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Broken Screen 3D Live Wallpaper is a unique 3D Live Wallpaper appwith beautiful Broken Screen or Crack Screen effects.Broken Screen3D Live Wallpaper is let you create unique Broken Screen or CrackScreen effects and let you set is as Live Wallpaper on your phonescreen. This Live Wallpaper will give you realistic 3D effectswhere the crack screen and below chip set together will give you 3Deffect. Using Broken Screen 3D Live Wallpaper app is simple andeasily create Live 3D Wallpaper effects. All you need to do is justselect the Crack Screen or Broken Screen Style and select Chip SetModel to create Broken Glass 3D Live Wallpaper. Create unique andmost entertaining Broken Glass 3D Live Wallpaper effects usingBroken Screen 3D Live Wallpaper Prank app. You can play prank withyour friends by showing your phone’s chipset from a broken screenor crack screen. Its a number one prank app in its kind.Createultimate Broken Glass 3D Live wallpaper effects using Broken Screen3D Live Wallpaper Prank. You can create realistic crack screeneffects. Broken Screen 3D Live Wallpaper app works with yourphone’s Gyro to create ultimate crack screen 3D effects. Wheneveryou’re using Crack Screen 3D Live Wallpaper, when you move yourphone Up and Down or Left to Right your phone screen and insidechipset will move in opposite direction to create most amazing 3Deffects. It will create 100% 3 Dimensional effects. All latestmobiles will support Gyro or Parallax effects so Broken Screen 3DLive Wallpaper will work on all latest mobiles. Gyro or Parallaxwill help you to create 3D effects. How to use Broken Screen 3DLive Wallpaper: Open Broken Screen 3D Live Wallpaper App—-> Goto Settings—-> Select Chipset Style—-> Select Broken ScreenStyle—-> Click Apply —-> Click Set as Live Wallpaper button.It’s as simple as this.Enjoy watching amazing Crack Screen 3D LiveWallpaper effects by downloading our free app Broken Screen 3D LiveWallpaper from Google Play.

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    Broken Screen 3D Live Wallpaper
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    September 22, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Think Soft Apps
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Indian Browser is 1st Made in India browser developed by patriotIndian Company in supporting Make in India movement. So pleasesupport Indian Browser at maximum level. Indian Browser is a 1stfull fledge browser in its kind.Indian Browser is a Fastest MobileBrowser among all current browsers in the market. Also IndianBrowser will save 50% Data while you browse the internet by usingIndian Browser. Indian Browser is 100% Secure Browser. It also hasPrivate Browsing Mode so that no one know the browsing history.Indian Browser comes with tons of new features.Indian Browser hasunique feature like Ad Blocker. Unlike other browsers, Ad Blockerwill help you to block all unwanted POPUP Ads while you’re browsingand give you seamless access to the website.Indian Browser willhelp you to manage all your Facebook Notifications from the browserif you register using Facebook login. Indian Browser will help youto maintain Bookmarks, Browsing History, Downloaded Videos Copy andShare content straight from the browser.Features: 1. Speed Mode(Fast Browsing)2. Data Save Mode3. Private Mode.4. Secure Browser5.Desktop Mode6. Ad Blocker7. Facebook Notifications8. CaptureScreen9. Add to Bookmarks10. Unlimited Tabs11. Download Video12.Save for Later13. Browsing History14. Copy, Share Content or WebPage15. TranslateSpeed Mode: Speed Mode will help you browse theinternet at high speed so you can browse any web page at lightningspeed. This mode will reduce webpage loading time.Data Save Mode:Indian Browser will help you save upto 50% Data while browsing. Itsaves lot of data and help you browsing at low internet speed. Itsa best option while you browse in 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi Networks.Private Mode: Indian Browser will help you secure your browsinghistory while you browsing using Private Mode. This mode will notsave any data anywhere in the browser so you can enable this modeif you want to browse private content. Secure Browser: IndianBrowser is a Secure Browser. India Browser will secure your phonefrom viruses and other threats while you’re browsing. It will alertyou when you’re trying to browse un secure websites.Ad Blocker:While you’re browsing any news sites or other unknown site you willsee lot of ads popping up abruptly but Ad Blocker in Indian Browserwill help you block unwanted POPUPs and give you seamless readingexperience.Facebook Notifications: The unique feature in IndianBrowser is Facebook Notifications. While you register usingFacebook then you would able to see and manage all your FBNotifications in Indian Browser. Screen Capture: When you’rebrowsing interesting article in the internet and if you want tocapture the screen then its very simple just use Screen Captureoption from menu and capture the required part of the screen andsave it.Bookmarks: Bookmarks will help you to save all yourfavourite websites or web links under Bookmarks section. Its easyto Bookmark any of the website. Unlimited Tabs: Indian Browser willhelp you open unlimited tabs while you browse and its easy tonavigate from one tab to another tab. Unlimited Tabs will help youbrowse as many websites as possible simultaneously.Download Video:While you're browsing, if you like some video then just useDownload option of the Video and it will save the video intoDownload Video section of the Indian Browser. Its very easy formanaging downloaded videos from one section. Browsing History: Itseasy to track all your browsing history date wise and you can reopen any website from your browsing history.Copy, Share Content andWebpage: Now you can copy or share any browsing content with simpleCopy, Share option on the browser. Translate: This option is veryhandy when you’re browsing other than english language websites.
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Now Fidget Spinner is widely using for stress buster or forrelaxing mind.You will see this super hand spinner toy widely usingon the streets, offices and in your community. Now this stressrelieving toy come to your hand on Android phone. With thissimulator game, you no longer need a real fidget spinner. A fidgetspinner is a toy that sits like a propeller on a person’s finger,with blades that spin around a bearing. Basically a fidget spinnerconsists of a two or three pronged design with a bearing in itscenter circular pad. Flick them for fun or relieving from thestress or for time pass. The game perfectly worked out the physicsof rotation to form various graphics. The sound that mimics how thespinner does not rot. Spin in school, on the street, at home,everywhere and have fun.In Fidget Spinner game you have 5 swipes toset the best spin you can. After each spin it will count the numberof rotations and give you the score. Use your hand finger to swipethe spinner left or right, wait for it to stop and sweep the sweetrewards. Upgrade your fidget finger spinner against the score youmade, compete with your friends and beat the records!GameFeatures:- Realistic spin simulator with realistic spinningphysics.- More than 40 Fidget Spinners to unlock.- Excellentcollection of Golden, Glow, Laser, Neon and standard spinnergraphics.- Play and unlock all of the spinners, mix and matchvarious parts of the spinner to generate unique style fidgetspinners.- Easy to play and excellent graphics.
Finger Lie Detector Prank 1.6 APK
Finger Lie Detector Prank is a fun game which will scan finger of aperson and tell you whether he is Honest or a Liar. Finger LieDetector Prank is just a prank app which will not tell you whethera person is telling truth or lies.You can have fun with yourfriends by asking them random questions while they placing theirfinger on the scanner section of a screen, once they answer to thequestion their finger will be scanned and show then whether theyare true or false. With Finger Lie Detector you can now Detectwhether your are honest or Lie. Lie Detector prank scans yourfinger print and returns the result in TRUE (honest) or false(Lie).Finger Lie Detector is an application that simulates candetect lies through by examining the following physical changes inthe body of the person being interrogated:Lie Detector Prank isjust a prank app which will not tell you whether a person istelling truth or lies.Finger Lie Detector prank is just to make funof your friends, kids or others by getting them to think you candetect if they are lying to you.You can preset answers (truth orlie) in the settings screen and ask them questions. Record theirvoice while they answer the question. The finger lie detector prankapplication will act like analyzing their voice and display thepreset answer from settings.Try out this free and unique fing liedetector prank for checking if some one is cheating and making youfool by just scanning his fingerprints on the lie detectormachine.This Lie Detector Simulator is a fun game which simulates afingerprint scanner for detecting lies. Prank and make fun of yourfriends, kids or others by getting them to think you can detect ifthey are lying to you.Preset answers (truth or lie) in the settingsmenu and then ask them questions. Have them place their finger onthe fingerprint scanner while answering your questions. The fingerlie detector prank application will display the preset answers.Ifyou choose to play for fun, just cancel all the settings and thefinger lie detector prank application will respond randomly.FingerLie Detector Prank application is just a prank, a fun game and itis not a real life lie detector (polygraph) nor a real fingerprintscanner.Just hold your finger on the detector and speak or thinksomething. The finger lie detector prank App will give you thetruth or lie!The Finger Lie Detector Voice - Simulator imitates avoice scanner for detecting lies. Make fun of your friends, kids orothers by getting them to think you can detect if they are lying toyou. If you choose to play for fun, just cancel all the settingsand the finger lie detector prank application will respondrandomly.Finger Lie Detector Prank is just a fun game, a prank, nota real life lie detector.Lie Detector Test Free is a funny gamewhich simulates to detect whether you tell the truth or lie. Youjust need to press your finger on the fingerprint scanner and thenthe Lie detector app will scan your finger and calculates theresult, true or false. Of course it is a simulated finger liedetector prank app used to prank your friends. It allows you topreset the result in a secret way. It is so interesting.HOW TOUSE:Step 1: Dowload the Finger Lie Detector Prank app.Step 2: Askany Question & Now place your finger gently on the fingerprintscanner.Step 3: Press the volume key while scanning. (volume+ fortruth, volume- for lie).Step 4 : Allow you to preset the result toprank your friends! Step 5: You can share the result with friendsthrough Share your images via WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Telegram,Line, Twitter, email and other social networks. Note: Finger LieDetector prank is a prank and fake application and all the resultsare fake and randomly generated by app. It is the best applicationfor fooling your friends.Enjoy Finger Lie Detector Prank now.
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Traffic Near Me: Maps, Navigation is unique app to relying onreal-time traffic alerts, ETAs, traffic conditions and beat trafficwith real-time navigation.Traffic Near Me: Maps, Navigation helpyou to avoid traffic jams by showing alternate route in your way.Save time by checking the traffic updates before you start yourjourney. Plug in your destination to draw a route on your googlemap. See the distance to your destination, and get an idea of howlong it will take to get there. Decide on an alternate path if allyour roads are red. Traffic Near Me: Maps, Navigation hascomprehensive, accurate maps in 200+ countries and territories.Allyou need to do is just start the service and track locations on themap. When you don’t require tracking you can switch off theservice.Features of Traffic Near Me: Maps, Navigation:- Liverouting with Real-Time Traffic & Road Map info using GoogleMaps.- These Google Maps that supports 220+ countries andterritories- Voice guided navigation for easy navigation- Livemaps, consistently edited and updated by Google Live maps-Automatic rerouting as conditions change on the road- Find GASstations and Restaurants for quick stops - It’s very simple to useand easy to find locations.- Get there faster with real timeupdates- Beat traffic with real-time navigation, ETAs and trafficconditionsUsing Traffic Near Me: Maps, Navigation app you canexperience the Google Maps in difference style.Traffic Near Me:Maps, Navigation app will show nearby traffic. Avoid a traffic byusing this app that gives you exactly what streets or routes are inheavy traffic based on your current location. It shows what causesthe traffic, whether it is caused by Accidents, Construction orRoad closures.Using Traffic Near Me: Maps, Navigation app you cansee live traffic in your location in different view modes likeSatellite Mode, Terrain Mode, Transit Mode, Bicycle Mode andWalking Mode.
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Xray Scanner Prank is a prank app for fun. This is a fake XRAYSCANNER, not a real x-ray scanner.Surprise everyone with funnyxrays of them! You can pretend that you know what their innersecrets and deepest desires are! Xray Scanner Prank Funny is a funapp for those who love practical jokes! These xrays are not real,so they are harmless and fun to play with!Find out if they wouldlike to be a cool red head or a nifty dancer or a footballer oreven a singer! It is the perfect Xray Scanner prank to play onfriends and family!X-ray of the entire body of a joke - a simulatorgame is a joke in it, you can do an x-ray of the entire body as ajoke.Turn on the game and choose which part of the body will bescanned, no matter the head or hand! Aim the camera and press thescan!Make fun and play your family and friends!The game XrayScanner Prank uses a camera for a more realistic effect!WarningOnly Xray Scanner Prank and will not harm your health!Xray ScannerPrank is a prank app to get fun and trick your friends.Do you wantto scan your hand with X-RAY? Get fun with XRAY SCANNER!XrayScanner Prank is a Simulated app, not real xrayscanner.INSTRUCTIONS:✔ Open Xray scanner app.✔ Place your phoneover your left hand.✔ Tilt up phone to scroll up xray image.✔ Tiltdown phone to scroll down xray image.✔ Include hand, foot, brainand body xray images.Xray Scanner Prank is a prank app for funpurposes. Have fun with your friends!HOW TO USE:1. Put your handbehind your phone.2. Start x-ray app.3. A laser beam will go overyour hand.4. Tilt your phone up or down to scroll up or down thexray image.5. Available different body parts to scan: head, hand,foot, cheast.DISCLAIMER:Xray scanner is a prank app for fun. XrayScanner Prank is a prank, joke or simulate app. Xray Scanner is afunny prank application.
Compass on GPS Maps 1.0 APK
The Compass on GPS Maps app is the most precise and useful app fornavigation and orientation purpose that shows directions on GoogleMaps based on built-in magnetic sensor. Compass on GPS Maps showsall essential modes required for day-to-day compass activities. Thecompass in Compass on GPS app supports magnetic north and truenorth calculated using network or GPS location coordinates, whichcan be copied, shared and viewed in a map.In Compass on GPS Mapsapp the compass will automatically adjust for differences betweenmagnetic and true north for any location and also provide thelatitude and longitude coordinates of your routes for easyreadings.Prerequisite: Your device must have an integrated compasssensor to function properly.Features of Compass on GPS Maps:-Compact and simple user interface- Display latitude and longitude-Display current location- Display different modes for directions-Ability to take picture with any mode- Share the picture withdirections displayed- GPS and Maps are supported.in Compass on GPSMaps app the map rotates in a direction that the phone is heading.This application comes in handy when you do not know the directionthat you are heading.If you touch the map, the address of thelocation you touch will appear and you can use various functionswith the action bar icons. and you can save, load and delete thefrequently visited place. you can also calculate the distancebetween two points.This app has a Smart Compass with Maps, GPSNavigation, GPS Route Finder and Directions.Standard Compass Mode:This is your regular Compass 360 that shows True North usingMagnetic Sensor.Camera Mode:Use your camera with a Compass showingdirections to take a picture and share it to get a better idea ofyour location and direction.Telescope Mode: Mainly used to getDirection from far away.Compass on Normal Maps:To get accuratedirection on maps this GPS Tool helps you get a compass over yourmap.Compass on Satellite Maps:To get accurate direction on mapsthis GPS Tool helps you get a compass over your Satellite Map.Night Mode:Use this mode to navigate at night.