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Fan of farming games? We bring you an innovative concept of bullfarming in this finest of growing crops games. Live life of aconventional bull farmer and enjoy real time experience of how bullfarming used to be done in old days. So are you ready for thisamazing farming simulator? It is real fun to maneuver farming bullaround fields and for sure it is completely a different challengethan driving a tractor. Your farm is located in a hilly area withexceptional background scenery and weather is just perfect. It hasbeen given a theme of real crop farming environment and it isequipped with various tools and machinery for improved exposure offarm games. Additionally, there are several breeds of pets kept onfarm including horses, cows and hens. This bull farming game willmake you love plowing, sowing, watering and harvesting in thislatest addition to bull farm games. Get started by maneuvering yourpower bull for cultivating the bull farm and sowing, make sure togive adequate rest to your bull. When your grains are ready, it istime to use harvester in this startling harvester machine game.Drive it around fields and avail chance to explore this top-notchof harvesting games. After harvesting is finished, put these grainsinto a trolley using your tractor for transporting them to a marketplace and enjoy flavor of tractor driving games. One levelcomprises of a complete task, complete each level in given time toace bull farming expertise. After playing this crop growing farmgame you will gain complete knowledge on how farming is performedand what protective measures a farmer has to take in order toprotect growing crops. So download now and enjoy this utmost ofcrop growing games. ***Game Play Features*** • An absolute treatfor lovers of harvesting games with comprehensive gameplay of 4missions (each mission has 5 levels). • Eye catching HD graphics tocapture details of crops games. • Excellent camera angles forenhanced user experience. • Impressive and intuitive onscreen-controls for enthusiast of farming simulator. • Playable onmultiple devices. Guys! This farm crops game is designed to giveyou understanding of hard work done on a farm. You must be able tofinish multiple fascinating tasks within specified time allowed. Itis undoubtedly a unique chance to explore whole new dimensions ofbull farming games. Download our hottest concept, BULL FARMINGSIMULATOR and fell in love with the gameplay!

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    Bull Farming Simulator
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    August 27, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Great Games Studio
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    P.O.Box 52401 Abu Dhabi UAE
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