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Lo and behold! We have designed something that is going toensureyou maximum fun and entertainment! Download free ☆BrokenDisplayPrank☆ app and have a laugh with your friends while pullinga prankon them. Trick them into thinking that the screen onyoursmartphone is damaged and broken and they will be confused.Foryour best friend who likes to joke in the same way as you itwouldbe good to install this funny prank app on his device, makethenecessary adjustments and wait for him to touch the screen. Hewillget scared due to the cracks appearing but the very momentherealizes this is just a trick, and that there is nothing wrongwithhis device, he will be laughing so hard. Have a ball withthenewest ☆Broken Display Prank☆ and start right now. Installingthelatest ☆Broken Display Prank☆ is a walk in the park andeverybodywill have the chance to do it. In order to get the realcrackedscreen you should tap on the prepare button and activatesoundeffect. With your every touch the glass breaking will be heardandall people in your surroundings will get confused. Set yourtabletto vibrate and the simulation of breaking will be complete.Pullthis funny prank on your colleagues after work and cheer themup.Nobody will be able to figure out at first that this is justatrick. All these pranks will be performed on the page fromwhichthis top application is opened and if you tap the back buttonyouwill see a pop-up menu. There you will have the chance toalteroptions and to end this joke if you want to. Don’t loseanothersecond to obtain the popular ☆Broken Display Prank☆ on yourtablet.Select the crack shape that you like best. We are offeringyou somany cool ones within the new ☆Broken Display Prank☆.Likewise, youcan customize the size of these top cracks. Bring tonsof fun toyour crowd of friends and be the one who is going to makeeverybodylaugh no matter where you are. This latest simulator thatwill makeyou feel like your phone is broken is perfect for trickingyourparents. Show them your device and they will be baffledintothinking that your screen is broken. Tell them that this isonly ajoke and check out how relieved they will be. If you arestilllooking for the best application that will help you prankyourpals, then don’t. You have come to the right place. Rush toobtainthe popular☆Broken Display Prank☆! Fantastic thing is thatyou canget it one hundred percent free of charge! How to use theapp: ○Click prepare to arrange the settings to your liking ○ Decideonthe best crack shape ○ Tap to turn on the vibration ○ In ordertohear glass breaking activate sound ○ Press start crack and havefunwith your friends

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    Broken Display Prank
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    August 17, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Tasana Apps
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Check out what we have prepared for you and download free thenewest ☆Add Text On Picture☆app. With it, you will have theopportunity to add words on images and make amazing greeting cards.Make your top images special and embellish them with impressivemessages. Whenever you read them, they will brighten your day. Getthe popular photo editor with text writing to decorate your photosand then add cool text effects. In that way, you will makebeautiful backgrounds, which you can use to beautify the screen ofyour Android™ device. Discover the best ☆Add Text On Picture☆and itwill entertain you for hours while you are editing photos. With thenewest photo editor text app you will spend the most amusingafternoon composing different messages which you can then insertinto your photographs. There are many options and you will beenchanted with all of them. While you explore you will see that youcan even decide between using the top image from the gallery ofyour phone and taking a selfie. Grab the chance to capture magicalmoment and then add text to picture. Invent the most originalmessage and prove that you are romantic. Feel the love in the airand make astonishing Valentine Day card with which you can surpriseyour sweetheart. This fascinating latest app will become yourfavorite one in the blink of an eye. The time will fly for youwhile you are editing photos so do not wait any longer but open thegallery on your smartphone or tablet. There you can browse you ownphotos to choose the one which you want to decorate with messagesthat you invent. Get the popular ☆Add Text On Picture☆and enjoy theopportunity to make astonishing greeting cards. You can chooseamong various font styles and even use your own. Scroll through theoptions and you will discover the ones with which you can adjustthe font size and color. Do not forget that you can also change thealignment when you add inspirational quotes to your photos. Inorder to make the perfect match with the picture you can rotate thetext, shrink, or enlarge it so that it makes the perfect match withthe image. Explore cool text effects and select one like shadow.Add the one that you like to make the most beautiful backgrounds.Remember that you can save your artwork in the gallery and thenshare with your friends. Download free the latest ☆Add Text OnPicture☆ and compose astonishing messages which you can insert intoyour best photos. How to use the app: ○ Take a picture or use onefrom the gallery ○ Invent text and add it to your design ○ Get thefont you like ○ Use other options such as size, align, stroke,rotate, shadow, and color ○ Press save and share ○ Have a good time
Funny Electric Razor Pranks 1.4 APK
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Have you been searching for something cool that will provide youwith tons of fun? You are in luck now! Download the latest ☆FunnyElectric Razor Pranks☆ app on your Android™ smartphone or tabletand check out how entertaining it can be. Get your device close toyour friend’s hair and switch it on. They will be scared at thethought that you might shave their head. The best application willsimulate the buzzing from a salon and it will make everybody thinkthat you are holding a real hair clipper in your hands. This can bethe perfect entertainment for some gathering and pulling a prank onyour friends will make you the most popular among the crowd. Don’thesitate to obtain the latest ☆Funny Electric Razor Pranks☆ rightthis second and all of you will have a belly-laugh. Do you belongto those persons who like a good joke and like to make everybodylaugh? With the newest ☆Funny Electric Razor Pranks☆ on your screenyou will be able to cheer up your closest friends and familymembers when they are feeling blue. The smile will appear on theirfaces immediately. It is fantastic that you can adjust the look ofyour top hair clipper. You can swipe through so many various looksthat are offered to you and choose the color that suits you best.You might want to use a blue or a green one that is all up to you.Turn up the volume of your device and you get the impression that areal hair clipper is on your phone. By activating the vibrationyour popular application will become even cooler and it will seemlike you are having a hair trimmer. Startle your friends and makethem think that you will make them bold. Make a funny joke andcheck out the reaction of your friends. If you like, there is ashake button that will turn your hair clipper into a real one.Approach your tablet near to your buddies and start the top app.There is no reason to lose time, you should make haste to themarket and download the newest ☆Funny Electric Razor Pranks☆completely free of charge! How to use the app:○ Pick outinteresting look for your hair clipper○ Choose whether you wantvibration or not○ Click on the shake option and make hair trimmerrealistic○ Turn the volume up and use the buzzing to trick yourfriends○ Have a blast with the razor which is like a real one
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We present the latest ☆Popular Voice Modifier☆ to all of you whoare looking for entertainment. Sometimes we get very busy with workor school and we get caught up in routines that slowly drag ourspirits down. What we need in those situations is a little bit offun and laughter, so take your time to recharge your batteries andforget about anything that worries you. Perfect way to do that isby making jokes, so download free ☆Popular Voice Modifier☆ app andcheck out what we have prepared for you! This top audio recorderwill enable you to change your voice and make the craziest sounds,and it will quickly become your favorite application. The newest☆Popular Voice Modifier☆ will bring a lot of laughter and positivevibes to your life and you will certainly enjoy using it becauseit’s very entertaining. You can use this cool voice changer to makepranks or as an amusement, and it will always put a smile on yourface. Now you can record high quality sounds and you can changethem and make them unrecognizable! The latest ☆Popular VoiceModifier☆ is suitable for people of all ages and the best partabout it is that it is completely free of charge! This topapplication is very easy to use. First step that you need tocomplete is to record your voice, as long as you want, and thensave it and check out sound effects that we have prepared for you.You can become a chipmunk, or a robot, and we have also preparedalien and baby voices for you! There are also other options such asthose to change pitch, volume and speed of your voice, so take alook at all of them and make the craziest sounds! All of them willbe saved in the app and you can access them anytime you like. Thecoolest ☆Popular Voice Modifier☆ also gives you options to set yournew creation as ringtone or an SMS notification and personalizeyour smartphone or tablet. There are so many reasons why you shoulduse this top sound recorder, so don’t hesitate and download thebest ☆Popular Voice Modifier☆ as soon as possible. Also, don’tforget to share it with your friends so they could have fun aswell! How to use the app: ○ Tap the button with a microphone andstart talking ○ Press it again to stop ○ Check out fabulous soundeffects and apply one of them ○ Change volume, pitch and speed ofyour voice ○ Save the sound and use it as ringtone or SMSnotification
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It is high time for you to be introduced with the cool andpractical tool that we have created for you. Visit the market anddownload free the newest ☆Smartphone Code Reader☆ app. Discoverthat with it you will have the most fascinating phone scanner.Whenever you see, a QR code or barcode bring the camera close to itand it will focus to read it. It will provide you with theinformation about the product that you wished to know. For a moredetailed description of it, you can visit the website which link isalso there. The best part is that you can get this top QR andbarcode scanner on your Android™ device in only one click and theninstall it fast and easy. It is nothing knew that nowadays peopledo not want to waste time on searching because they are always in arush. Save precious time with the latest ☆Smartphone Code Reader☆because with it you will not have to look up for the info about theproducts that you like. It is enough just to start the app andcamera will focus on the barcode or QR code to read it. The nextmoment you will have access to everything that you have wanted toknow. Do not forget that you can even go to the website where youwill get information that is even more detailed. Can you believethat with the top ☆Smartphone Code Reader☆ that is at yourfingertips you will be offered tons of facts about the desiredproduct? It is true, not just a dream so enjoy the opportunity toscan all the codes of all the best things that you like. Now youcan save precious time on research with the new app. Check it outright now and you will be surprised when you see how simple andeasy it is to use. That fact makes it suitable people of all agesso do not hesitate but start the popular red laser barcode and QRscanner. The next step is to approach your phone’s camera to thecode of the cool product and it will focus on it. It is importantto remember that you should hold your hand still during readingprocess. Do not forget that there is the option to turn on the onthe flashlight if it is dark. When the scanning is over you willget all the available information about the product and the link tothe website. In the end, we should mention that you can store allyour searches in the history folder so that you can access themwhenever you wish. Download free the latest ☆Smartphone CodeReader☆ app on your phone or tablet and do not waste time anymoreon searching for popular products info but scan the codes. How touse the app: ○ Start the QR barcode scanner ○ The phone’s camerawill focus on the code ○ Turn on the flashlight if it is dark ○When the reading is over you will get info about the product ○ Saveall your searches in the history folder
Protected Diary 1.6 APK
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Welcome to the new and amazing diary where you could write andmemorize all your secrets and stories from everyday life! Don'thesitate to download the popular ☆Protected Diary☆ app free ofcharge and to get the place where you will be able to confide allyour thoughts. Little girls could be writing about their day atschool and their friends, and the best thing is that nobody willget the access to those pages. They will be guarded with a safelock. If you belong to those persons who like keeping a diary andlike sharing your inner thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper,then why don't you use the top ☆Protected Diary☆ on your smartphoneand memorize all those secrets in one place? Keeping a diary onyour gadget, no matter if that is a phone or a tablet, is verysimple. When you wish to add an entry the only thing you will haveto do, after installing the latest ☆Protected Diary☆, is clickingon the new page. Before you start writing make sure to customizeall the settings according to your liking. We are offering you somany different backgrounds and lovely writing papers. Choose hotair balloons in the shape of a heart that are flying towards sky oran enchanted forest. For a writing paper you might use gorgeousseashells, that is all up to you. Play the calming music to enjoywhile you are writing and adjust the font. The popular ☆ProtectedDiary☆ gives you a chance to decide on the language in which youwish your writing to be pronounced. Personalize each diary entrythat you are making by inserting a photograph in it. You could takea pick whether it will be the one from your gallery or the one youhave taken right now on the spot. If you have the need to writeabout your feelings, or want to describe an important event fromyour life you could do that with the latest ☆Protected Diary☆.Write your thoughts and put cool emoticons inside in order toexpress how you truly feel. Memorize each entry under a certaindate and find them later in the list of entries. You could editthem whenever you wish. Girls, boys, teenagers and adults can alluse the best application on their phone. We don't want you toforget making an entry and for that we offer you the chance to seta reminder. It will notify you when you need to write. There is noneed to worry about others seeing your private journal since it canbe protected with a safe lock. You could set a password or apattern that you have come up with and the person who triesbreaking it will be photographed. The image or her/him will beplaced into the list of suspects. Describe your day, talk aboutyour crush or hide away your deepest secrets by using your tablet.Install the top ☆Protected Diary☆ and you will have a free appwhere you could confide everything you wish. How to use the app: ○Select a new page and start writing ○ Choose background, paper andfont you like ○ Personalize your diary entry with a photograph ○Listen to music while typing in your secrets ○ Lock away yourthoughts with a secure password or pattern
Lightning Screen Prank 1.4 APK
Tasana Apps
Shock your friends and make them think there are bolts of lightningcoming out of your smartphone! All of them will be impressed withinteresting trick that you have performed. If you and your closestfriends have a cool habit of pulling pranks with each other, thenyou will be thrilled when you hear what we have prepared for you.Download the latest ☆Lightning Screen Prank☆ app for free and bethe first one who will show them this interesting joke. Customizethe settings and let your friends touch the screen of your tablet.Simulation of electric effects is so realistic that you willconfuse your friend for a second. Both of you will burst intolaughing when you check out how baffled your friend is. The coolpranks will be performed on the page from which the top app isopened. Installation of the popular ☆Lightning Screen Prank☆ can befinished within several seconds and you should hurry up to get it!The free fun prank app is always a good way cheer up anybody,including your parents! Click the start button in the newest☆Lightning Screen Prank☆ and change the tablet of the parent youwish to trick. Only one touch on the screen will confuse themcompletely, and they will be in shock for a second until they findout that this is only a joke, and that there is no real electricityappearing on your phone. The best of all is that you can customizeall options for this interesting application. Activate sound andeverybody will be impressed with how realistic these bolts oflightning seem. You will also have a chance to turn on thevibration that will give away the impression of electric effects onyour screen. Get the latest ☆Lightning Screen Prank☆ and have alaugh with your pals when you surprise them with something theyhaven’t been expecting. Tap the back button if you wish to exit orto change some settings. This way a pop-up menu will show up. Thebest of all is that you have the change the color of flashes oflightning. Pick the one that is according to your liking and alsoadjust the thickness of these electric effects. Bring laughter toall your friends and trick them with the top application. The realelectric shock that is activated with a touch will help you pull agood prank on your friends. When all of you have had a bad day atwork, and are feeling blue, this funny trick will help you bringthe joyful atmosphere to the whole crowd. Just click once anddownload the popular ☆Lightning Screen Prank☆ on your phone. Thereis no reason to wait. Have fun right now and get this newapplication free of charge! How to use the app:○ Touch preparebutton to modify settings○ Find a lovely color that you prefer○Turn on vibration to make bolts of lightning realistic ○ Activesound to make your joke complete ○ Trick everybody will electriceffects on the screen
Essential School Planner 1.0 APK
Tasana Apps
Download the newest ☆Essential School Planner☆ app free ofchargeand manage the subjects that you are having this year.Organize allyour student's activities and have the classes arrangedinto atimetable. They will be listed according to time and date andyouwill always know what is up next. Attending elementary school,highschool or even college means having many different assignmentsandprojects to complete. Taking exams and doing quizzes ismandatoryand you also get a lot of homework to do during schooldays. Inorder not to forget finishing any of these you can placeall yourobligations into the coolest student agenda app that willbe placedon your smartphone or tablet. Installing the latest☆EssentialSchool Planner☆ is a piece of cake and you can do sowithin only acouple of seconds. Managing your subjects according totheirbeginning and ending time has never been simpler. Have yourclassschedule always with you in the popular ☆Essential SchoolPlanner☆.In order to add information in your student agenda youwill have totap on the planner button. There, it will be possibleto insert thesubject. It can be the one from the list or you couldadd anotherone. Input the name of the subject and continue byadding the nameof the teacher. Any additional information that cancome handy canbe written too. You may add the office and mail andit will helpyou when you need to reach the respected teacher. Thefinal gradeis always achieved by getting marked for manydifferentassignments. You are probably having a lot of seminarpapers,tests, quizzes and homework and they are all graded. Keeptherecord of all your grades into the latest student agenda appandcheck them out whenever you wish. If you have any classes thatyouhave skipped from the certain subject, then add those to thetop☆Essential School Planner☆ and have them always at one place.Thecolor for each subject can be changed according to your liking,soselect the one you like best. Mistaking the classroom can bereallyannoying. If you don't want this to happen, then you can havetheclassroom for each subject listed into the popular☆EssentialSchool Planner☆. If you are swamped with too manyobligations andwish to have a personal assistant for your studentlife, then youwill be more than happy to use the cool school agendaapp. It willnotify you when a certain school activity is starting.Just set thereminder at the desired time. The best timetable willshow you whenis your next class and what assignments you are havingfor acertain school day. All of you who would like to have yoursubjectsorganized and set according to the time and date caninstall thenewest ☆Essential School Planner☆ at this very moment.Can youbelieve that this top app is completely free of charge? Getit nowon your phone or tablet and plan your school activities! Howto usethe app:○ Add a subject into a timetable ○ Record informationabouteach teacher○ Keep track of the classes that you have skipped○Choose the color for every subject○ Enter the classroom and setareminder