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Free Classic Bubble Game. Fun and Addictive. Match Three Gems. Thisclassic bubble match-three game will keep you entertained. Clearall the bubbles on the screen to win the level. Also try to getthree stars on each level for extra points. Suitable for kids,toddlers and even adult. How to play: 1. Pull down the bubble, aimand release. 2. Group three or more bubbles together to make thempop. 3. Keep popping the bubbles continuously to gain more points.4. Bad bubbles will be added every ten levels to make it harder.Features: Limited number of bubbles per level. Use them wisely Tendifferent lands to journey through. A different bad bubble will beadded on each land.

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Code Breaker: Mastermind Game. Break the code. 5.2.4 APK
Code Breaker is a classic code breaking game similar to Mastermindgame. Can you break the secret code. You guess the secret code byplacing colored peg in a row. After each guess you will get oneblack peg for each correct color in the right place and one whitepeg for each correct color in the wrong place. Features Players canset the code for each other. In effect a two or more player game.Easy, Medium and Hard modes. Play with Pegs, Shapes, Letter orNumbers. Custom peg colors and single color mode. Gameautomatically saved to device. Resume playing game on app restart.Three different backgrounds. Set empty holes. on/off. Set repeatcolors on/off. Set enter code on/off. Set sounds on/off. Resetstatistics options. Statistics displayed in numbers or percentages.Ability to remove pegs. Simple sounds effects when pegs, holes andbuttons are pressed. Portrait and Portrait Upside-down. Press resetin game to reveal code and resign game. Please note. The positionof the black and white pins are random. They don't correspondent tothe peg positions in any way. Easy, Medium or Hard mode can now beselected in the settings page.
Solitaire 6 (Ads Free) 9.0 APK
Toftwood Games
Solitaire 6 by Toftwood Creations is one ofthe best solitaire card games for Android.There are hundreds of different versions of solitaire or patienceto include in one app, So Solitaire 6 was created with the sevenmost popular solitaire games.Solitaire 6 is one of the easiest and simplest solitaire games youwill ever play, no confusing over the top graphics or complicatedoptions to distract you.Just seven great versions of solitaire with high resolution cardsthat look great on any device with any screen size.If you like playing Windows Solitaire or playing solitaire withreal cards, you will love playing Solitaire 6 even more.After playing klondike solitaire why not try one of the othersolitaire games included in Solitaire 6 like :-Klondike Solitaire.Spider Solitaire.Simple Simon Solitaire.Pyramid Solitaire.Vanishing Cross Solitaire.FreeCell Solitaire.Little Windmill Solitaire.Solitaire 6 comes with some basic features.All games can be restarted from the beginning.All games have basic rules.Also if cards become too close together, simply press and hold toseparate them.Don't miss out, download Solitaire 6 today and give it atry.
toftwood.games.littlewolf 8.6.1 APK
Help the little wolf survive the winter by shooting the ice dropsand releasing the fruit for him to pickup. Don't let any fruit getpast you or miss the ice drops when firing as this will raise thelog. If the log reaches the top, or you are hit by four or more icedrops the game is over.
Sub Invaders 8.4.7 APK
Drop depth-charges into the water to blowup the invadingsubmarines. Be careful not to get hit by the torpedoes. Three fireson board at once, and the game is over. Tilt to move the ship leftand right. Tap to drop depth-charge.
Dickys Diamonds 8.6.3 APK
Dicky the owl has had his diamonds stolen by the evil spider. Theyhang swinging in the center of his web. Can you help him get themback. It's not an easy task. You have been warned.
Four In A Row 3.9.1 APK
Classic Four In A Row Be the first to get four counters in a row tobe crowned Four In A Row champion. Dropping counters into rows offour... can't be that hard can it? Actually this classic game fourin a row is harder than you think! Keep a close eye on youropponent's moves. Block them as soon as they have three out of fourin a row because four in a row - up. Across or diagonally - winsthe game. If your opponent blocks you it's time to think again...and quick! Anyone aged six and up can play four in a row addictivetwo-player game.
Lucky Seven Slot Machine 2.4.8 APK
Lucky Seven Slot Machine. Free Casino Slot Machines Bet and Win BigJackpots. There isn't a great deal to say about this slot machineexcept press the red spin button and get the sevens and bars on thewinning line. One nice thing about this slot machine is that youdon't have to match all the symbols to win. Any three sevens, orany three bars are a winning line, also three red, white or bluesymbols will win. Lucky Seven may be the simplest Toftwood Gamesslot machine, but that doesn't mean it isn't the most fun! Pleasenote Lucky Seven Slot Machine reels can stop between symbols. Afteryou have played Lucky Seven Slot Machine for a while have a look atToftwood Games other slot machines. Our original "Slot Machine" isvery popular. We also have a "Snakes and Ladders Slot Machine" withlots of features to keep you amused. Our "Spooky Slot Machine" willalso keep you entertained. If you like playing slot machines thenyou will love playing these games.
Honey Bee 3.5.3 APK
Help the honey bee cover all the grubs in the honeycomb with honey.He can only fly in a straight line and can only turn when he hits acovered grub, or the edge of the honeycomb. The level has been wonwhen all grubs are covered with honey. There are three difficultysettings, with sixteen levels in each.