1.3 / October 6, 2016
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Who likes roaches and all the other bugsoutthere?! Programmers do not like bugs even more:) Now, you cankilland smash them on your android device. The goal of the game istokill as many bugs as you can and to have the maximumaverageperformance. It is really fun and entertaining. Try it!

Are you ready to smash some bugs or beetles?
Smash many kinds of bugs with realistic sounds.
Spiders, Butterflies, Termites, Dragon flies, Cockroaches,Ladybugs, many kinds...
Your only job is to tap and smash them as fast as possible.

Kill all sort of insects with your finger in this SuperAddictiveapp!
Don't let them get into your food!. Smash them with your fingerandwatch out for the bees!

Take on the bugs in this wild adventure, squash them intotheground and show them who is the Boss!

Amazing bug smasher, Smash insects like ant, cockroach,spider,ladybird etc with your finger. Its a great game for allagedpeople, specially for young kids.

Come crush these cockroaches.
If you like to smash things and nasty things, this is the gameyouwaiting!
Crush the largest possible number of bug cockroaches beforetheyescape and make the highest score.

Smash Them All can keep you entertained during long journeys andonrainy days - whether you are bored outta’ your mind or simplywantto release some anger – bug smash squish squash is the perfectgamefor you!

Get your First Blood, Double Kill, Penta Kill in a game thatwillkeep you on the edge of your seat, smashing each menacing bugthatcatches your eye!

This addictive game features ants, spiders, scorpions,bees,ladybirds and beetles and you can literally Smash Them All.Tapeach critter as fast as you can and make them suffer.

Fun for all ages! The most satisfying way to smash bugs withoutagross mess!
The object is to tap the screen and smash all the ugly bugs andantsand avoid smashing bees.

Smash Them All will never leave you bored for a singlemoment!So, what are you waiting for? Smash bugs, improve yourreflexes andtake control! How fast can you Smash Them All?

Smash the bugs and kill the pests in this addictivebug-smashinggame!

Smash those bugs with your finger in this awesome game! smashtheants, smash the bugs but don't touch the red ant it'sverydangerous!
You have five lives to smash the more bugs you can and aftersignyour personal record in the Game Center leaderboardor share itonTweeter.
The graphics is really nice and the animations are very cool,thegameplay is amazing. There's a Kids mode for your child, theywilllove it.
So get it now it's free and smash all bugs!

You can squish the bugs!
You can squash the bugs!
You can squoosh the bugs!
It really does not matter how you smash the bugs just make suretheydon’t take your food!
Here is how you smash the bugs
To stop the ants you have to tap the ant to squish the ant
To stop the beetles you need to push and hold the beetle tosquashthe beetle
To stop the flies you have to be quick and tap the fly tosquooshthe fly
That is all there is to it!

*** Featuring ants, spiders, scorpions, bees, ladybirdsandbeetles!
*** Play endlessly and see how long you can play for!
*** Earn points for each bug you smash and beat yourhighscore!
*** Kill bugs with a tap!

Download Pocket pest bug smash squish squash insect smasher-Smash ant bug & cockroach for free Now !

App Information Bug Smash Squish Squash

  • App Name
    Bug Smash Squish Squash
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 6, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Tamaris Labs
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
  • Google Play Link

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If you have been having trouble settingyourfavorite picture as a wallpaper just the way you wanted,you’vefound the right app!Want Bike wallpaper to spicy up your phone want to pimp upyourphone with the best Motorcycle images, well your searchisover.Do you love motor bikes? Here are cool wallpapers, picturesandimages of all-round motorbikes. And the amazing functionaliteswiththe best superbike wallpaper.The Best collection of funds of motorcycles for your PhoneandTablet. Free!The top bobber motorcyle is specially for bikelovers.Thisapplication gives cool mimoto motorcycles wallpapers HDWallpaperof different Bike Stunts.Bikes & motorcycles HD backgrounds is a collection ofamazingkinds of monster energy supercross from around the worldthat bringsmotocross(supercross) and motors right to your Phoneand Tablet.Browsing images with many brands of motorcycles like :The amazingR1 and R6 of Yamaha, The nervous CBR RR600-1000 ,Thesuper KawasakiNinja Z1000 Z750, the monster Suzuki with all modelsK7 K8 K9 K10,The luxe Ducati, the classic Harley davidson, theVespa ofPiaggio,also the magnificent BMW and finaly the italianAprilia allthose you can save them to your phone and set them asyou screen orlockscreen wall.High quality and beautiful Bikes wallpapers &backgrounds.Perfect for all people who love Bikes.In this application you can save and use these beautiful andcoolBikes wallpapers as background. Enjoy these beautifulBikeswallpapers and give your Phone a new look.The Bike wallpapers include many kinds of motors, likeducati,BMW, Honda, kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and many other kindsofBikes. Choose your favorite Bike wallpapers right now.Free amazing Beautiful Bike Wallpaper HD Free! This app isasuper collection of Bike photos in HD quality.Every photo is perfect and awesome!This application is the best choice, if you like Beautiful!********************Feature****************=> Stunning HD wallpapers=> Easy to download and view.=> Suitable for text and email=> Use any image as Wallpaper for your Phone!=> Super fast loading!=> Beautiful full Screen slideshows!=> Swipe left or right to switch between images.=> Choose your favorite and save it!Just install this perfect "Bike Wallpaper HD Free" app onyourPhone or Tablet. And enjoy!I hope you like my app, and I want to keep it free for you.
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What could be better than your little kittycurling up in your lap while you relax? Or hearing their sweet purrwhen you pet them? There are many reasons why cats are sowell-loved as domesticated pets! Cats vary in temperament andpersonality just like humans. While some cats are highlyindependent and picky about who they interact with, many cats aresweet, playful companions. These intelligent animals love to playwith toys and sometimes even other pets, and typically develop aclose bond with their human companions, even becoming sensitive tohuman emotions. Cats are usually curious animals and love toexplore!Yes, this wallpaper App has Cute, cuddly Cats & Kittenimages that will make you go GA GA Meow Mmmeeeooow!Cute cat Photos! I Can Haz Cats Wallpapers FREE?Meow Meowwww !!Awesome Cats backgrounds! Cute cats improve your mood?Have a break and view a few kitty photos!Start your day with a Cute Kitty photos! :)This app features stunning photographs of cats; from cute,cuddly kittens to strong, sleek adult cats! The images highlightdifferent breeds of cats which have unique fur colors and patterns,from tabby to tortoise shell to siamese. You'll find close ups ofcats that show their unique and beautiful eyes, whiskers and coat,as well as many gorgeous shots of cats relaxing in nature, perhapslounging in the sunshine or keeping watch from the perfect treebranch perch.- High Quality beautiful cat wallpapers and photos available forphone.- Our collections contain a series of cute, sweet little kittensand cats for instant download into your phone absolutelyFREE!- Plenty of nice high resolution cat wallpapers in this freeapps.- A smiling cats make you laugh, happy and in love with them.- Cat is one of the most popular household pet in the world.Top kinds:- Adorable Kitty Wallpapers- Cute Tabby Kittens- Cute Kittens Playing- Fat KittensYou can check out our cat wallpapers and set them on all yourmobile devices. Our app includes the best cool wallpapers for smartmobile phones. Personalize your homescreen with the beautifulwallpapers and have an unusual ambiance and kitty mood on yourphone.These cat wallpapers will make the perfect background for yourdevice! Be sure to check them out...right meow!
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Why is this vampire wallpapers collection special:- No annoying advertisements- HD gallery-standard artworks to use as wallpaper- One time purchase and enjoy all pictures- No hidden or additional purchase needed- Fun to customize your own screen with the amazingvampirewallpapers"What you see is What you can get". Take a look atthescreenshots, and you can taste what more you will get fromthisApp.This app also select a few Extra-cool artworks forVampireWallpaper for richer and extensive appreciation of arts forourusers.You will love it, because we choose the Best vampireknightwallpapers for you.Such Cool.Do you want to have these Cool wallpapers of Yuuki,Zero,Kaname?Then this app is just what you need!!Sink your teeth into these beautiful high-resolution photosofsparkly and traditional vampires. The backgrounds of yourPhonewill love the luscious female vampires, creepy bats,andblood-soaked fangs. No garlic or crosses required!enjoy it!Let us know if you have any requirements and idea.Please rate for us if you like it:) Thank you.
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Do you love motorbikes? Here arecoolwallpapers, pictures and images of all-round motorbikes. Andtheamazing functionalites in the app such as photo color changerandvisual enhancements adds much more interactivity for you.“Motorbike Wallpapers” is specially for motorbikelovers.Thisapplication gives cool HD motorbikes wallpapers ofdifferentmotorbike Stunts.High quality and beautiful motorbike wallpapers&backgrounds. Perfect for all people who love motorbikes.The motorbike wallpapers include many kinds of Bike, likeducati,BMW, Honda, kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and many other kindsofBikes. Choose your favorite motorbike wallpapers right now.Cool motorbikes HD Wallpapers Application gives PicturesofBeautiful Sports and Racing motorbikes.All kinds of Sports,Racing,Models of motorbikes etc.wallpapersin the palm of your hands.The motorbike wallpapers include many kinds of Bike, likeducati,BMW, Honda, kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and many other kindsofBikes. Choose your favorite motorbike wallpapers right now.In this application you can save and use these beautiful andcoolmotorbike wallpapers as background. Enjoy these beautifulmotorbikeswallpapers and give your Phone a new look.Once you've downloaded the perfect image you can save it toyourwallpaper for everyone to see on your home screen(verypersonalized screen!)The motorbike wallpapers include many kinds of Bike, likeducati,BMW, Honda, kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and many other kindsofBikes. Choose your favorite motorbike wallpapers right now.This application also carefully selected inspirationalquotesabout Beauty and life, to let you understand more of Art andlifewisdom while enjoying these stunning pictures and designs.Besides,you are also able to create your own phone screen byselecting yourfavorite quote and using the pictures asbackground.If you have been having trouble setting your favorite picture asawallpaper just the way you wanted, you’ve found the right app!This application is a super collection of all kinds ofcoolSports motorbike wallpapers in high definition. Every imageisawesome and incredible. You will can not help falling in lovewithit !Motorcycle Wallpaper application is one application for loversofworld motorbike racing, motor good, motor sport, motorcross,motorcycle curios and others.The motorbike wallpapers include many kinds of Bike, likeducati,BMW, Honda, kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and many other kindsofBikes. Choose your favorite motorbike wallpapers right now.
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Now it’s the time for the festive seasonandmakes your mood cheerful for welcoming the best occasionslikeHappy Christmas and Happy New Year 2017. Both are wonderfuleventsthat are celebrated by each and every individual across theworldas the best occasions every year. One is a festival whichisrelated to God and the other is completely related to the lifeofpeople, their happiness, sadness, sorrows, misères and the joyofpeople.The blend of all sorts of emotions will be kept aside onthisspecial occasion and people only seek to stay happy withtheirloving ones on this happy eve. People decorate their houseandworkplace with colourful flowers, lights, candles, andotherappealing stuff. Happy New Year is celebrated by all thepeopleacross the world that fall on 1st January every year. On theotherhand, Christmas is a festival which is celebrated inthereminiscence of Lord Jesus.Happy Christmas 2017 is celebrated by almost all thepeopleacross the globe on 25th December in various countries,churches,workplaces and many other places. On this specialoccasion, peopleoffer their prayers to the Almighty God and stay atchurch all thenight in order to celebrate the occasion or festivalin the bestway. If you are exploring for the best Happy New Year2017 andChristmas HD Images, we are here to help you in the bestway. Hereis a massive collection of images that can be sent andsharedacross your friends and beloved ones across various socialmediaplatforms.On the occasion of Happy Christmas 2017, people commemoratethebirth of Lord Jesus Christ as a religious festival among allthepeople over the world. People decorate their homes withcolourfuland vibrant Christmas tree. The tree will be decoratedwithflowers, lights, candles and much more stuff. Also, peoplecutcakes and prepare delicious dishes for this happy event. It istheperfect time to exchange your best and warm Christmas messagesandimages among your friends and beloved buddies.Christmas is one of the popular events in variouscountriesespecially in the USA and other European countries. Also,peopletake pictures and photos of their beloved ones in ordertocelebrate the festival in the best way. Check out the best andcoolHappy New Year 2017 and Christmas HD Images.After Christmas next comes Happy New Year 2017 in the monthofJanuary bringing new hopes and expectations among all thepeopleacross the world. All the people from different places gatheratone place in order to celebrate this occasion in an incredibleway.So, we have comes up with an awesome collection of best HappyNewYear 2017 Images that can be as your phone wallpaper orsharedacross your friends, family members and beloved ones viaFacebookMessenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Viber, Hike, Lineand muchmore platforms. Have a look!Celebrate the joy and warmth of the season with prettyChristmaswallpapers that will warm your heart and bring a smile toyourface. Let this holiday season be full of magic - sharingmomentswith family and friends, decorating the Christmas tree,makinghomemade ornaments, singing carols, putting cookies out forSanta,and more! We may pray for sunshine all year long, but themomentthe holiday season is here, everyone wishes for a whiteChristmas.There’s simply nothing better than sitting by the firewith lovedones, enjoying a mug of hot chocolate and a candy cane,red andgreen wrapped presents under the tree, snowflakes fallinggentlyoutside…Christmas wallpapers 2017- Amazing wallpaper for your device- Live wallpaper decorating your screen;- Full support for portrait mode.- Amazing HD graphics;- This beautiful, enjoyable background is waiting for you!- Free High quality wallpaperDownload Christmas Wallpapers 2017 now whileit’sFREE .ENJOY !!!!
Weed Wallpapers 1.0 APK
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Have you been looking for the ultimateweedwallpaper application?? If so, wait no longer!! Thesegraphicimages can be set as your home page, lock screen, or both!!Marijuana Wallpapers is a collection of images that willmakeyour more relaxed mind.By this App you can set the picture as wallpaper on your phoneingood quality.Free amazing weed Wallpapers! This app is a super collectionofWeeds photos in HD quality. Use this Cannabis Wallpaper Freeforyour Phone and Tablet to make your phone beauty.Personalize your homescreen and lockscreen with the weedpicturesand make your phone device more interesting. Every photois perfectand awesome!This marijuana Wallpapers application contains a lot ofimagecollection of cannabis Images. If you want to find hashwallpaper,this app is for you. This weed wallpaper for Phone isWeeds app toset as your Phone wallpaper and backgrounds.New luscious marijuana leaves can be decorating your screen,sodon't worry and be happy with our free download. You do not havetosmoke hash to feel the positive effects of the cannabis plant–keep calm get this marijuana wallpapers that can allow you tofazeat the lovely green leaves floating across your phone. Editourpicture and create the best backgrounds for your home screenorlock screen for free.All of image pictures in this weed wallpapers hd applicationarein high definition resolution, so you can feel the image inhighresolution.This wallpaper application is loaded with 30 of the bestlookingbackground/lock screen images around! They are perfect foranyonethat likes flowers, smoke sexy green herb, inhale, grow, buy,hemp,crystalized, crystal, cannabis, munchies, Berkeley, kush,hemp,pipes, Bob Marley, cheech, chong, parties, concerts,toking,crystals, growing, green, plants, krunk, leaves, leafs,bowls,guns, dank, deals, illegal drugs, legal drugs,governmentrestrictions, doctors, dank, doja, 4:20, cops, police, orbeingarrested. It doesn’t matter whether is a prescription drug,it’sgreat to inhale, enjoy yourself, and get baked like a70’shippy!!Let each pot leaf and red, gold and green rasta colors givethisweed wallpaper a superb flare. The rime is right for thecannabisplant or a weed joint on your screen! Admire the wonderfulweedplant and let psychedelic cannabis backgrounds help you chilloutfor free. Pick among hundreds of special backgrounds andbeautifyyour phone or tablet screen with one of the dopest freewallpapers.If you are a fan of rasta reggae music and theRastafarianmovement, and if keep calm and smoke weed is your motto,you havefound the ideal wallpaper.This application is the best choice, if you like Cannabis!

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