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Have tons of fun with cute Bubble Live Wallpaper on your SamsungGalaxy mobile phone display and feel bubbly every day! Now you cancustomize bubble image from your gallery, choose your lucky colortheme and poke your friends to improve affection The Bubble LiveWallpaper Theme gives you the smoothest interactive effects onmobile screens. The biggest feature is the unique particle effectand finger gestures on each live wallpaper, and each theme packedwith HD wallpapers. Bubble Live Wallpaper, simulates bubblefloating on your screen, great for all seasons. Bubble HD is acolored live wallpaper with moving bubbles. With Colorful Bubbleyou can do almost everything, you can setbubbles,sound,direction,change background etc. Also you can playsound as many bubbles you can with a simple touch.  What youcan customize: ✿ Bubbles Color ✿ Background Color ✿ Extra Color ✿Background Gradient ✿ Bubbles Count ✿ Max/Min Count ✿ Shadows ✿Bubbles Thick ✿ Waving Speed ✿ Moving Speed ✿ Bubbles Life Length ✿Animations and more. Bubbles Live Wallpaper Main features: ✿ Thisbrilliant mobile application will be perfect for your newsmartphone! ✿ Cool 3D parallax effect! ✿ Decorate your screen withone of many colorful desktop backgrounds! ✿ These high definitionwallpapers will leave you breathless! ✿ You can choose from lots ofdifferent background wallpapers. ✿ HD graphics and open GL. BubblesLive Wallpaper known as Bubble pop wallpaper, Bubbling wallpapers,live wallpaper bubbles, pop bubbles wallpaper ect. Download thisApps Free Bubbles Live Wallpaper android app & enjoy it!

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Human Resource Management Tutorial Human Resource Management is anoperation in companies, designed to maximize employee performancein order to meet the employer's strategic goals and objectives. TheLearn Human Resource Management will be useful for students frommanagement streams who aspire to learn the basics of Human ResourceManagement. Professionals, especially HR managers, regardless ofwhich sector or industry they belong to, can use the Learn HumanResource Management to learn how to apply the methods of HumanResource Management in their respective project environments.Features of Human Resource Management Tutorial: ✿ Importance of HRM✿ The Scope of HRM ✿ Features of HRM ✿ Integrating HR Strategy withBusiness Strategy ✿ HRM - Planning ✿ Job Analysis ✿ Job Design ✿Job Evaluation ✿ HRM - Talent Management ✿ Functions of TalentManagement ✿ Advantages of Effective Talent Management ✿ HRM -Training and Development ✿ Career Development ✿ The Need for CareerDevelopment ✿ Career Development-Objectives ✿ HRM & CareerDevelopment Responsibilities ✿ Career Development Process ✿ CareerPlanning System ✿ HRM - Performance Management ✿ EffectivePerformance Management and Appraisal ✿ HRM - Employee Engagement ✿Rules of Employee Engagement ✿ HRM - Employee Performance ✿Employee Performance Reviews ✿ Coaching ✿ Working on Low Morale ✿HRM - Compensation Management ✿ Objectives of Compensation Policy ✿Importance of Compensation Management ✿ Types of Compensations ✿Components of Compensation ✿ HRM - Rewards and Recognition ✿ Typesof Rewards ✿ Flexible Pay ✿ Organizational Culture and HR Practices✿ Management Styles ✿ HRM - Workplace Diversity ✿ Issues inManaging Diversity ✿ Gender Sensitization ✿ HRM - IndustrialRelations ✿ Labour Laws ✿ HRM - Dispute Resolution ✿ DisputeResolution Procedures ✿ HRM - Ethical Issues ✿ Major Issues inEthical Management ✿ HRM - Audit and Evaluation ✿ HRM -International ✿ IHRM vs. HRM ✿ HRM - eHRM ✿ HRM - Small Scale Units✿ HR Challenges - How to cope with them efficiently? ✿ HumanResource Audit - Meaning, Phases and its Advantages ✿ Terminationand Outplacement ✿ Strategic human resource management ✿ Rationaleof strategic human resource management ✿ Integrating businessstrategy with human resource strategy ✿ Strategic human resourcemanagement model ✿ SHRM in the third world countries ✿ Somespecific human resource management cases from Africa ✿ Humanresource policies ✿ Formulating human resource policies ✿ Specifichuman resource policies ✿ Reward policy ✿ Equal employmentopportunity and affirmative action ✿ Employee resourcing ✿ Levelsof human resource planning ✿ Recruitment and selection ✿Interviewing ✿ Performance management ✿ Public sector performancemeasurement ✿ Reward systems management ✿ Human resourcedevelopment ✿ Training needs analysis (TNA) ✿ Systematic trainingmodel ✿ Employee relations ✿ A unifying psychological theory ofemployee-employer relations ✿ Talent and competency based humanresource management ✿ Competence framework ✿ Competence based humanresource management (CBHRM) ✿ The limitations of traditional PMS ✿International human resource management ✿ International diversityand IHRM ✿ Sources of human resources in an internationalorganization ✿ Recruitment and performance appraisal in the publicsector ✿ Recruitment and retention of human resource for healthDownload Human Resource Management Tutorial App for FREE now! ThankYou for your support
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G & M Code Reference Manual One by one to learning G & MCode Reference Manual. CNC milling tools - Machine Tools Referencealso Included for your basic understanding about CNC Lathe Machineand milling tools. Features of G & M Code Reference Manual: ✿G-Code Introduction ✿ G-Code Glossary ✿ G-Code Format ✿ G-Code List✿ G-Code Descriptions and Examples ✿ G-code Canned cycles ✿ G-codeDrilling Tapping ✿ G-code Boring ✿ Cutter Compensation ✿ Verysimple user interface ✿ Quick and easy navigation ✿ Share for yourfriend ✿ Free apps Features of CNC milling tools - Machine ToolsManual: ✿ Wood and Board Material - Solid carbide cylindricalspiral cutter positive - Solid carbide cylindrical spiral cutterwith full radius - Solid carbide conical cutter with ballnose ✿Plastic - Solid carbide polished spiral cutter positive - Solidcarbide cylindrical spiral cutter for PMMA - Solid carbide polishedspiral cutter negative ✿ Composite - Solide carbide cylindricalshank cutter for composite plastics ✿ Aluminium - Solide carbidespiral cutter positive Note: *Need Internet connection to view CNCmilling tools and machine guide. Download G & M Code ReferenceManual Apps for FREE now! Thank You for your support
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Supply Chain Management Supply Chain management can be defined asthe management of flow of products and services, which begins fromthe origin of products and ends with the product’s consumption atthe end-user. This is a brief introductory Learn Supply ChainManagement that explains the methodologies applied in the rapidlygrowing area of Supply Chain Management in an organization. ThisSupply Chain Management tutorial app contain lot of this thingswhich will increase your learning experience. If you are anaspiring project manager or project leader, then definitely thisApp is for you which will take you through almost all the importantmanagement concepts one by one using a simply easy learningapproach.Logistics & Supply Chain is Europe’s strategiclogistics and supply chain management resource. Features of SupplyChain Management. ✿ Responsive and easy to navigate. ✿ Easy accessto the key issues in Supply Chain Management. ✿ Share your favoriteaccounting material with your friends and family. ✿ Changebackground color. ✿ Search Functionality helps you search termseasily. ✿ Learn with easy examples. ✿ Bookmark as favoritesChapters to access words later. ✿ Supply Chain Management -Introduction. ✿ Advantages ✿ Goals ✿ Process ✿ Process Flow ✿ FlowComponents ✿ Decision Phases ✿ Performance Measures ✿ StrategicSourcing ✿ Make Vs Buy ✿ Networks ✿ Inventory Management ✿ Pricing& Revenue ✿ Integration ✿ Differences in Push and Pull System ✿Push & Pull System ✿ Demand-Driven Strategies ✿ Role of IT ✿Agile and Reverse ✿ Meaning, Scope and Documentation Download LearnSupply Chain Management App for FREE now! Thank You for yoursupport