1.2 / September 3, 2018
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Play traditional Briscola for Android.

App Information Briscola (Bisca)

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    Briscola (Bisca)
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    September 3, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Tobias Spellmeier Lucian
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    Av. Ipiranga, 220 - Daltro Filho - Imigrante/RS - Brazil
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Pife! - Jogo de cartas 4.3 APK
Jogo clássico de Pife! no android! Nesse jogo - similar ao cachetae o pontinho - você deve formar três "trincas" para bater. Astrincas podem ser três cartas de mesmo valor, porém naipesdiferentes, ou três cartas seguidas do mesmo naipe. Se conseguirformar as três trincas, o jogo perceberá e te decretará vencedor darodada. Este jogo foi desenvolvido para ser o mais fácil erelaxante de se jogar. Sem login ou criação de contas, apenasbaixar e jogar. Aproveite! classic game of Pife! on android! Inthis game - similar to Cacheta and blip - you should form three"cracks" to hit. The cracks can be three cards of the same valuebut different suits, or three consecutive cards of the same suit.If you can form three cracks, the game will notice and you willdecree the winner of the round. This game is designed to be theeasiest and relaxing to play. No login or account creation, justdownload and play. Enjoy!
Briscola (Bisca) 1.2 APK
Play traditional Briscola for Android.
Mau mau! 1.2 APK
O jogo de maumau é um jogo divertido e fácil de se jogar.Sãodistribuídas 5 cartas à cada jogador, e o jogador seguinte ao quedeu as cartas começa descartando uma carta. Ele pode descartarqualquer carta de mesmo nipe ou de mesmo valor que a carta do tododa pilha da mesa, com as exceções:Carta 7: Faz com que o próximojogador pesque 2 cartas. Caso ele tenha um 7, pode jogá-lo e deixapara o próximo jogador pescar 4 cartas, podendo ainda os próximosjogadores descartarem o 7 e acumularem as pescas ao seguinte.Carta9: Faz o jogador anterior pescar uma carta. Não é cumulativa.CartaJ: É a carta coringa: pode ser jogada sobre qualquer nipe queesteja na mesa, e quem o jogou tem o direito de escolher o nipe dapróxima carta a ser jogada.Carta Q: Inverte o sentido do jogo(Horário para anti-horário e vice versa).Carta A: Pula a vez dopróximo jogador.Apenas araste a carta que deseja jogar. Se precisarpescar, toque no baralho, e se for pular de vez, dois toquesrápidos na tela serão suficientes! Bom Jogo!The maumau game is afun and easy game to play.They are dealt 5 cards to each player,and the next player to who dealt the cards begins discarding acard. He can discard any card of same suit or same value as theletter of all the table cell, with the exceptions:Charter 7: Causesthe next player fish 2 cards. If he has a 7, you can play it andleaves the next player fish 4 cards, and may discard the nextplayers 7 and accumulate fisheries to the next.Letter 9: Does theprevious player to fish a letter. It is not cumulative.Letter J: isthe letter wildcard: can be played on any Nipe that is on thetable, and who played has the right to choose the Nipe next card tobe played.Letter Q: Reverses the game (Time to counterclockwise andvice versa).Letter A: Skips next player's turn.Only araste theletter you want to play. If you need to fish, touch the deck, andif jump time, two quick touches on the screen will be enough!Goodgame!
Pontinho! 1.0.11 APK
O pontinho é um jogo similar ao pife, mas muito mais dinâmico. Vocêdeve baixar suas cartas em trincas, podendo adicionar cartas àstrincas dos adversários. Ao chegar à 100 pontos, você perde. Ocoringa tem uma interação especial. Ele só pode ser utilizado nomeio de sequências, e pode ser substituído e usado em uma novasequência. Jogo em desenvolvimento, todos os comentários serãolidos! have fun! The dot is a game similar to pife, but much moredynamic. You must download your cards in cracks and can add lettersto the cracks of the opponents. To reach 100 points, you lose. TheJoker has a special interaction. It can be used only in the middleof sequences, and can be substituted and used in a new sequence.Game development, all comments will be read! have fun!
President! 3.0.1 APK
Play President (asshole) on your Android!The player to dealer's left starts by leading (face up)anysingle card or any set of cards of equal rank (for examplethreefives). Each player in turn must then either pass (i.e. notplayany cards), or play face up a card or set of cards which beatstheprevious play.A single card is beaten by any higher single card. A set ofcardscan only be beaten by a higher set containing the same numberofcards. So for example if the previous player played two sixesyoucan beat this with two kings, or two sevens, but not with asingleking, and not with three sevens (though you could play twoof themand hang onto the third).It is not necessary to beat the previous play just becauseyoucan - passing is always allowed. Also passing does not preventyoufrom playing the next time your turn comes round.The play continues as many times around the table asnecessaryuntil someone makes a play which everyone else passes. Allthecards played are then turned face down and put to one side, andtheplayer who played last (and highest) to the previous "trick"startsagain by leading any card or set of equal cards.(http://www.pagat.com/climbing/asshole.html)Cards rank: 2 > A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 >8> 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3Play on English and Portuguese.
Big Block Bunker - Breakout APK
The classic game block breaker, redesignedforandroid in an endless game scores. Lightweight and fluid, withsoftcolors and easy to learn.Tap the sides of the screen to move the base and keep the ballinplay.
Minesweeper Classic 1.0 APK
Minesweeper is a classic game of 1989, where the goal is to openall the fields that are not mine. The most famous version isprobably the application that came with Windows, where this versionis inspired.When you open a field that is not mine, this field willbe indicated how many of the fields "border" are mine (total fieldand most mines are 8). When you open a field that has no minesaround all the fields around are open, since they are obviously notmine.This application has a simple and practical ranking. Justchoose a name to start the game and play connected to the Internetthat everyone can see your results. You can also access the 100best time of 3 difficulties of play (easy, intermediate anddifficult).Have fun!