1.0 / March 28, 2016
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Buffering!!Avoidance game where your Character only goes Right.Tapto move left, or hold to move left further.Avoid everything, workyour way through a maze of obstacles, and see how far you cango.Collect star coins to earn points.Use star coins to unlock newloading characters.Challenge your friends, family and the world totop the leaderboard.

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Hard Timing 2.0 APK
Hard Timing.Challenge your timing, reflexes and skills.Tap right ofscreen to move the mouse right, Tap left of screen to move left,and avoid the white shapes. Black balls don't hurt you, they get inthe way.Black platforms help you to reach other platformsTiming andpatience is everything.Challenge your friends and the world on theleaderboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BMX Wheelie King 2 1.0 APK
BMX Wheelie King 2Every body loves doing wheelies on their bikes.Competing with their friends to see who can go the furthest.Wellnow you can, on your mobile.One tap game play.Tap/Hold the screento do a wheelie and release to lower.Don't let your front wheeltouch the ground!!!!Control your bike while holding and releasingand holding to keep balance.Jump over cars, and keep your balanceon landing.Compete with your friends and the world on GameCentre,See if you can top the leaderboard to become the WheelieKingHow far can you Wheelie?Features--One tap game play-addictiveand challenging Game play-leaderboard.-Share your scores, and bragto your friends
Eye Balling 1.0 APK
Simple one tap game.Control the eye ball with one tap to change itsdirection, through levels of challenging obstacles.Collects theblue pupils to earn points.Lets see how far you can go, challengeyour friends and the world on the leader board.
BMX-Wheelie King 1.1 APK
Every body loves doing wheelies on their bmx bikes. Competing withtheir friends to see who can go the furthest.Well now you can, onyour mobile.One tap game play.Tap/Hold the screen to do a wheelieand release to lower.Don't let your front wheel touch theground!!!!Control your bike while holding and releasing and holdingto keep balance.Watch out for those tricky speed humps.Compete withyour friends and the world on the leaderboard See if you can topthe leaderboard to become the Wheelie KingHow far can youWheelie?Features--One tap game play-addictive and challenging Gameplay-Google Play leaderboard.-Share your scores, and brag to yourfriends
Orange Clock Works 1.1 APK
Orange Clock Works is a arcade style platform game Just like theinner working of a clock, Orange Clock Works take precision,patience, and some skills.Start from the beginning and Work yourway through the inners of Orange Clock Works to completeLevels.There's some check points along the way, so you can continueyour game play.One mistake and your score is back to Zero. Butdon't worry, we have got some bonus points, to help you out.If yoursuccessful at completing all levels, that would be awesome.But didyou top the leader board. You can restart from the beginning toimprove on your high score, and beat your friends or the world.Inthe meantime we will be creating more levels, and fixing any issuesthat arise.So feel free to give us review, and let us know what youthink.
flippy stickman run 1.0 APK
stickman games.Run, jump and flip stickman avoiding obstacles inthis endless runner.White is the only safe colour for stickman,except for gems.Hit the colours and boom its game over for flippystickman.Get the paper plane to fly through levels.Tap to jump anddouble tap to jump stickman higher and further.Collect pink Gems toearn points.Look out for random Blue Gems for larger points.Competeon the leader board.challenge your friends.Time to tap tap.
soccer ball curling 1.2 APK
Control the curling soccer ball, with a tap, Tap and hold to moveright to avoid the referees, yellow and red cards, hit them andit's game over, collect the world cups and score goals as you gofor points.Top the leader board and challenge your friends and theworld.
stickman marathon 1.0 APK
Stickman games.Stickman Marathon.How far can you run.Endless runnergame, jump stickman over hurdles water hazards and other obstacles,collect coins, and unlock new stickman runners.Compete with friendsand the world on the leaderboard