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Aim at the universe with a jump race! Tap control jumps face block!Can you control blocks that rampage with inertia and gravity?Timing and courage are the key to victory! Let's challenge yourlimits! Good Luck!

App Information Bump Jump Race -Geometry racing action game-

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    Bump Jump Race -Geometry racing action game-
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    May 27, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    株式会社ディー・オー D-O inc,
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    東京都新宿区市谷砂土原町一丁目2番地29 K.I.Hビルディング
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jp.co.d_o_inc.hopping_girl2 1.2.1 APK
「また会えたねっ」 あのジャンピングアクションゲーム『ホッピングガールこはねちゃん』の第2弾が登場!好奇心旺盛な女の子、こはねちゃんと冒険の旅に再び出掛けよう! □■ゲーム紹介■□『ホッピングガールこはねちゃん第2章〜カエル王子の帰還〜』は ホッピングに乗って進むマジカルジャンピングアクションゲームの第2弾。親指一つの簡単操作だけど、実は結構本格派アクション!? ゲームの鍵は、様々な効果を持つ不思議なパネル。パネルを上手に使ってハイスコアを目指そう! □■ストーリー■□ 偶然助けた傲慢なカエル“ホップ”…でも実は王子様!?元の姿に戻すためお供に連れて、魔法の世界にホップ!ステップ、ジャーンプ! □■新要素■□ 第2章は追加要素がたっくさん!(1)新規マップ 全マップが一新されてボリュームも大幅アップ!更なる謎解きが待ってます。 (2)追加パネル無敵になれちゃうパネルやコインが大量獲得できるパネルなどが追加されてます。 (3)トビオSHOPマップ中で取得したコインを使って買い物が出来るようになりました。 (4)宝箱マップをクリアすると宝箱が出現!こはねの衣装やアイテムをゲットする事が出来ます。 (5)こはねの部屋こはねの部屋では様々な衣装に着替えたこはねちゃんを、色々な角度で観察や撮影が可能です。また、衣装を着替える事で、ゲーム中の能力パラメーターが変化したりします。 (6)サウンドBGM、SEをHAL東京の学生達と共同制作し、一新しました。 新たなこはねワールドを体験してみてください。 (7)SランクSランクを取得すると金宝箱が出やすくなります。 アイテムや衣装を使うとSランクを取りやすくなります。上級者はデフォルト衣装でノーアイテムによるSランクの取得を目指して下さい。 他にもいろんな要素が追加されています。 □■ご注意■□本アプリをダウンロードいただく際は、必ず下記をご確認ください。 ○お問い合わせの際は、必ず【アプリ名】、【アプリバージョン】、【機種名とOSのバージョン】、【お問い合わせ内容の詳細】を明記願います。
jp.co.d_o_inc.hopping_girl 1.1.1 APK
「さぁー面白いこと探しにいこっ!」 好奇心旺盛な女の子、こはねちゃんと冒険の旅に出掛けよう!『ホッピングガールこはねちゃん〜魔宝石の秘密〜』は ホッピングでパネルを踏んで進むマジカルジャンピングアクションゲーム。親指一つの簡単操作だけど、実は結構本格派アクション!? ゲームの鍵は、様々な効果を持つ不思議なパネル。パネルを上手に使ってハイスコアを目指そう! 偶然助けた傲慢なカエル“ホップ”をお供に連れて、魔法の世界にホップ!ステップ、ジャ〜ンプ!【ご注意】 本アプリをダウンロードいただく際は、必ず下記をご確認ください。 ■本アプリは内部ストレージ(スマートフォン本体)に 100MB 程度の空き容量が必要になります。■お問い合わせの際は、必ず【アプリ名】、【アプリバージョン】、【お使いの機種名とOSのバージョン】、【お問い合わせ内容の詳細】を明記願います。"Sa~a and Iko~tsu in search of interesting things!" Curious girl,go out to Kowane properly adventure! "Secret-hopping Girl thisfeather-chan ~ magic jewel" is Magical jumping action gametraveling stepped on panel at hopping. It 's thumb one of easyoperation, actually quite authentic action! ? The game of the key,mysterious panel with a variety of effects. Aim for a high score byusing the panel very well! And take the arrogant frog "hops" thathelped chance to accompany, to hop on the magic of the world! Step,Ja-pump! 【please note】 When you get download this app, please besure to confirm the following. ■ this application you will need tofree space of about 100 MB to internal storage (smartphone body). ■When contacting us, certainly [application name], [app version],[version of your model name and OS], and please specify the[details of your inquiry].
jp.co.d_o_inc.dartsqueen 1.2.3 APK
The darts and the casino merged brilliantly. The first royal roadcasino slot game! Together with the beautiful darts player "Lissa",enjoy the authentic app "Darts Queen". This application with easyoperation and help function can be played easily even forbeginners. Also, because of "D・O" familiar with the pachinko /pachislot machine industry, a variety of productions will give newimpressions to heavy users as well! A gorgeous world set in alovely bar. Please enjoy this application "Darts Queen". GameOverview: - At the beginning of the application, 1000 medals willbe awarded. - Earn medals every 30 minutes with "TIME BONUS"! - Atthe start of the free game, tap to select the number of games! -During the free game, there is the addition of the number of timesthe free game can be played. There are also a lot of production!Caution: Be sure to confirm the following when downloading thisapplication. - Be sure to specify "application name", "applicationversion", "your model name and OS version", "details of inquirydetails" when making inquiries. - This application can not provideopportunities to acquire actual money, prizes.
jp.co.d_o_inc.dual_brain 1.6.1 APK
1st Anniversary ! * Rule is easy! One touch game! More than 30simple brain training games that you can play with one finger!Completion of all brain-related games such as calculation, puzzle,intuition game! * World first! "Dual task gauge" installed! It isnot an ordinary brain training game! Let's train concurrentprocessing abilities by doing two operations simultaneously! Alwayspay attention to the dual task gauge doubling the sense of tensionand fun! You can enjoy an unprecedented new sense of brain traininggame! * The opponent is "the world"! Multi play will glow! Matchwith players from all over the world and compete for each other'sbrain power! * Win the match and run up the league! By winningagainst the match, your league gets steadily up! As the league goesup, you can enjoy difficult matches where the difficulty level ofthe game rises! * "Room match" to play with friends! Make afighting room and invite your friends and play! There is no mistakeas a party game! * Play training mode! Train play various braintraining games in preparation for battle! As an early installationaward, deliver with all the game with ver.1.0 playable!Multi-battle type brain training game that you can play in a shortinterval from the classic brain train to the new game. You canenjoy a wide range of people from children to adults with easyoperation. What is your brain power in the world?
Triple Brains 1.0.2 APK
How much is your intelligence intheworld?Enjoy brain training with a simple game!# Real time match in the worldMultiplayer compatible!Max 3 players battle!# Simple & short timeAn intellectual game fighting in 20 seconds!Rules that anyone can understand!# "Dual task gauge" is carried"Dual task gauge" is carried in every game!By playing a mini game while doing "dual task", parallelprocessingability greatly improved!# Room matchIf you invite friends and play, you will have more fun!Let 's have fun competition!People who are good at intelligent games such as escape gamesandstrategy games are a must-see!Intuitive!Calculation!Reflexes!Concurrent processing!Accuracy!Thinking Speed!We can train various abilities essential to modern society!Let's use it for business and study!Easily increase your mental intelligence with more than 30funnygames!Fight seriously with family and friends and away people!
■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□Delivering full-scale video slot withdrum reel!■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□Let's have fun with thegirl "Kagura Ichigaya" who likes the festival!A variety ofdirecting and reel action unique to drum reels are a must-see!Sincethe help function is also substantial, you can enjoy the atmosphereof the casino slot with easy operation.[Overview]* How to playIt isvery simple.You can play just by setting the bet amount andtapping.You acquire 1000 medals "TEO" at the time of installing theapplication.In addition, you can earn TEO every time with "TIMEBONUS" every 30 minutes.* CharacterOriginal character "KaguraIchigaya" will be active in the Japanese festival!Video slot thatis unprecedented on the theme of "Japanese".She will dance and playwith the fairy "Iida bridge" to make the festival gorgeous.*Various directingThis application is a drum reel slotgame.Realistically reproduce the drum reel!It is attracted tosurprising reel action which becomes slow or reverse rotation, andbeautiful lighting with high speed rotation!Also full of surpriseaction unique to video slots!Great chance if fireworks of 5 colorsgo up!If Kagura appears and is cheered or all the reels vibrate,you can not stop excitement!* Free spinWhen five or more BONUSsymbols appear in the frame, it will enter a free spin.Firstlychallenge a shooting game and decide the prize for each BONUSpicture.In the free spin, you can receive prize money by appearingBONUS symbols in the frame.If more than five BONUS symbols appearin the frame during free spins, you can challenge the shooting gameagain and add the prize.* Jackpot gameAfter free spin finishes, ithas a jackpot game!In the jackpot it is an opportunity to acquire alarge amount by roulette.* Share "TEO"This application can shareTEO with the first application "DartQueen" by supporting onlineservers.[A Google account is required to use online.]* KaguracollectionI will acquire memorable images with Kagura using "TEO"acquired in the game.Let's enrich Kagura's album.[It is effectiveonly when connecting to the network.]* CautionBe sure to check thefollowing when downloading this application.* Be sure to specify"application name", "application version", "model name and OSversion", "inquiry content" when making inquiries.* Thisapplication can not provide opportunities to earn real money orprizes.
美Shop店員 けいさん電卓 1.1.1 APK
いつもの計算をちょっぴり刺激的に! 貴女の電卓ライフを彩る美しいショップ店員は全部で五人!タイプの違う五人の“けいさん”と一緒に、新しい計算スタイルを始めませんか?通常の電卓機能はもちろん、計算中には“けいさん”達との楽しいお喋り機能を搭載。 お喋り機能は、それぞれ異なるシチュエーションをご用意!さらにコミュニケーションモードで“けいさん”達と急接近!? 止まらない恋のベクトルが今、放物線を描き始める! 【動作環境】Android 4.0 以上を搭載した携帯電話端末を推奨。 【ご注意】 本アプリをダウンロードいただく際は、必ず下記をご確認ください。■ARROWS S EM01F端末で、Android 4.1をご利用のお客様は正常に作動しない場合がございます。■本アプリは内部ストレージ(スマートフォン本体)に 100 MB 程度の空き容量が必要になります。 ■ボイス機能は搭載されていません■お問い合わせの際は、必ず【アプリ名】、【アプリバージョン】、【お使いの機種名とOSのバージョン】、【お問い合わせ内容の詳細】を明記願います。
WAKKA Follow the treasure ring 1.3.1 APK
Let's collect lots of ring (WAKKA) while avoiding walls andobstacles! The stage and gimmick that will be killed if you do notoperate carefully are awaiting your challenge! * Rule Tap thescreen to raise the airframe. Gravity will pull the aircraft whenyou release the tap. Please collect rings (WAKKA) while avoidingwalls, ceilings and obstacles! Can you clear the stage boasting ahigh level of difficulty? Do not stop when you start playing, theultimate attraction that irritations and dilemmas attack! GoodLuck!