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Do you know how high reaches the highest mountain in the world?Probably yes! . Are you able to build a higher tower? . If so, inthe Build Tower 2 is it possible! . Build Tower 2 is one of theremakes of the classic game, in which the building of the tower islimited only to the player.Build Tower 2 has:60 frames per second(if supported)smoother gameplayDo you have any questions? writeemailHave fun :)

App Information Build Tower 2

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    Build Tower 2
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    May 24, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Vicodin Studios
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    Polkowice 59-100 Korczaka 24
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The latest boxes with clothes in PUBG, inviting box, box forsurvivors, hull. The best and simplest PUBG box opener. Randomskins, it will not be so easy, get ready! Functions: Chance to drawthe same as in the official game Very simple interface supportJackpot: he already enjoys bets you can go to, and who knows, maybeyou'll break the bank and win! The PUBG simulator is for you!Contracts: which you know, combine weapons, it's a simple matter,but can you really get the dream item? At PUBG Crates, you can nowjump into deep water. Smoothness, up to 60 frames per second (iffixed and supported) Share achievements on social networks, todayIn the version you will find: Chests, Backpack, Casino, Market,Contracts. To go to a single image, simply click on the iconOpening panel - here you can open the "open box" boxes has beenopened! Equipment - Here you have access to all your collecteditems, you can keep them or sell them for a thick $$$ Game panel:JackPot, Coinflip, Roulette Jackpot - At this point you can findsomething special, but decide if you enter this bet! Coinflip -Here you can make bets to which players will join, or join someoneyourself, the coin will draw whether you are lucky day, 50/50chance Roulette - Imagine that you have to pay gigantic money tobuy a Mini-skirt (violet), what steps do you take? Add your weaponand continue playing the game to find out how many virtual coinsyou will receive "VicodinCoins", and finally the color you want toreceive, Red, Blue or Green, you can get a x14 coin on youraccount! and increase your wealth !! PUBG CI will enable it!Contract panel - here you can send Gaben his 10 identical PUBGskins, or maybe it will give you a unique skin Money - You canaccess them through the market and view the main applicationwindow, you can spend it on what you want, but remember! theyquickly run away Ready for the market APPLICATION for everyone.PUBG puts on safety goggles and is waiting to be picked up! Higherrank! - Now you have access to the ranking system of the mini game"Road to Globali", each time you enter the level, you get a randomskin. Random skins like never before. Now you have the opportunityto see how close the chest is. Feel the risk taste PUBG CratesOpener contains 6 boxes and thousands of clothes, including similarmini skirts (blue), PLAYERUNKNOWN'S T-shirt and many more. See foryourself and download now! It's really worth it! Show off yourcollection now. Comments: The draw of skins in PUBG Crates Openerhas not been registered in the official game This is an EarlyAccess version, some additions from the official version of thecomputer are not available PUBG "on Android" is published byVicodin Studios. The main music comes from "audionautix.com" Anyquestions? Send me an email
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The latest Spectrum, Glove, Revolver boxes. The best and simplestCase Pack Opener. Random skins because you will not find easier touse!Functions:The chance to draw unique skins is adequate to drawfrom the full version of the PC gameVery simple interfacesupportJackpot already enjoy the bets on which you can go, and whoknows you may break the bank and you will be the best !, in CaseSimulator is possible!Contracts, you probably know combiningweapons is a simple matter but can you get a really worthy item? InCase Simulator you can now do this by sending 10 weapons of thesame color to the server, and praying for a real weapon that willeradicate allFluency, up to 60 frames per second (Ifsupported)Share achievements on social networking sitesIn theapplication you will find: Case, Inventory, Share, Money, Jackpot,Contract. To change to one of the panels simply click on the iconin the main game windowCase panel - Here you draw the boxes youwant, just press the "Open Case" button to move all the boxes oneach of the panels.Inventory Panel - This is where you have accessto all the skins you managed to win, you can sell them for pricesthat are true to the market, to get to this panel you just have tomove your finger left in the main game window Game Panel : JackPot,Coinflip, RouletteJackPot - In this window you can meet the bestplayers in this game, offer you many, but you will decide whetheror not you will enter this bet!Coinflip - Here you can create abet! where you choose what kind of weapon you add, you can join into bet created by another people but you must have enoughmoneyRoulette - Imagine you can win a big money to buy AWP dragonLore, what steps ? Deposit your weapon, next game will informationyou how much virtual " Vicodin Coins " you will get, at the finishchoose what color will be roled next time, Red, Blue or Green whereyou will get x14 coins !Share Panel - Now you can share yourprogress with your friends!Contracts Panel - Here you can sendGabena your 10 identical guns to get better weaponsShare works withsocial appsMoney- Here you have an insight into your virtual cashthat you managed to collect from the skins you sold, accessing thispanel requires access to the Inventory panel.Market- There you canbuy all of the skins in game, Dragon Lore is waiting !Rank UP ! -Now " Road to Global " is available, every rank up you get prize!Draw skins like never before. Now you have the opportunity to seehow it is to open the crates. Feel the taste of risk. The Case PackOpener contains loads of boxes, including unique skins like,karambit, AWP, Ak-47 and many more. See for yourself and downloadnow! Really worth! Praise your friends with yourcollection.Comments:Skins found in the Case Pack Opener can not beused in the official game created by ValveThis is a beta version,some add-ons from the official PC game are not yet available, willbe added in future updatesThe game does not have a weapon at themoment. You only draw a weapon Factory Factory
Break the lock 1.2 APK
The OFFICIAL Break the lock. Game from Simple Machine hasarrived!!Tap in sequence to crack the code and break the lock, butdon't make a mistake or you'll have to start from the beginning.Howmany locks can you break ?How far will you go?
Case Opener 2 1.3 APK
Our game Case Opener 2 refers to classic game on PC. It is only asimulator of opening real crates. Game is characterised by varietyof options that provides great experience, such as: I. Openingcrates: You can open many of crates that are actualised regularly.Also you can open more of them just for fun. Chance of getting veryrare items is as same as on real game on PC. If you get rare itemyou can double the reward by tap an advertisement on the bottom ofthe screen, who knows maybe you can get a knife?? II. Game modes:As for now you can play 4 types of gameplay, in which you canacquire different items. The modes are as below: 1) Jackpot: Thismode is characterised by that every player can conquer with theothers by bet your items against them. You have 30 seconds to placeyour items, give as many as you want. The higher the value of itemsyou give, the greater chance to win the bet. After that time wheneveryone place their bet and gets their choice, the lottery starts.There are some situations when you can win all the items even whenyou have only 1% of the chance. So it is worth to play!! 2)Roulette The rules are very easy, white, black or red? It dependson you which color you pick and how much money you bet to win. Ifyou are lucky enough you will win a fortune (vicodin coins), whichyou can transfer or exchange in the game shop to get more items. 3)Mines: Can you remember Sapper? This game mode works very similarto it. You can bet as much money as you can to predict where is thebomb on the board. Remember, the more you guess, the more vicodincoins you can get, and then you can exchange it to various of itemson the shop. 4) Heads or tails: This game mode allows you to createyour own or join to already existing room. If you want to play ityou have to have 8 items which value is similar to your opponentsitems value. As everything here, it also depends on luck. Do youthink that you are lucky enough? If so, you will win that all!!III. Inventory: In here you can see all of your acquired items fromcrates or bets. You can sell them, or exchange them into greaterkind of tier, just by fuse same level of items to create contracts.It will automaticly send to server, and after few seconds you willhave a information which gun or skin you got. Maybe it will be aunique item, which will give you desired fame? IV. Market: Marketis great mode, because here you have access to all your collectedmoney or Vicodin Coins. Buy items for cash or enchange them byusing our game currency. There are ALL kinds of items you can geton every single crate that are on the game. Just get them and betfor even greater prices!! This game is made for fun, this simulatorcan not send any of the items to real PC game. Do you have anyquestions or you saw any mistake? Contact us by email. Music usedin game is free and comes from https://audionautix.com/