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Build the tower is crazy challengingultimateconstruction block game. All age kids, teens and youngstercanenjoy this construction simulator. Face your family and friendsinultimate tower building madness game. Use cement and stoneslabsbalance your blocks to create tallest storey skyscraperbuilding inthis simulation tower madness. Play as architect in thisstressbuster game your object is to create tallest skyscraper inthe townwith beautiful roof top and balcony.

Face your family and friends in this amazing tower madnessbuildergame. Your object is to get at the top position in worldleaderboard. Defend your position in the world ranking leader boardlist.The more perfect balance balcony block you construct thehigher youcan go. The cement slabs will be moving on the lowerfoundation youhave to tap on perfect time to construct an amazingtower gogglelike Burj Khalifa or Eiffel Tower. Keep on makingperfect slabshots and you will possible can make world talleststoreyskyscraper in this arcade game.

Start from ground floor and build highest buildings thenfamousworld buildings like Burj Khalifa or Eiffel and more. It’salltimer game tap with speed and control on time to create aperfectsky high medieval building. This crazy stone builder game isbestfor time pass in toilet, office, airport on any time. Set theslabblocks for the next floor wisely and construct tallest andhighestmodels with fun free tower builder game.

Master your tapping skill and keep a good rhythm while placingnewfloor layers, align and centralized the blocks, scale &measureyour each step and align each slab block perfectly to buildtopmega skyscraper in the city. No more boxing, ninja, runningordefense game, construct your masterpiece in this sweetsimulationand share with your family and friends. This towerconstructiongame is the next level fun contributor for all agegroup kids,youngster, teens, kids and boys in the family. Don’t letitcollapse!!!

You tried many tower defense, alien, army, burger and citybuildingsim games. Try this medieval era construction game withdifferentbackground and image designs.


Bonus extra life chance after you reaches on a level
Challenge to get top position in leader board
Different design of background and building themes ofmegaskyscrapers
Wonderful graphics with high quality sounds and simple taptouchinterface

App Information Build The Tower Madness

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Hostile Situation Alert! A terrorist group has hijacked an aircrafton city airport and demanding heavy ransom to free innocentcivilians. Engage in commando action to eliminate ground threatfrom extremist leader and rescue hostages from Boeing airplane inSWAT Rescue Mission Hostage.Attention SWAT Force! Pilot just sent aMayday from cockpit of Boeing airplane parked on runway. The cityairport is under attack and some syndicate terrorists have hijackedthe international airliner with passengers on board for nextflight. Climb up the stair car and get inside the air plane, takecover and kill armed mercenaries with your sniper gun. Terroristshave modern era war equipment like automatic rifles and ak-47. Takeheadshot kill from safe distance and avoid killing innocenthostages. Become rambo and engage in melee attack with terroristsuntil bomb defusing squad reaches cargo section to endthreats.Enter hostile situation make diversion to save pilot inairliner cockpit, avoid to kill any civilian. When you finishterrorism inside the Boeing airplane, 2nd group arrives atbattlefield with great firepower and start shooting ground staff.They kidnapped passenger bus parked near airport runway beforerefueling from gasoline truck. Lead the SWAT black ops rescuemission to save imprisoned hostile ground staff. You have policeteam professionals training and the ability to win this advancedwar. Help pilot to fly over this airliner. Enjoy intense action andaddictive game play in this 3D sniper shooter game.SWAT RescueMission Hostage Features:★10 challenging combat missions to saveyour team-mates★Weapon selection from assault rifles to sniperguns★Real life airport arena with aircrafts parked in hanger forflight★Realistic animations and bomb blasts to rescue automobile,staff and civilians★Smooth controls for best fps shootingexperienceDownload SWAT Rescue Mission Hostage 3D best first personshooting game for intense action and put end to terrorism and saveground staff.
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It’s Toilet Time!! Play Toilet Games & Pass out your restroomwashing post with time passing and restroom / bathroom short miniclip games full amusing fun. Take apart in the most occurring andcommon activates with restroom timer slug people. Play mostfreaking crazy nuts game with unlimited entertainment in marketstore. Bathroom is very special territory for all its hard to get avacant loo cabin special public place like museum, airport, trainstation and more. Accomplish all small and mini shameless dumpwashroom frustrating smelly shit tasks that have challenging flushpart to get end the lavatory naughty games. Play ultimate smashergame with weird dump cockroach, ants insects. Go to lavatory watchout for a smelly unclog drain to kill the bugs, ants and smash thecockroach’s insects. Now when you feel boring rush towards bathroomto enjoy these stunning mini games. Vacant loo cabin seat isspecial territory when you can make loud cough and annals fart. Thecool hilarious game for toilet furniture slugs a treasure timermulti timer taking potty training mini game. For your lavatory dumptimes plumber game with unclog your potty just in the timer easily.Swing the fingers fast & crazy in rush for high scoring. Wantto kill some time on toilet seat download this crazy and fantasticapp in your Smartphone. Unroll the tissue roll in the loo beforetimer goes off and get over with the smelly washroom timershameless situation with your all senses spidy. Unroll the toiletpaper in swing fast and try to drag the toilet paper completely.Help people to find out the right lavatory place for relief. Guide& rush them to the right bathroom gander wise for gaining slotpoints. Clean & cover up the toilet seat, smash the unclogdrain bugs with stick & blast, ants and insects, wash and tidyup progress. Simple tap and drag game play this is not some toilettraining game for kids or parents. This is the best mini gamesseries with unlimited entertainment you can get in your bathroom.Try this hilarious funfair stress releasing mini-games.Mindless FunGames:Play top mini games object in your device; achieve quickly aspossibleSelect the male or female empty bathroom to earn max scorein Waste the restroom paper with simple fingertips swiping gesturequickly as possible. Need a hand wash? Wash out the messy dirtyhands properly in water sink Dry the hands from all sides with awarm dryer blower object from wet to dry Clear the suspiciousblockage, open and pump up with sucker to clear the unclog andblocked portionSpray and clear the bathroom containments, cockroachand clean out the shower room pot to avoid germsBest time passingmindless fun game
Russian Police Sniper Revenge 1.0.3 APK
Your mission is to eliminate all the rouge mercenaries andcriminals in their hideout in Russian Police Sniper revenge in SanAndreas city.Become elite sniper for police department you aretrained to protect the crime city. Prisoner escaped from prison arehiding and trying to execute their evil plans. Enter war zonessituation across urban city, desert and dark forest. As modernsniper always you need a complete strategy to destroy enemy base.Observe your enemy and make a plan to take your kill shot. Shotright in to head for a headshot kill.How to play:•Tap your phoneand tablet screen to select your favorite rifles• Sniper scope zoomin & out for long range targets• Target high profile gangstersand syndicate membersFeatures:• Amazing free Sniper Game• You’remission is to save civilians and target mercenaries with deadlystrike• Stunning sniper environments• Master sniping skills usingsurrounding environment • Unlock more breathtaking levels withhardcore action• Eliminate terrorists with long range elite sniperrifle • Become sniper assassin for police • Take aim and shoot forperfect killer shot
You played enough monster racing trucks & heavy lorry games.Drive world most power full vehicles, 18 wheeler road trucker inCar Transporter Truck Drive 3D our newest simulator game. Can youmanage to control new gigantic cargo truck that can carry heavyload? Car transporter truck driver 3D is the stunningtransportation simulation game. Get this fun game from Google playstore this winter season. Deliver cars to the garage and dealersdestinations, drive and park your transportation semi trailer in 3Dsimulation game. Carry automobiles behind your hauler vehicle fromone destination to next. Sit behind steering wheel and show yourpro driver moves. Drive expensive automobile, park your trailerwith in time and full fill your hauler lorry duty. Show precisiondriving with mega transporters big rigs with this ultimateautomobile transporter parking game. Test your driving skills withparking huge pick up cargo road trailer within given time. Extremefun driving & parking mania game, accept the challenge todriver this mega vehicle carrier and transport cars from onedestination to the next. Start your driver career with new cartransportation simulation game for 2015. Maneuver heavy dutyfreight lorry with in mega city map locations and avoid anycollision or accident of your gigantic vehicle. Drive the massivepick up truck carrying cargo load on top. That will exceed yourparking challenges to next level.Car Transporter Truck Drive 3Dfeatures includes:• 12+ extreme challenging parking truckermissions with American hauler lorry • 4 Big America trucks fordriving in this 2015 3D automobile simulator game• Superb controlswith amazing hauling tractor real physics animations• Accelerometer& brake pedals with smooth steering navigation controls • HDgraphics with amazing city view with mountain and urban area•Superb background music and sounds to boost your game playexperience
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Zombie apocalypse has erupted everywhere due to a deadly virusoutbreak in city. Conquer the frontier fear of undead zombies andslaughter brainless walkers in Dead Zombie Zone Sniper War game.Spooky skeletons are invading in country area for human blood andmassacre. This plague has infected everyone around and the diseaseis spreading fear in streets. Take out your assault rifle andsniper guns to shoot an army of dead walking zombies. Military andother forces have been failed to destroy this savage army. Gathercourage to stand against brainless horrible creatures and put anend to this madness to shut down their gateway. Play as a lonesurvivor and eliminate these savage forces with advanced warfareweapons. Scavenge these spooks and snipe from a safe distancewithout any horror. Take headshot to blow their brains out beforethey smash your skull with axe and spread infection.This Halloweencarnival become savior for humanity becomes a Grimm to terminateenchanting monster creatures like Dracula, mummies, ghouls andreaper. Forge a team of survivors risen to fight for humansalvation. Destroy the whole zombie empire in z war after countlessbrutal killings, murder and mayhem. Slay the undead and don’t letghoul zombie escape to spread virus. Rescue civilians from hauntedlocations and avoid firing at real humans. Kill all horriblecreatures and dead beast to work for the dawn of a new morningbefore infection goes viral. Terminate the party of ghouls andskeleton in topnotch shooting game.Download Dead Zombie Zone SniperWar game in your android device to kill enchanted monsters lookingfor party in mansion. Take aim and kill undead mummies, reaper andDracula in Halloween carnival game.Features:10 fearful andthrilling rescue ops to revive civilizationAutomatic assault riflesand sniper guns at your disposalMultiple zombies like skeleton,undead ghoul and mummyTop notch controls for smooth fps and thirdperson shootingHigh quality 3D graphics and real life hauntedlocationsDownload Dead Zombie Zone Sniper War game for kick-assaction and first person shooting sensation.
Dragon Attack - City Survival 1.0.5 APK
It’s Dragon Attack shooting game for young age kids, boys andgirls. The city survival is based on your shooting skills andfirepower. Dragons are awake from long sleep and now they arefeeling hungry and angry. The supernatural carnivore dragon’sshadow has seen near the mountain castle of the city. The flyingkomodo reptile is striking the dark forests with his fire breathingacross the Village. Play as trained knights or a Viking fighter andkill all supernatural reptiles that are attacking your city castle.The fire is so dangerous it can melt your steel armor so there isno chance of melee attack. Use your weapons firepower and shootarrow & ammos, cut the wings and attack technically with moreactive stance.Its dawn time this flying komodo reptile clan isflying towards your town. Your village requires heroes with armorand firepower to kill these monsters. This carnivore predator ishungry and roaring loud in air to kill all the people in realm. Askingdom famous knight and archer fight at the wall and kill themyth of fury giant dragon. Save the Kingdom in Castle clash andhunt down, slay down the dragon with your arrow and crossbow andserious weapons. Rise of the dragonfly, which is small anddangerous.The carnivore Dragon's swamp adventure has begun with warsituation of city dragons. Save and slay dragons with your slayerknight’s techniques. Score more to weapons attack and kill thedragons birds form dungeon rampage. You can go near them for meleeattack with sword or other weapons. Use your archer skills and huntthem all with crossbows.Those dino’s aren’t going to stop today!Target the swamp giant dragon wings flaps to hunt down dragonflywith headhunter quest. King of dragon’s slayer is fearless anddangerous Dragon rises to take revenge from destroying theircastle, village & city into pieces from fire breathing dragons.You got ammos, arrows and different weapons to hunt down thisflying predator. Amazing hunter game for young teens, boys andgirls; even 5-12 year kids can enjoy this fun game. Awesome actionpack thrilling game without any violence.Features:Use 3 types ofDragon killing weapon for dragon’s rampage hunting knightsExtraObjectives added for some adventure and challenging partSimple andeasy Game play controls to useAll new Themes added from darknessdragonfly to the mountains with various difficulty levelsAim forshooting mountain hunting dragonAll time favorite new series ofDragon killer and hunting game