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Come to the wonderful colorful world of Bubble Cake and give itashot, you'll find endless fun! Tap and group 3 or more of thesamebubbles on screen where you want the bubble to burst and usethelimited moves to clear up all the bubbles to level up. Comeandgive it a shot, you will find endless joy! FEATURE: - Thousandsoffascinating puzzles. - Suitable for all players. - Pop bubbletosave small animals as targets at some levels. - Easy and funtoplay, but challenging to master. - Play offline, nointernetrequired. - Nice interface, smooth graphics. - Sounds andimagesare very lively. HOW TO PLAY: - Shoot to create groups of 3or morebubbles of the same color to break them. - Drag the laserand dropthe balloons to the target you want to remove from theboard. - Canexchange colors for 2 waiting bubbles. - No time limitbut limitednumber of shots. Jump into amazingly fantastic bubbleworld and popyour way to the top NOW!!! Bubble Cake is for you.

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    Bubble Cake
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    July 11, 2019
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Bubble Games 2019
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Do you love puzzle game, especially sophisticated andeye-catchingpuzzle? Space Bubble is definitely the perfect choicefor you.Perfect combined from shooting puzzle games and match-threegames,Space Bubble promises to bring you the best. Space Bubbleissuitable for all players, suitable for both entertainmentandlearning. Very simple to play this game: you just need toshoot,explode all bubbles and save the lovely baby pets from thetrap.FEATURE: - Suitable for all ages - Thousands of excitingandchallenging game level. - Colorful bubbles. - Download and playforfree, without wi-fi or internet connection. - Funny music. -Greatgraphics. - Delicate interface. - Extremely easy to play andeasyto control. Let Space Bubble test your strategy skills! Fightwithyour family and friends to see who can get the highest scoreatevery level. Download Space Bubble on your device now. Alongwitheveryone, overcome thousands of exciting levels of Space Bubble
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Please come to our colorful bubble world. Here, you are notonlyrelaxed, entertained but also trained hands, eyes and brain.BubbleCandy is not only a game for gun shooting fans but alsoanentertaining game for both the elderly and children. BubbleCandyjust needs you to start acting. Shoot, destroy all bubblesandrescue the baby pets at each levels to get a high score andunlockthe next level. Bubble Candy is definitely a great shooterfor you.It's simple and easy to learn, perfect for your wholefamily toenjoy! FEATURE: - Thousands of exciting and challenginggamelevels. - Suitable for all ages. - Realistic pictures. -Soundalive. - Excellent interface and graphics. - Download and playforfree, without Wi-Fi or Internet connection. - Extremely easytoplay and easy to control. - Can exchange colors of 2 waitingballs.This bubble game is a free, easy to play and very usefulgame. Thisis an ancient puzzle game combined with Match-Threegames. This isalso a classic game, it is very popular all over theworld.Download Bubble Candy now and immerse yourself in the worldof ourcolorful bubbles. Wish you have great moments with your lovedones.