7.0.16 / August 7, 2020
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Bubbles Puzzle is an extremely addictive match 3 puzzle gameforanyone from the age of 5 to 95. Playing the game is reallyeasy:shoot at like-colored bubbles to make them pop. You'll spendhoursexploding bubbles on your device in three game modes in thisfreeexciting game in bubble shooter genre. Bubbles Puzzle features:♦Choose between 3 game modes: classic, adventure and arcade ♦Makeyour way through 200+ bubble puzzle levels ♦ Enjoy classicbubbleshooter gameplay in Collector and Sniper modes ♦ Tailorgamedifficulty to your matching skills ♦ Challenge your friendsandshare your achievements ♦ Customize bubble skins and backgroundsinthis bubble shooter game ♦ Full version of the game for freeChooseAdventure mode and display both logic and bubble popperskills topass numerous tricky levels. The goal changes with everylevel, aswell as bonuses scattered on the board. Collect keys,break throughfrozen and stone balls, shoot the lightning to unleasha bubbleavalanche or burst virus bubbles as you try to beat yourfriends'score! Choose Arcade mode and have hours of fun trying topass morethan 1400 levels. Put your bubble pop skills to test andmeet thelevel goal before you run out of moves. It’s in fact quiteachallenging task, as each level has its own special ballsyou'llhave to deal with. Blast Fireflies so they would fly away andpopbubbles of the color they were hit with; get rid of Webthatprevents the adjacent bubbles from falling down or hit Bombtoburst all adjacent bubbles. Press and hold to aim and scoremore.Use multiple boosters and power-ups to earn 3 stars on eachbubblearcade level. Finally choose Classic mode to relax and forgetaboutthe daily routine by tapping bubbles. No energy, no lives,nolimits. Clear the play field making groups of three or morebubblesof the same color and try to make huge bubble avalanches.Theindicator in the bottom left shows the number of unsuccessfulshotstill another line appears. Start with Easy Ride gamedifficulty,reach new bubble shooter levels of skill and become amaster. Thefans of Classic bubble shooter games may choose betweenCollectorand Sniper modes. Sniper mode obliges you to considerevery singletap. Improve your shooting and targeting abilities: thefewer shotsyou make, the higher score you get. Collector mode is abubbleshooting game where the aim is to get the highest possiblescore.When you miss to burst bubbles a number of times the rowmovesdown. Bounce marbles with similar colors line-by-line untilnothingis left. Explode all of them and collect the highest score.In aword, if you enjoy free bubble games, this arcade is sure toabsorbyou! Questions? Contact our tech support aticestonesup@gmail.com

App Information Bubble Puzzle: Hit the Bubble Free

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    Bubble Puzzle: Hit the Bubble Free
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    August 7, 2020
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    Android 5.0 and up
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Wander through nightmarish locations full of deadly puzzles, searchhidden object scenes for clues and defeat Sandman in this point andclick adventure game. Try it Free and then Buy the game if you likeit You were born with the ability to walk other people's dreams.But the blessing turns into a curse, if Sandman, the lord ofnightmares, haunts someone dare to you. Years after saving yourfriend Laura from his evil grasp, you find yourself thrown intoanother thrilling adventure. Sandman decided to take vengeance, andnow Laura’s husband Tim falls into an abnormal coma. Help himfinally wake up in this fascinating hidden object game. Gamefeatures: - Quirky dreamworld with changes during walkthrough - 40+gaming locations in HD - More than 30 3D videos and cut-scenes - 12logic puzzles and arcade mini-games - Fascinating hidden objectscenes - Collectibles and achievements for experienced HOG playersBe it a dream or a nightmare, this point-and-click adventure is atrue eye-candy. With high-quality background artworks andbreathtaking 3D videos, it rises above other finding games. Itcan’t be actually ascribed to seek-and-find games, as it has almostno hidden object scenes in their common form. Instead, Dreamscapessends you on a logic quest to collect clues and solve puzzlesthrough a beautifully crafted world of the dreaming. Be ready toface many challenges and meet weird creatures that dwell inSandman’s realm. And the devoted fans of finding games can taskthemselves with spotting all beholders lurking within. As for themini-games included, there are both brain-teasers and skill gamesto complement your playing experience. Find your way through themaze or jump on the moving platforms to cross an abyss. Twist yourmind with rolling balls and chess puzzles. Decipher hidden messageswithin cave paintings, entwine the entanglement of threads andprove a brainiac with yet more logic mini-games to pass. Yourefforts will be rewarded with achievements for both finding hiddenobjects and puzzle solving. So, Prepare to fight your worst fearsin order to wake Tim up before he falls into darkness once for all.Play this breathtaking hidden object adventure game now! Questions?Contact our tech support at icestonesup@gmail.com
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In the world, where magic oppose technology, nature forces yieldtomachinery. In this fantasy adventure, make you way throughclutterhidden object scenes and solve engaging sliding puzzles toprotectthe magic forest from the evil Dark Lord. If you likeclutter gamesyou surely have to try DreamWalkerhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.dreamwalkerandfor all mystery hidden object games fans Time Gap is amusthttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.timegapGAMEFEATURES: ★ 90+ game levels ★ 10 hidden object modes andpuzzlemechanics ★ Exciting and colorful fictional world ★Beautiful sliderand jigsaw puzzles ★ 3 difficulty modes to meetyour preferred levelof challenge ★ Amiable animal characters Inthis colorful hiddenobject puzzle game it’s up to you to thwartthe Dark Lord as heattempts to eliminate magic. Follow Sarah,through fantasy woodlandsand steampunk city to the Dark Lord’sCitadel. His minions will beinterfering with your attempts to savethe dying Great Tree, growingin the heart of the ancient forest.This family game takes advantageof the pure hidden object gameplayand variety of puzzle mini-games.Prove your finding skills as youmatch identical items on aclutter-style hidden object locations.Rush against the clock tomeet the level objective and collectcrystals to earn hints. Extrahint is credited for every 10crystals found. And the challengediffers on each level. Forinstance find matching pairs of itemshidden among dozens of littlethings. Or find hidden items, one ofwhich is colorful, and theother is grey. So, master your searchingskills as you progress andenjoy the story which unfolds. As forbonus mini-games, these arevariously shaped jigsaw puzzles andsliders. Whimsical artwork anda cast of remarkable characterscomplements the finding objectsgameplay. It makes this HOG anenthralling game for kids. Moreover,this free hidden object gamecomes in full version, so you cancomplete the adventure without anypurchases.