In the Middle Agesmany Royal Courts decoratetheir coat of arms with images of a lionto show force and power.Itwas also customary to decorate the housewith figures of thisanimal.Here are several interesting facts aboutlions, showing thatlion is a very interesting and terribleanimal.Muzzle of a lion islike fingerprints at the person: thereare no two lions withidentical muzzles.Claws of a lion can reach inlength of 7centimeters.Night sight of a lion is six times betterthan ahuman.The expression "lion’s heart" denotes chivalrous valorandcourage.Despite this fact and impressive size, lions havethesmallest heart of all predators living on Earth.Lion runs wellforshort distances.Lion can develop a speed of up to 80 kmperhour.The height of the jump can be up to 3 meters.Despitetheimpressive sizes, lions have the smallest heart from allpredatorsliving on Earth.Roar of an adult lion is so loud that itis heardat distance to 8 kilometers.The growling of a lion can leadaperson to panic.But up to two years, lions cannot growl.Still itisconsidered that only the sick or wounded lion attacks a manorpet.Lions are perfectly adapted for life; they can livewithoutwater for months.Lions are the second largest predatorsafter thespotted hyena.Lions are the laziest predators!Lions liketo sleepvery much and do it for 20 hours a day!Next to the well-fedlion,other animals can feel safe.Since a fully-fed lion neverhunts.Onlytwo things can make a lion move: bright sun anddanger.Lions arevery friendly towards their kindred.At a meeting,lions rub theirfaces in greeting!Set classy "Fiery lion" free livewallpaper andenjoy magnificent spectacle!
Fiery galaxy live wallpaper 1.0 APK
Download “Galaxy” – amazing free live wallpaper with unusualfierygalaxy!! Animation speed depends on device characteristics.!Usesettings menu to adjust animation speed.In front of You there isanunusual galaxy!Infinite motion of matter of the galaxy - starsandstellar fervor - shows that everything in the world ischanging,there is nothing that would be given once and for alltimes.What isa galaxy?Galaxy is a system of stars and starclusters,interstellar gas and dust, as well as dark matter.Allobjects inthe galaxy participate in motion relative to the commoncenter ofmass.Only three galaxies are visible to the naked eye -Andromeda,the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds.The word "galaxy"comes fromthe Greek name of our Galaxy - the Milky Way.Set classy"Fierygalaxy" free live wallpaper and enjoy magnificent spectacle!
Aquarius girl live wallpaper 1.0 APK
Download “Aquarius girl” – amazing free live wallpaper withyoungand beautiful Aquarius girl!! Animation speed depends ondevicecharacteristics.! Use settings menu to adjust animationspeed.WomanAquarius is the most mysterious and unusual among allthe signs ofthe zodiac.Woman Aquarius is endowed with highintelligence,sociability and artistry.A girl born under the sign ofAquarius,always attracts the views of others.She is beautiful,charming,graceful, witty and elegant.Thanks to high intelligence,it isalways interesting to communicate with her.Manyrepresentatives ofthis sign attract attention with a peculiarmanner of dressing.Thepeople around appreciate the Aquarius girlfor sincerity and livelyemotions.Woman Aquarius is wayward and willnot tolerate pressurefrom outside.She easily changes theenvironment.The psychologicalportrait of Aquarius woman says thatshe is inclined to change herbeliefs and adjust herself to externalchanges.Woman Aquariusbecause of the influence of two planets isinclined to stay indifferent hypostases.Sometimes she is timid andshy, but sometimes– strong and determined, ready to overcome anyobstacles.Shecombines strength and weakness, white and black, goodandevil.Horoscope of a woman of Aquarius determines in herthepresence of great creativity and rich imagination.Due to thefactthat her intuition is perfectly developed, she perfectlyfeelsfalseness in others.Girl Aquarius has a great sense ofhumor.Sheknows how to find mutual understanding with all people.AwomanAquarius is sometimes tactless and likes to ask questions ofapersonal nature.The girl Aquarius is a wonderful friend, loyalandreliable, always ready to give friendly advice and support inadifficult moment.Women, born in the constellation of Aquarius,likevarious entertainment activities.There they fully realizetheirneed for interesting communication.Women who represent thissign ofthe zodiac, are very fond of freedom, so they areconstantlyhaunted by fear that affection and deep feelings for aman candeprive them of this value.Woman Aquarius by nature isspectacularand attractive.Woman Aquarius will always be for thepartner anunsolved mystery, her logic is so peculiar that it isdifficult tounderstand.Despite the fact that the woman Aquarius istooindependent in family life, she is not inclined tobetrayal.Sheappreciates and respects family traditions and values​​marriage aslong as there are feelings.But if the love is over andthe passionis cooled, she will break off the relationshipwithouthesitation.Set classy "Aquarius girl" free live wallpaperand enjoymagnificent spectacle!
Werewolf live wallpaper 1.0 APK
Download “Werewolf” – awesome free live wallpaper withmysteriouswerewolf!! Animation speed depends on devicecharacteristics.! Usesettings menu to adjust animation speed. Infront of You there ismysterious werewolf!Awesome spectacle!Werewolfis a terriblecreature!Just look at this furious wolf!This werewolfis sure tokeep anyone away from touching your phone!The wolf lookslikemaster of all predators!Powerful werewolf inspiresbodilyfear!Werewolf is full of anger!Werewolf is a mythologicalbeingcapable to change temporary its shape by means of magic,turningfrom a man into other being, plant or object.Themostcharacteristic image of a werewolf is wolf-man.A person turnedintoa wolf is only externally similar to an animal, insideitcompletely keeps human mind, but can't speak.Werewolves aretwotypes: those which turn into a wolf voluntarily by means ofmagicalspells or magic means (belt or skin) and those which turnwithoutvolition – usually at night under full moon.Werewolveshaveoutstanding abilities: supernatural force, dexterity, speed.Butthewound given to the werewolf remains also in a humanlook.Werewolvesin myths and works of art can appear as bothspiteful beings, andpositive and even heroic characters.Werewolfappears in the fullmoon, as well as the night before, and the nightafter the fullmoon.During these nights, the werewolf loses allmemory ofeverything that happens while he is in animal form.Anyhuman being,injured by a werewolf, but not killed, has a chance tobecome awerewolf.In human form, the werewolf uses weapons toattack.In theshape of a werewolf, a monster can only be hit withsilver or amagic weapon.Wounds from any other weapon heals tooquickly tocause actual damage.The transformed character wants tojust huntand kill, but usually chooses victims or his friends, orhisenemies.At close inspection, the eyes of the animal form showaweak flame of unnatural intelligence, and often glow red inthedark.The werewolf can also have a third form: partly humanandpartly animal.This form is usually human, but the body has thesameskin as an animal (usually fur, scales or feathers).Many imagesofhybrids of humans and animals were discovered by archaeologistsinrock carvings of the Stone Age.These creatures are oftenendowedwith features of deer, cats, birds, fish, horses.The imagesweresymbolic and emphasized the desired or real qualities of apersoncharacteristic of this or that animal.Myths about werewolvescouldarise as a primitive explanation of physiological disturbancesinhuman nature.There are cases of so-called lycanthropy -mentaldeviation, in which a person considers himself ananimal.Thetraditional description of werewolves partiallycorresponds to thesigns of a congenital genetic disease, in whichthe hair covers theface and upper part of the human bodycopiously.If you likewerewolves – then this live wallpaper is aperfect choice!Do nothesitate – download and set this amazing freelive wallpaper!Setclassy "Werewolf" free live wallpaper and enjoymagnificentspectacle!
Ghost girl live wallpaper 1.0 APK
Download “Ghost girl” – mysterious free live wallpaper with aghostof a beautiful girl!! Animation speed depends ondevicecharacteristics.! Use settings menu to adjust animationspeed.Fromthe point of view of parapsychology, a ghost can becalled adeceased person who has not completely departed from thematerialworld and is in his so-called etheric body.This isexplained by thefact that human consciousness can not recognize thefact of its owndeath and tries to continue the habitual existencefor itself.Thatis why, under ghosts and spectres, it is customaryto mean thesouls of dead people who for some reason did not findpeace forthemselves.Sometimes it happens that ghosts or spectresappearbecause a person after death is not buried in theestablishedcustom.Because of this, they can not leave the earth andrush tofind peace.There were cases when ghosts pointed people tothe placeof their death.The difference between ghosts and spectreis that,as a rule, a ghost appears no more than once.If the ghostappearsconstantly in the same place, then it can be attributed tothecategory of spectre.The appearance of a ghost or a spectre canbesaid when the following signs are observed: the image ofthedeceased person can pass through various obstacles, suddenlyappearout of nowhere and just as suddenly disappear without atrace.Mostoften ghosts and spectres can be found in the cemetery,inabandoned houses or on ruins.In addition, very oftentheserepresentatives of the other world appear at the crossroads,onbridges and near water mills.There is a belief that ghostsandspectres are always hostile to people.They try to frightenaperson, lure him into the impenetrable thicket of the forestandeven deprive him of his memory and reason.There is an opinionthatghosts and spectres have the ability to talk with a person ortopass on certain information to him through telepathy.Thebestprotection from ghosts and spectres has always been the crossandholy water.According to people who met with ghosts, theyheardunusual sounds and experienced strangesensations.Scientistsinvolved in the study of such phenomena, foundthat the appearanceof a ghost is preceded by a sharp drop intemperature.Modernresearchers of paranormal phenomena are convincedthat ghosts andspectres are an energy substance that is emitted bya person'snerve cells during intense mental or physical suffering,shock ordeath.Set classy "Ghost girl" free live wallpaper andenjoymagnificent spectacle!