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Bubbu wants to become a real royal cat. He has already got hiscrown and has settled into his throne but now he needs your help tocollect jewels for his treasure. Join him and have fun playing thispopular merge 3 puzzle game! How to play? Drag and drop gems to thegrid. Rotate blocks of gems before placing them to combine at least3 gems with the same number in a row or a column. You will getmerged gems with higher numbers. Merge gems up to number 7 and seewhat happens. Be careful not to fill the grid! Match, merge andblast gems to earn a lot of coins. You can use coins to buydifferent powerups, to feed Bubbu or buy him some awesome newclothes and accessories. You can also surprise Bubbu with one ofthe gorgeous new backgrounds. Use your logic and strategy skillsand become a match and merge master. Combine and merge 3, 4, 5...or up to 9 gems with the same number, all at once, to earn extracoins and boost your high score. Invite your friends and family tocompete for the best score or simply use leaderboard to compareyour score with worldwide players. Challenge yourself with the manyquests the game offers and enjoy playing it any time. Features: -Fun and addictive merge 3 game. - Easy to play but hard to master.- Relaxing block puzzle game. - Endless gameplay with many quests.- Daily bonuses. - Beautiful graphics. - Play offline anytime. -Leaderboard supported. This game is free to play but certainin-game items and features, also some of those mentioned in gamedescription, may require payment via in-app purchases which costreal money. Please check your device settings for more detailedoptions regarding in-app purchases. The game contains advertisingfor Bubadu’s products or some third parties which will redirectusers to our or third-party site or app. Privacy policy:https://bubadu.com/privacy-policy.shtml Terms of service:https://bubadu.com/tos.shtml

App Information Bubbu Jewels - Merge Puzzle

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    Bubbu Jewels - Merge Puzzle
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    September 20, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Bubadu GmbH Gabelsbergerstrasse 5 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Austria
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Are you ready for the fastest fingers competition? Let theadventure begin!
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Doodle Coloring Book is an exciting coloring and doodling game. Itcomes packaged with various coloring themes that will spark yourimagination and engage you to doodle for hours. To employ yourcreativity, Doodle Coloring Book comes with a perfect set offamiliar tools such as colored pencils, brushes, marker pens andeven a magic bucket. In addition, creations can be decorated with acollection of beautiful and fun stickers. We created beautiful HDcoloring themes for boys and girls. Doodle Coloring Book coloringbooks are a perfect canvas to bring out the artist hidden in you.Intuitive touch screen interface requires no learning – you canbegin drawing, doodling, painting or coloring instantly! Thanks tosimple design nothing will stay in the way of your creativity. Nomatter what your skill level is – the magic bucket can always savethe day. Every brilliant creation can be stored to a photo gallery.Features: ★ Doodling with tips of your fingers ★ Familiar coloringtools (markers, colored pencils, brushes) ★ Various coloring themes★ Beautiful HD illustrations ★ A set of fun stickers ★ Intuitiveinterface
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