/ March 22, 2016
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Bubble King: Carnival Cruise is sweet coming! Are you ready tobegin a fun saga with Roundy?Wonderful scenes with full of sweetcandy style and ice cream style, more attractive and fun leveldesign, more challenging and passionate, more obstacles and props,brings you a much better game experience! The special gamebackground: Merry Christmas and the classic Christmas song willimmerse you in the Christmas feeling. The Red-Nosed Reindeer -Rudolph will give you the most festive and fun Christmas for theholiday you've ever experienced.Come on, follow Rudolph to have aRound-the-sweetie bubble carnival and make a new legend!BubbleKing: Carnival Cruise is a very casual game with elements of puzzleand shooter, unique mechanics and easy-to-learn concept, variousbonuses levels, colorful graphics and smooth game play make it anaddictive game, it also requires strategy thinking, it’s a greatway to kill time!- Completely-new-designed hundreds of levels forClassic Mode and Competition Mode! The goal of "Save Roundy Baby"mode is to save all the Roundy babies, which is a more excitingchallenge.- Real-world physics engine applied, with breathtakingvisual effects and great music.- Friends list, play with friends ismore fun and you also can challenge your friends.- Gameincludes:(1) 9 different color of Bubble (2) 7 varieties of Bubbletype (3) 5 varieties of gorgeous game background(4) 2 varieties ofgame mode: Puzzle and Endless.(5) 2 scene styles: Candy andOcean.Begin to challenge it now!Any feedback please emails [email protected] Thanks very much for all your support in ourgames!

App Information Bubble King: Carnival Cruise

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    Bubble King: Carnival Cruise
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    March 22, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    221 Boston Post Rd East Suite 410 Marlborough MA 01752 USA
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