1.0.1 / November 23, 2014
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Shoot 3 bubbles together to crash them
***** Great game reviews
***** Eight types of bubbles .
***** Empty the board before time ends.
***** Cool Background.

shoot a same colored bubble at a place where there are already2or more bubble together. When 3 or more bubbles come togetheritcrashes. You can even bounce a bubble off the wall. You willneedto calculate how it will rebound and where will it hit.

App Information Bubble Wizard!! Zulu Zulu

  • App Name
    Bubble Wizard!! Zulu Zulu
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    November 23, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Aztec Inc.
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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  • Developer
    Email raaka1980@yahoo.in
    Flat No. 26, Building No. 60/A, Prateek Market, Near Canara Bank, Munirka, New Delhi- 110067 INDIA
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Search and shoot zombies from over a mile.Watch in slo-mo the bullet as it travels over the terrains andseeks the zombie and splits it into pieces.It was night time. The entire village was asleep. But thejungles on the east was abuzz with activity. The zombies werecoming. There were hundreds of them. They entered the village andstarted rampaging. The villagers tried to escape.The zombies were approaching in large hordes. They caught hold ofvillagers and killed them.You, on the other hand were lucky to escape. You rush to the gunshop in the center of the town without anybody noticing you. Youbreak the back window pane and enter inside. There were lots ofammunition to choose from. But there isn't that kind of time tomake choices. You are aware of the size of the zombie horde. Youpick as many arms and ammunition as you can carry. You put theminto the trunk of your jeep and ride through the zombies. You hitthem. Some fall , some hang on to your jeep. You somehow manage toget rid of them and drive to the hill.By morning the zombies have killed all the villagers and are inyour search. It would take them just an hour to reach you. You haveto use the weapons now. You open the box and find these guns:1) Rifle: Especially useful in killing zombies in the early stagewhen they are far away. Its scope is great and can give a good aimover a mile. Adjust for the gravity.2) Revolver: As the game progresses, you will find that too manyzombies are collected and they are closing in . In such cases ,revolver is best since you do not have to waste time reloading it.There wont even be time. The zombies can grab your brain at anyinstant. Just point and shoot.3) Flame thrower: The zombies look horrible and may make younervous when they are close. How can you aim when you are nervous.Just use the flame thrower. No need to aim. Just shoot the flame atgroup of zombies.4) Machine Gun: Some zombies with fine legs can run and they willcome running for you. It will be difficult to aim. Just use themachine gun. Open fire and do not stop. Limited ammo. So usewisely.5) Plasma gun: Good for killing zombies who are hiding behindmetallic objects. They though the bullets cant reach them. Theplasma shock wave will.6) Rocket Launcher: Best weapon. Shoot zombie cars and zombieparachutes with this. Use them to break solid walls. The rocketsnever disappoint.7) Grenade: Use it just for fun.The first gun is a default rifle. After every 20 kills a new gununlocks. Shoot as fast as you can. Have fun watching the bullettravel in slow motion over the plains and seek the zombie and ripit into pieces. The camera is designed to give a movie like feel tothe entire game. In fact, the entire point of the game is thespectacle of the camera. The rockets are great to watch. The rocketlauncher unlocks after 100 kills.Have fun and Save Yourself.Use scope button at left top to zoom in the scene. use right thumbto move and adjust aim. Use left thumb button to shoot.Note: Video ads and and interstitial ads appear in between.
Bubble Wizard!! Zulu Zulu 1.0.1 APK
Aztec Inc.
Shoot 3 bubbles together to crash them***** Great game reviews***** Eight types of bubbles .***** Empty the board before time ends.***** Cool Background.shoot a same colored bubble at a place where there are already2or more bubble together. When 3 or more bubbles come togetheritcrashes. You can even bounce a bubble off the wall. You willneedto calculate how it will rebound and where will it hit.
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You are Raaka. Escaped from the circus you arecaged in. Lets run to the our homeland-the wondrous jungle ofAfrica. "Running through the muddy ditches and thorns dodgingenemies, lets befriend an elephant and take a ride. Hopping fromthe elephant's back lets catch an eagle and fly about. The manageris no stupid, he sent agent to catch us. But we are smart lets slapthem just to humiliate, super-roar to deafen them. Lets jump theditches so we shall not fall and catch the rope we ridetall."Raaka! Run to the Jungle is an exciting free run and jump game. Youwill feel like as if you are on a jungle safari running at greatspeeds. It is a free HD game.The hero is a lion cub captured from African jungle. The kid yearnsto see his homeland again. In the circus, he feels as if he iscaptured in the prison of a castle. One night seeing everybodyasleep he escapes from the circus with some toys. By morning themanager realizes and sends the agent to catch him. The agent dashthrough the city towards the jungle. The agent hires caveman, asafari hunter, a tribal and a joker on the way. By now Raaka hascovered the old city and entered the jungle. He has to really dashthrough his way now. He fails to see the river in front of him buthe can swim and turns up on the other side. Now the agent appears.Next appears the safari hunter. Next the caveman. At one stage,they all rush towards him and it really turns into a stampede. Hehas to use his powers to overcome them.The powerups in this game are-Super ClawsSuper JawMighty Roar – When he gets this powerup , he gets angry and roarsmightily at the enemies. Hearing the roar, the enemies chicken outand start running away.Bad BreathRope Trick – Jump and catch the rope. When any enemy appears, jumpon his head. Again jump and catch the rope.Stick – Run with the circus stick, jump and attack theenemies.Invisibility craftTurn into a huge lion – From baby lion, he becomes huge and createsa stampede like atmosphere. Drive fear to the enemy.There are 4 different scenarios in this game:1.Circus2. Jungle3. Market4. VillageIn the upcoming version there will be a bonus scenario called railrush wherein Raaka can sit on buggy and collect 5 times moregold.In-app purchases in this game are:A sack full of goldA chariot full of goldA ship full of goldA plenty temple vault full of goldCollectibles in this game are:GoldRubyDiamondArtifacts.You can buy more gold from the Plenty vault of the temple.The enemies are a caveman, a safari hunter, a tribal and a jokerand an agent of the circus. They are equipped with guns, shot guns,javelins and net. Run and jump on their heads to hit them.To replenish his life he can hunt deer, hunt goat or hunt a bunny(4 animals)Coming up in next version (Great powerups to unleash hell)Calling up the RainCalling up the thunderFlying with the eagle – fly instead of running.Elephant – hitch-hikes an elephant to dash through the jungleJetpack Ride – hires a rocket to dash through the jungle.Bike- circus bike to dash through the jungle
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