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Run.Do not slow down.Do not fall off.Do not give up.Run, the hitgame from Bunnyboom comes to mobile for FREE!This rabbit is veryafraid of bombs.Save it pelase!

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每日抽單字 - 常用英文7000單字 6.4 APK
每天可以獲得5個新的單字,並有發音以及測驗。好玩又實用的英文單字學習APP,背單字不再只是死背,讓你一用就上手。因為很多使用者反應一次只能抽5個單字太少了,所以決定大幅提升測驗獲得的魔法石,讓你一次抽不夠可以抽第二次。收錄了7000個常用的詞彙。透過本程式,你可以無壓力的學習。無論你在何時何地,你將會發現學習英語原來是如此簡單的。特點•收錄常用的英語7000字 • 提供完整的發音 • 測驗功能讓你加速學習 •創新玩法讓你找回學習的熱情無論您是要準備學測、指考、統測、全民英檢(GEPT)、托福(TOEFL)、多益(TOEIC)、雅思(IELTS)都可以透過這個程式學習必備的單字。Keyihuodefive new words every day, and pronunciation, and quizzes. Fun andpractical learning English words APP, not just memorize words back,let you get started with.Because many users response can only drawfive little words,So I decided to significantly enhance theSorcerer's Stone quiz obtainedSo once you can draw a second pumpingenough.A collection of 7000 commonly used words.Through thisprogram, you can learn without pressure.Whether you when and whereyou will find learning English original is so simple.Feature•included common 7,000 words in English• provide a completepronunciation• Test feature allows you to accelerate your learning•Innovative gameplay lets you retrieve enthusiasm forlearningWhether you're ready to learn measure means test,integration test, GEPT (GEPT), TOEFL (TOEFL), TOEIC (TOEIC), IELTS(IELTS) can learn essential word through this program.
每日背單字 - 常用英文單字TOEIC/TOEFL 3.9 APK
每天可以獲得5個新的單字,並有發音以及測驗。好玩又實用的英文單字學習APP,背單字不再只是死背,讓你一用就上手。收錄了超過4000個常用的詞彙。透過本程式,你可以無壓力的學習。無論你在何時何地,你將會發現學習英語原來是如此簡單的。特點•收錄常用的英語短語和詞彙 • 提供完整的發音 • 測驗功能讓你加速學習 • 支援離線使用You can get five newwords a day, and pronunciation, and quizzes. Fun and practicallearning English words APP, not just memorize words back, let youuse to get started.A collection of over 4000 commonly usedwords.Through this program, you can learn without pressure.Whetheryou when and where you will find learning English original is sosimple.Feature• collection of common English phrases andvocabulary• Provide complete pronunciation• Test feature allows youto accelerate learning• Support for offline use
Dead Island 1.1 APK
Escape from the island,otherwise they will be eaten by zombies!
鋼琴音準練習 1.0 APK
簡單直覺的操作方式讓你鋼琴能力更進步吧!因本人初學鋼琴所以做了這程式給自己使用同時分享給大家^^#piano ear#鋼琴音階Simple intuitive operationThe ability to make you moreprogressive piano bar!Because I am a novice pianoSo did thisprogram for their own useAt the same time share with you ^^#pianoear # piano scales
神魔單字塔 1.1 APK
神魔單字塔共有5種遊戲關卡好玩又實用的英文單字學習APP背單字不再只是死背讓玩過神魔之塔的你一用就上手內含4500個常用單字回答問題的答案解開一層層的封印挑戰最頂層的關卡吧!There are five kinds ofmythical word game level towerFun and practical learning English words APPNot just memorize words backLet Played mythical tower you get started with aContains 4,500 commonly used wordsAnswer this questionUnravel layers of sealChallenge the topmost levels of it!
快來撿鑽石 3.0 APK
天花板沒有洞怎麼會有鑽石掉下來呢?不過不管什麼原因快來撿吧反正 超自然嘛!只要你斷開魂結、斷開鎖鏈就可以得到鑽石iOS終於上架了不仿通知iOS的朋友一起來玩吧所有音樂版權皆為原作者所有如有任何不便或意見請來信告知各版本MV任意門:信耶穌得鑽石MV版 http://youtu.be/JEi1RkNzV6kMC美江《燒燬》跳針宣告(雲霧加長版) http://youtu.be/UvbSu_lltrYMC美江《癢央》http://youtu.be/mXxPmFGbITw你是我的網羅 3.0 http://youtu.be/hA1eOV3MJFU信耶穌得鑽石 remix lyric video http://youtu.be/OwHZ7ljEfm8教會治療皮膚病 http://youtu.be/XF3PsYjO1zo美江Style Psy Gangnam Style Parody Lyrics by Samuel J http://youtu.be/gxw2yIKeK4QMC 美江《仇視琴人》http://youtu.be/C_6hRYdsViU接觸過同性戀請舉手 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fwBL5IAzYk超自然震動 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYQHkwCfCiw【神奇寶貝 x MC美江】http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3knj02c7KSoNo ceiling holeHow it will come off the diamond?But for whatever reasonCome pick itAnyway supernatural thing!As long as you disconnect the Soul Junction, off the chainYou can get a diamondiOS finally shelvesNot imitation notification iOS friends together and playAll music rights are the original authorIf you have any inconvenience or comments please let us knowEach version of the MV any door:Believe that Jesus was a diamond MV version http://youtu.be/JEi1RkNzV6kMC America River "burned" jumper declaration (clouds ExtendedEdition) http://youtu.be/UvbSu_lltrYMC Mei Jiang "itch center" http://youtu.be/mXxPmFGbITwYou are my snare 3.0 http://youtu.be/hA1eOV3MJFUBelieve that Jesus was a diamond remix lyric video http://youtu.be/OwHZ7ljEfm8Church dermatological http://youtu.be/XF3PsYjO1zoMei Jiang Style Psy Gangnam Style Parody Lyrics by Samuel Jhttp://youtu.be/gxw2yIKeK4QMC America River "piano man hate" http://youtu.be/C_6hRYdsViUPlease contact with gay hands http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fwBL5IAzYkSupernatural shock http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYQHkwCfCiwPokémon x MC [Jiang] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3knj02c7KSoAmerica
夜遊台灣 1.93 APK
你想知道你所屬的地方,哪裡有可以鄰近欣賞夜景的地方嗎?你想知道你所屬的地方,哪裡有恐怖的夜遊地點,可以前往試膽嗎?完整的介紹、導覽、定位,無論你想要欣賞夜景、還是夜遊試膽!這都是你不可或缺的必裝App!還有有趣的成就模式,等你挑戰喔!*若欲多注意活動資訊,可加入facebook粉絲團,等你跟我們一起挑戰夜遊之王!夜遊台灣粉絲團: https://www.facebook.com/NightTaiwanDo you want to know where youbelong, where you can enjoy the night near the place?Do you want toknow where you belong, where terror night place, you can go trygall it?A complete description, navigation, positioning, whetheryou want to enjoy the night, or night try gall!This is yourindispensable must be installed App!There are interestingaccomplishments pattern, waiting for you to challenge Oh!* Ruoyumore attention to the activities of information, you can joinfacebook fan group, and other challenges you with us for the nightthe king!Night Taiwanese fan group:https://www.facebook.com/NightTaiwan
單字查克拉 - 英文7000單字輕鬆學 1.5 APK
每次可以獲得5個新的單字,並有發音以及測驗。好玩又實用的英文單字學習APP,背單字不再只是死背,讓你一用就上手。將7000個常用的詞彙依照等級分類。並提供簡單方便的練習模式!透過本程式,你可以無壓力的學習。不知不覺中,你的英文就比其他人強了。特點•收錄常用的英語7000字 • 提供完整的發音及朗讀功能• 字典與圖片查詢等功能• 測驗功能讓你加速學習 • 提供歷屆字彙考古題•創新玩法讓你找回學習的熱情無論您是要準備學測、指考、統測、全民英檢(GEPT)、托福(TOEFL)、多益(TOEIC)、雅思(IELTS)都可以透過這個程式學習必備的單字。Everytime Keyihuode five new words, and pronunciation, and quizzes. Funand practical learning English words APP, not just memorize wordsback, let you get started with.The 7000 terms commonly used inaccordance with the classification.And provides a simple andconvenient practice mode!Through this program, you can learnwithout pressure.Unconsciously, your English is strong thanothers.Feature• included common 7,000 words in English• provide acomplete pronunciation and reading function• Dictionaries andpictures query functions• Test feature allows you to accelerateyour learning• provide successive vocabulary retired tests•Innovative gameplay lets you retrieve enthusiasm forlearningWhether you're ready to learn measure means test,integration test, GEPT (GEPT), TOEFL (TOEFL), TOEIC (TOEIC), IELTS(IELTS) can learn essential word through this program.