1.4 / February 27, 2017
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Bullet army the Battlefield 2017 Welcome to top first personcommando bullet army shooting game and experience first personshooting with combat arena. A realistic enemy strike action basedgame with different types of guns. Play this amazing shooting gameand become a perfect head-shot killer with ultra-sniper shootingskills in combat area, and most brave fighter in army troopsthrough any weapon you can used for a survivor. You are a realsoldier on the front-line of the battle fields against terroristenemies and you need to finish all of them. Boil your body blood,Hold your breath, and pull the trigger of your rifle and let thebullets fly. There are many weapons are available for bullet armywar, 2 pistol, 2 shotgun, 3 sniper, rifle and 4 machine gun. Youcan upgrade your weapons with the help of money collection In thisgame terrorist enemies are arrived in your country and make crimesthere. They built their bases in your country and you need to curethat. The country army forces failed to stop them and country armycall for best counter killer in world for finishes these terrorismand their bases. You are a best shooter of the world to fightagainst this terrorism so prove yourself. So your duty is handlethis situation and finish all terrorism to save your country fromthem. Pick your modern weapons, Show no-mercy, shoot and destroyall terrorist bases and save your country and take proud. Yourcommando is equipped with modern weapons, assault rifles, machineguns, sniper gun and many more lethal gadgets. It is a modern warfought by one man commando army. Death and danger is on everyfootstep so attack carefully and save you. Defend yourself and killall terrorist enemies and complete your mission and look forward tonext mission. Build your own strategy and handle all challenginglevels, all levels requires different strategy so hold your nervesand fight till to death. There are total 5 mission and modes thatyou can select and play. every mission have their different levels,you need to complete all levels and save your country. As a bravocommando show no mercy and get the headshot of every terrorist andfinish off their terror from your country and make safe. Use youraccurate shooting target skills and try to get maximum headshot inevery level. If you able to get head-shot you will kill enemydirectly and aiming for the head-shot to kill them without anyfiring squad and preserve your ammo. You need to taking care ofyour life too. Lead the main charge of destroy terrorist. Defendyourself by with tactical strategy and you can fight againstenemies in Bullet army the Battlefield city arena. Game alsoprovides you very realistic combat environment, full of intensebattle scenes and very smooth control of the interface. Downloadnow this amazing shooting game and experience shooting in differentadventures and mission. How to play • Start the game • Selectgadget from the menu • Select the mission or mode • Press shootbutton to shoot enemy • Press Reload for Reload gun • press scopefor close in scope • press Switch button to change gun GameFeatures • Realistic modern gun shooting simulator and animation •Very smooth control of guns • Thrilling sound effects • Realistic3D graphics and amazing killing effects • Full of thrilling actionpacked game • Real deadly combat environment • Lots of challengingmissions for your enjoyment • Play anywhere, doesn't require aninternet connection • Very easy to download and play

App Information Bullet army the Battlefield

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    Bullet army the Battlefield
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    February 27, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    3D GAMAX
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    iDivine Creation Technologies, D-703 Ganesh Meridian, Opp. Kargil Petrol pump, S.G. Road, Sola, Ahmedabad, Pin Code - 380060
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Wild Deer Hunting Simulator 3D Games Do you Want's to be a Hunter.Hunt the white tail wild Deer,Choose your favorite different sniperfrom weapon factory and kill the deer in one shot. To crack thelevels user must have to kill the deer which given in instructionsand also Hunt the different wild animals. This game can make theuser accurate,so be accurate and hunt the animals like deer, loin,wild bull. You have to Run behind these animals and hunt them &survivor for given time period and complete your target. Be alertbecause theses are wild animals they can attack on you any time, nobody here to take you hospital. This is one kind of survival games.In Next we provide you different animals like dino, rhino,elephant, bear, Wild goat, big pig, fox, wolf. Hunting skill isrequire for hunting in deep forest. Download this game and fillreal Wild safari Hunting adventure.