1.5 / September 25, 2014
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Bullet Time Bob goes on an exciting adventure to find his lovedones that were taken by bad guys. Help Bob conquer his enemies andfight his way through all the exciting levels.The demo versionwon't include all features, however, you can still enjoy theSurvival mode game play and the first level of Story mode. Get thefull game: "Bullet Time Bob"

App Information Bullet Time Bob Demo

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    Bullet Time Bob Demo
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    September 25, 2014
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Guinea Pixel
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    Van Breda Street Durbanville Cape Town 7550
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Awesome Space Shooter will keep you locked to your screen with fastpaced space shooter action, shooting millions of bullets, defendingyour ship against those evil space enemies, blasting enemies awaywith your super beam and finally mastering the Boss Levels anddefeating them!Features:* 4 Boss levels* 36 Levels* 2 Game-modes:Campaign and Survival* 4 Ships with 9 upgrades* Leaderboard *Escalating difficulty for the ultimate Space Shooter experienceTheyear is 2416. Earth is a distant memory. A lifeless, scorched ballof dirt after the effects of global warming and then a devastatingsolar flare as the last blow in 2155. Earths space explorationshave taken them too far and distant planets and galaxies. Beforethe events of 2155 the humans started colonizing these planets withadvanced technologies and flourished. As is human nature, it didnot take long for power struggles to arise between the colonies.Dictators, with whole armies took over each planet and ruled themwith iron fists. War was the next step.Because of the sensitivenature of these conflicts, regarding resources and the fact thateach planet has its own special resource needed by all, the UnitedAlliance of Colonies has no choice but to take out thesedictators.The only person for this is you, Captain Buckley Seagate,a Space Defence Fleet special ops pilot. With your phenomenalabilities in combat, you are the only hope in restoring peace andwill need to do so by attacking the head of the snake. Your ordersare simple. Go to each colony, fight your way through all of theDictators defences and end their reigns of terror.Make us proudCaptain.
Rock Guitar Solo (Real Guitar) 1.0 APK
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Rock Guitar Solo is the greatest rocking guitar simulator on themarket, making it easy to play an awesome guitar solo, pickingamazing riffs with hard rocking powerchords!You don't have to be anexpert to use Rock Guitar Solo, it is made for everyone - nonguitarist to experts. If you are a beginner, you can simply makeuse of the Guitar Scale options - this will enable all the requirednotes so that you can't hit any false notes... all notes you playwill be music to your ears.Rock out with a friend! Get your friendto play rhythm guitar while you rock an amazing guitar solo.RockGuitar Solo Features:● Palm mute● Easy Vibrato effect● Hammer ons●Pull offs● Note sliding & bending● Open notes● Plucking andpicking notes while playing and bending notes● Sustain effect●Guitar scale selection to make a solo easy● Powerchords for rhythmguitarists● Full guitar neck● Manual adjustable guitar neck to makeyour guitar fit just the way you want it to be.Play/Guitar modes:●Solo guitar / Lead guitar● Rhythm guitar (amazing sound)● Combinethese guitars with a wide variety of drumloopsGuitar Scalesincludes:● All Pentatonic Major scales - From A to G#● AllPentatonic Minor scales - From Am to G#mDrumloops backtracks:● Upto 23 backtracks to choose from● Join a friend and be the realdeal,a full band!Whether you want to be Guitar Solo Rocker or aRhythm Guitarist, Rock Guitar Solo will hit the spot by sound,impressing friends and loads of fun for you and yourfriends.Install today and become Rock Stars! You can be the nextSlash!
Dude Dancer: Rhythm Game with Dubstep & NewWave 1.1 APK
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A rhythm game for your mobile device that will keep you on the edgeof your seat, ready to jump up and dance. Great timing and epiccombination will make Dude Dancer dance like no other. The betterdance moves performed the more the crowd in the club will love you,the more the crowd loves you the more score you will get.Awesomebeats with epic melodies! We have chosen a combination of Techno,Electronic, Dubstep, Rave and NewWave music that will leave youwhistling melodies for weeks on end! Yes, it’s thatamazing.Features:• Include your own songs with our next updates!• 4different music styles! Newwave, Dubstep, Techno & Electro•Finger tap / Rhythm tap game!• 38 incredible songs!• ChallengeFacebook Friends!• Leaderboard• Awesome graphics and effects!• Easycontrols and gameplay!• Guitar Hero type gameplay with supervisuals!
Bullet Time Bob 1.2 APK
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Bullet Time Bob goes on an exciting adventure to find his lovedones that were taken by bad guys. Help Bob conquer his enemies andfight his way through all the exciting levels.Future releaseinformation :- More power-ups- More guns- More levels- More Bosslevels- More enemies- New "secret" game-play mode- Improvedperformance
Bullet Time Bob Demo 1.5 APK
Guinea Pixel
Bullet Time Bob goes on an exciting adventure to find his lovedones that were taken by bad guys. Help Bob conquer his enemies andfight his way through all the exciting levels.The demo versionwon't include all features, however, you can still enjoy theSurvival mode game play and the first level of Story mode. Get thefull game: "Bullet Time Bob"
Survival: Jungle Run (Endless Runner) 1.1 APK
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Survival Jungle Run is the craziest endless runner game on themarket! With crazy powerups to fly through air, smash & dashthrough walls and magnet attract!Invite your friends and use theLeaderboard to see who is the best in your social group, or even inthe Entire World!There some great achievements to unlock and WAYMORE TO COME!Avoid all the rocks, flames, mushrooms, water pits,moving platforms, spikes, bugs, traps, walls on your path and finda way through the jungle!FEATURES:● Jump over rocks, flames,mushrooms, water, platforms, spikes and more!● Crazy POWERUPS toFLY, SMASH, DASH and super MAGNET!● Upgrades to get that monstervictory!● Explosions! POW!● Smash through walls walls and moreWALLS!● Beautiful optimized animated graphics with trees moving,vines shaking, enemies biting, running, jumping, smashing!● Epicexplosions!● Dash through dashing gaps! ● Challenge your friendsand be the best!● Endless run for endless play!● Leaderboard!●Achievements!BUT WAIT THERE's MORE! FUTURE RELEASES:● Differentworlds/jungles● More enemies● Different levels and section● Extramechanics● Themes● Upgrades● Dress upFor more information or justto chat, visit:http://guinea-pixel.com/app/survival-jungle-run/
Retro Pixel Smasher: Arcade Platformer (Unreleased) APK
Guinea Pixel
Retro Pixel Smasher will smash yournostalgiafactor exactly where you are craving it most. Smashingbricks,blasting enemies, conquering levels and destroying the finalboss -you can be sure it will be a fun action-packed ride!With amazing costumes, big weapons, epic powerups and easycontrols- Retro Pixel Smasher will hit that sweet spot, making youhavinghours and hours of fun!Awesome Features:- 5 Boss Battles to conquer!- 13 super action packed levels (3 stages per level = 29playablelevels! Epic!!)- Customize your character by choosing outfits, hair styles,eyecolour and more!- Insane obstacles, Rocket launchers, spinning blades,springbouncers, moving platforms, falling spikes etc.- Share your hero with your friends!- Easy controls to move, jump, bounce, shoot and beat thefinalboss!Story Line:- In a magical world long long ago, where everything is made outofpixels. Retro, the greatest pixel hero of them all, discoveredalittle black pixel.- Retro feared the worst... it's a dead pixel, a black-hole inthemultiverse! An occurrence he has feared since the beginningoftime.- Walking towards the little dead pixel, Retro touched it eversoslightly... POOF! Oh No! He got sucked into an unknown PixelBadLand!- Help Retro find a way home!Be awesome and play Retro Pixel Smasher!
Ultimate GIF Maker - with Boomerang Special FX 0.9.1 APK
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Creating GIFs will never be easier! Point and Click and your GIF isdone.Easy to use with a simple but fun User Interface with loads ofCamera Effects. You can create GIFs when in Selfie Mode or whenusing as rear camera, the choice is yours. With an easy to use 2layer Camera Effects options, you can easily combine any effectsuntil you are satisfied...and if that is not enough you can addCaptions to label that perfect moment.Features and Highlights:* GIFMaker *Super Easy user interface.Point and click and your GIF issaved.* Over 80 Camera Effects *Split into 2 categories: CameraFilters and Special FX.Camera Filters for that beauty touch.SpecialFX to make crazy GIFs.* Boomerang GIF Loop *By default BoomerangGIF loop is on for that fun exciting GIFs!If you prefer a normalgif, simply enable the default loop.* GIF or Photo *If you likethose static images, you can simply take a normal photo with allthose Crazy Camera Effects.* Easy Share *When GIF is saved it goesdirectly to your Gallery, making sharing super easy.Share your GIFto everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp etc. whateveryou choose, you are incontrol.* Create your Trending GIF *Bycombining the Filters and Special Camera Effects you can be thenext big hit on the internet!Hope you have fun creating your funkynew GIFs!