/ August 23, 2015
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You have just been challenged by Bumpy the Bouncy Car!Help Bumpythe car over to bounce over any obstacles that comes its way andcollect as much coins as possible while reaching to the end of theroad safely!By collecting enough coins you can go into the storeand choose to buy more new cars.With 4 creative gaming modes and 3modes of difficulties and 60 levels of pure addiction, you won't beable to stop - Traps and Obstacle will await you in everycorner.Bumpy the Bouncy Car is a game for all ages and gendersso...Enjoy!We'd love getting your feedbacks! So hoping to read yourreview soon! MonsterMobileDev

App Information Bumpy Bouncy Car

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    Bumpy Bouncy Car
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    August 23, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Monster Mobile Games
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You have just been challenged by Bumpy the Bouncy Car!Help Bumpythe car over to bounce over any obstacles that comes its way andcollect as much coins as possible while reaching to the end of theroad safely!By collecting enough coins you can go into the storeand choose to buy more new cars.With 4 creative gaming modes and 3modes of difficulties and 60 levels of pure addiction, you won't beable to stop - Traps and Obstacle will await you in everycorner.Bumpy the Bouncy Car is a game for all ages and gendersso...Enjoy!We'd love getting your feedbacks! So hoping to read yourreview soon! MonsterMobileDev
Pizza Bubble Shooter APK
Pizza Bubble Shooter is an original appetizer builder of a newdelicious type of interactive fun shooting game! This Pizza titleis a special because while it's themed with an Italian kitchen madefor preparing tasty pizza it's in fact a unique bubble shootinggame designed solely for the purpose of helping you, the player, topass the time in the most enjoyable way, without spending a nickel.It does not matter what country you are from or how old you are asthis game will accompany you at all times providing you with themissing entertainment addition in life that you need and cravefor.Do you love Pizza? Do you enjoy bubble shooting puzzles? Thenyou are in the right place as this yummy mix of mind bogglingchallenges flavored with divine pizza delish is the game yourandroid mobile device was missing, the only one that will take youthrough multi-sensory play leaving you stunned with your freshlyevolved senses! Get familiar with beautiful culinary kitchenssurrounded by pizza bubbles as you try to reach to the top.Clearaway all the luscious pizza bubbles from each level of the game asfast as possible in order to triumph hundreds of unique levels thatwill put your competitive qualifications and skill. Challengeyourself (if you dare) into the exotic arcade mode where you willtest your instincts in solving countless missions by engaging inthe one of a kind messy kitchen chaos mode that will face you anambitious challenges as you try to move up the ladder of worldwidescoreboard. Luckily no matter what game mode you will choose, youare certainly going to enjoy, as Pizza Bubble Shooter does not haveany boring moment.The game creators truly invested the time tooffer a mesmerizing graphics, as well as a state of the art bubbleshooting techniques used on wittily created levels that will surelyexamine all your skills and ability to manipulate your way intosolving all the pizza puzzles. Taking advantage of its one of akind approach, Pizza Bubble Shooter manages to stand out from thecrowd and present for the first time the ultimate bubble shootingexperience that you can find in today's gaming world.GameInstructions:Use the special pizza pan cannon to aim and correctlyfind an accurate angle to shoot a specific bubble creating groupsof 3 or more same color pizza bubbles.The mechanics of the controlsscheme in Bubble Shooter is very similar to the one that you canfind in many other bubble shooting games so shooting is as simpleas possible by gently tapping your finger to blast away therelevant bubbles. Jump on every opportunity to pop large groups ofthe same pizza bubble color to clear the levels completely as fastas possible by using your strategies to gain the highest score!Ifyou are a person that likes all bubble shooting titles, then alongwith fluid tapping methods, colorful sharp graphics and almostendless, certainly enjoyable levels you definitely should downloadthis title right away – completely free of charge!
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Completely free on Google Play – In Panda Blocks Pop you bechallenged to sharpen your reflexes and improve yourinstincts.Scroll the right and left lines quickly creating rows with similarcolored baby Panda bears.Once you have a row with 3 similar pandas, tap the middle one tomake the entire row pop.Clear the whole level from Pandas to move to the next one.Each level becomes more difficult and give you additional features,bonuses and surprises.Panda Blocks Pop is a free and fun game for the whole family.
Potion Flow: Scrambled APK
Get ready! In this wonderful Potion Flow joyride you'll need to Puton your magical thinking caps and find the potions flow rightdirection from the cauldron, through the pipes and into the tubesby rotating and matching the right tubes going to the right place.sounds easy? We beg to differ! Get your hands on this FREEawesomeness NOW, and enjoy the varying difficulty levels addchallenges that fit all minds. A perfect puzzle game to tease yoursenses that will not let you stop! Make sure you don’t let thepotion leak through the pipes by employing your imaginations beingcareful not to let any magic potion go to waste! Let the perfectinterface work its magic with easy navigation's and controls for amost enthralling experience in this world of witches and magicalpotions! We hope you enjoy this FREE game from Monster Mobile Dev.
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In Magic Treasure you play as a witch in her shop progressingthrough level after level of magical games. Slide a wide array ofobjects such as potions, witches hats, and clovers into groups ofthree or more to clear a level. Once the level has been cleared astar will drop into the game, and you must get it to the bottom tocontinue. Be fast, though, because in this game, unlike others youare required to do this before the time runs out. Make combinationsof even more than three to create special items that finish thelevel even faster. You can also choose from playing in two gamemodes, arcade, and classic. In the arcade game mode, you mustprogress through hundreds of levels to complete the game, each withits onset of goals and difference from the last. As your journeythrough the levels advances, you will see all sorts of differentenvironments pass in this magical world full of mystery. You canalso start in classic mode where you swipe till a certain number ofpoints has been met to keep playing because the goal is not metyou'll lose. If you want to play a fun and exciting game with loadsof levels to play, Magic Treasure is definitely for you.
Gold Rush Bubble Shooter APK
Gold Rush Bubble Shooter takes you back to the year 1847, whencowboys drove cattle, trappers traded with Native Americans, andthe first railway routes appeared in California. It was certainlyone of the most exciting times in American history until suddenly,of the blue, gold was discovered. The moment word got out,explorers from all over the world rapidly sent their henchmen tojourney into the Victorian goldfields and join thousands of othersgold diggers and trying to strike gold as well.What they didn'tknow is that the goldmine had a special Indian curse that wouldallow only a pure hearted souls be able to get their hands on thetreasure, while others who sets foot inside will be trapped anddoomed to haunt the mines forever.The curse challenge the explorersby giving them option to prove their worthiness with 2 quest paths(two different game modes - single and arcade), each with multiplesophisticated bubble puzzles and the mission of creating groups of3 or more shiny bubbles that contain the same color.While it maysound easy, you should know that only by finding the right angleand the right timing to shoot the relevant bubble you will be ableto prove your abilities, instincts and worthiness to become a GoldRush Bubble shooter champion and be declared worthy for the hiddentreasure. Assist Jerrod the explorer to experience and win each ofthese level treks.Shooting is done simply by tapping the screenwith your finger to pop away the bubbles, the more bubbles you willexcel to pop the more chances the curse will be lifted granting youthe opportunity and access to the gold rush bubble shooter goldentreasure by finishing time and depth challenges. Do you have whatit takes to be a top notch gold rush treasure hunter? Play for freeand find out in Gold Rush Bubble Shooter! On top of a stunningdesign 1948 theme and great bubble shooting mechanism the game alsodelivers cleverly created levels with various bubbles locations andshapes that are created on the fly testing all your high endabilities and commitment to solve the puzzles. Thanks to itsexclusive concept, Bubble Shooter manages to stand out and offerthe ultimate bubble shooting journey that can be found in theambitious gaming scene.To all players that dig bubble shootinggames – then one specially suits you!