1.00 / February 10, 2015
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  Do you still remember the game we playedinchildhood? Small blue pipe dipped in soapy water, your littlemouthget close to it and blow gently. Wow! You are surrounded witha lotof lovely small bubbles which come from the pipe. In thesunlight,they look so cute, sparkling and crystal clear.
  This game was inspired by the bubble blowing game that weplayedin our childhood. Your goal is to try your best to blowtheselittle bubbles up, and direct them fall into the transparentglassbottle of various shapes. The game has five scenes: SeaWorld,Magic Forest, Ice World, Sweets House and HappyChristmas.

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    February 10, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    WuHan DoBest Technology Co., Ltd.
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    100 - 500
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中國象棋-天天殘局技巧 2.30 APK
中國象棋與五子棋、圍棋一樣都是中國廣泛流傳的棋類遊戲。它是由兩人輪流走子,以“將死”或“困斃”對方將(帥) 爲勝的一種棋類運動。産品特色:1、采用單機模式。在親戚家串門或者上廁所的時候想找人戰個痛又沒有網絡上不了QQ怎麽辦,沒關系我們的遊戲無須聯網,只要輕輕一點就能讓享受征戰沙場,斬將奪帥的快感。媽媽再也不用擔心我上廁所無聊了。2、難易度自由調節。在QQ、聯衆象棋上被巨巨虐了怎麽辦,沒事,在我們這把難度調到最低,把電腦虐個爽出口氣,再慢慢加難度鍛煉自己的棋力,回去找巨巨報仇!3、優化智能,開局多變。假如你厭倦了電腦一成不變的開局方式,那就來我們這吧,我們的遊戲采用最先進的智能算法,開局靈活多變,會用各種姿勢跟你大戰三百回合。4、增加殘局挑戰模式。這裏有最全的殺法大全、象棋名譜,等你來解,讓大家看看你特殊的破局技巧。5、雙人博弈模式。雙人博弈模式可以讓你和你的小夥伴同台競技,看看誰獲得勝利。Chinese chess andbackgammon, Go widespread as all Chinese board game. It is to takethe child in turn by two, with "the dead" or "trapped to death,"the other will (handsome) as a chess movement wins.Feature of product:1, using the stand-alone mode. Relatives on the toilet whenstopping or looking for someone to fight pain and no one on thenetwork can not QQ how to do, it does not matter that we do notneed networking game, with just a little can make to enjoy theswords, cut the Fatal pleasure. My mother no longer have to worryabout my toilet boring.2, free to adjust the degree of difficulty. On the QQ, Lianzhong isa giant chess giant child how to do, all right, we put this to theminimum of difficulty, the computer child a cool air outlet, andthen slowly add difficulty to exercise their chess, go back andfind the giant Giant revenge!3, optimization of smart, start changing. If you're tired of theway computers start immutable, it is to our right, our game usesthe most advanced intelligent algorithms, flexible start, will usea variety of positions with you battle three hundred rounds.4, increase the endgame challenge mode. Here are the most completekill method Daquan, chess names spectrum, waiting for you to solve,let us look at your particular breaking skills.5, double game modes. Double Game mode lets you and your littlefriends competing against, to see who wins.
Gem O Fit 1.32 APK
  All new game in 3-match based logic game.Unlike Popstar and Candycrush, this new game is a reincarnation ofclassic Gems, it is more than classic gem elimination game, when 2or 3 gems with the same color merged, they compound to a differenthigher-level gem. You will find this game is more creative andchallenging than Happyelements!  Come dowload this game, challenge your limites and find outhow many gems and players you can collect and defeat, see if youcan wirte your name on the ranking list, only the championsdeserves the 13th gem!You can share this game to your friends onwechat, weibo and tencent after the game is complete.Game Instruction:●Tap one blank space on the board, gems from the above, below, leftor right will move to the place you tap and merge into ahigher-level grade gem, unless there are other grade gems block onthe way.●2 same level gems merge into a one-stage higher level gem, 3 samelevel gems merge into a two-stage higher level gem. 4 same levelgems merge into a three-stage higher level gem.●Gem has 13 levels in total, the higher level the moredazzling.●When all the space is filled with gems, the game is over.
2048 APK
  A brand-new vesion of the most addictive and hot game 2048,acollection of tradition and fashion! All you have to do is jointhenumbers and get to the 2048 tiles.  Compared to the old version of 2048, it has more play mode,new4*4+, 5*5 and Tetris modes were added to this game.How to play:  Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When twotileswith the same number touch, they merge into one. Get to the2048tile, and you win!Modes:4*4: Swipe to move all tiles, get to the 2048 tile and you winthegame.5*5: It is much easier than the 4*4 mode, it has more tiles, itismore suitable for newbies.4*4+: An updated version of 4*4 mode, new 0 block added, and a0block can only be added with 0, two 0 blocks merge into one0block. It is much harder than the 4*4 mode and it could besuitablefor the veteran gamer.Tetris: A perfect combination of Teris and 2048! It has morefun,much easier and you can reach a higher score!
Pandora Magic Block Mania 2.50 APK
Magic Block Mania is a classic yet innovativegame! Combined with a variety of all kinds of instructions of theblock games. This game is a total of 6 different style. Includingthe various types such as 1010 and tetris.-Drag modeDrag mode is a classic yet innovative game ,Similar to 1010 game.But the picture is more beautiful than 1010,As long as you tap sideways or vertically and connected into a linecan be eliminated and got scores.-Tetris modeTetris mode is a traditional tetris game.-Block Drop modeClick on the button to change the color of the whereabouts ofsquare,Three fold together after the elimination of the same colorof the square. Elimination of four or more will receive a higherscore, When the total number of lines is 26 rows game over.-Eliminate modeClick on the squares of two or more same color to eliminate, Whenthere is no square and can eliminate the current score fishingtarget score can customs clearance, Customs clearance in front ofthe block number is less than 10 bonus can be obtained.-Hexagon Eliminate modeHexagon Eliminate mode is a very fun puzzle game with full ofchallenging!Drag the hexagon into the scene, as long as all the small hexagonscombining just full of a straight line, you can eliminate!How to play:1. Drag the hexagon to make a line.2. No time limits.3. Create combos to earn high score.-Roadblock Eliminate modeWhen four same color square connect a line can be removed,Eliminate all obstacles and then you can pass a barrier, Everyhurdle will reward some squares. Use up all the square or squarespile to the top end of the gameGame FeaturesConvenient user interface and easy operation.Game interface is very friendly and simple to use for all users ofall ages.Easy to play brain puzzle game that improves you block puzzleskills.From now, let`s enjoy a world of the amazing sensational puzzlemechanics for all ages.No rush. Simple, mind challenging classic Blocks Puzzle game!You can play with your family for education or with your friends inweekend pub puzzle battles. Even compare your achievements withgamers from all the world friends!Download our classic blocks game and beware it's can cause a mania,have fun and enjoy yourself!
PopPet 3.03 APK
  PopPet is an interesting game with lovelyUI, Relaxing music and Effects.It's a lot of fun and exciting toplay.Once you pop, you can’t stop!How to Play:  It has simple operation,Just tap two or more blocks of the sameanimal.There is no time limit, but each stage has target points toproceed to next stage,higher stage needs higher points.Let us go tochallenge it!There are some surprise waiting for you!Tips on Scoring:- Remember just two rules below:Clean Animals is an interesting game with lovely UI, Relaxing musicand Effects.It's a lot of fun and exciting to play. Once you startplay, you can’t stop!How to Play:  It has simple operation,Just tap two or more blocks of the sameanimal.There is no time limit, but each stage has target points toproceed to next stage,higher stage needs higher points.Let us go tochallenge it!There are some surprise waiting for you!Tips on Scoring:- Remember just two rules below:1. The more animals you clean, the more score you will get.2. Try to clear all animals, you will get a lot of bonus.  Clean Animals is the BEST-looking FREE Puzzle game.  Popanimal is the BEST-looking FREE Puzzle game!Items added:1.Lucky: Increase 5 numbers of the max pet before you start thegame.2.Change pet: Change the kind of selected pets.3.Reset: Reset the current remaining pets.4.Hammer: Derectly pop one pet and get score.5.Undo: Go back to the previous step.
The way up 1.20 APK
  Are you still playing Mine Rush? You are outof date!Do you feel life is boring and you want to have some fun?All new game-The way up is going to bring some colors to your dulllife, the endless floors, feel free to climb your way up. You are acleaner in the game, you have to climb your way up to the top andwin the game. So stop looking around, come download this game andtry hard, move faster, use your brain, and chanllenge yourlimites!  Intersting characters,Scenes and effects, unique modes, see howfaster can you move under the dynamic music, once you start, youcan't stop, this game is a collection of the creation ofdevelopers.  What are you waiting for? Come to join me in this mysteriousjourney and climb the way up to the top of this variant building!You will be an expert!You can share this game to your Wechat friends, and share yourhappiness with them!
2048 Block Elimination 3.20 APK
All-new version of 2048! In the "Tetris 2048", you can find the pleasure of classic Tetris and the most populargame 2048. This game is extremely simple and fun, it is a great wayto spend time.How to play:Slide down to drop faster, slide left or right to move left orright. A block falls through the digital interface on the slidingblock gesture, when the same number of two blocks stack together,they merge into one, thereby increasing the game score and toremove the blocks, when the blocks piled to the area and reach thetop, the game is over.A different version of 2048 ! Once you start playing, you wouldnever want to stop! Even the developers are now crazily fall inlove with it!This game is a perfect combination of Tetris and 2048! It has morefun, much easier than 2048 and you can boost your score! If you area massive fan of Tetris or 2048, download this game and play hard,I'm sure it can help you to increase your intelligence and you willexperience something unique and addictively fun!
lineup 1.00 APK
Still playing, "2048" and "Just Get 10"?Thenyou're NOT fashion!A brand new number puzzle game is just coming out. It's easytoplay. Also it's very addictive and brings more fun to you.Youbrain will be trained.No one can get "16" for now, you will be the first ONE.Justdownload and try it out.(^ o ^ wow) ~~ (^ 0 ^) Ha ~~ (^ ○ ^) Ha ~~======================================================================How to play:Connect number tile in order, you will get a new number:●Line: 1->2, get 3●Line: 2->3->4, get 5●...Come and challenge 16 now! ((. (^_^).))