/ April 28, 2020
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Think about how would be if you could learn different recipes withonly following a specific steps and using the based askedingredients, well now that is possible in this cooking game becauseyou’ll have to make a tasty recipe of a cake in shape of a cutebunny. First you need to buy all the ingredients from the list tocomplete your shopping session with the best grade, meaning 3collected points. The next phase include the baking part where youliterally make the composition using the flour, the salt, the eggson the first dough, then put the butter, the sugar, the crackersand the oil in another bowl and mix them. Get both together and putthe whole composition in the shaped bunny tray. Place it in theoven and wait until get rusted enough to pull it out. Add yourpoints to the baking step and move forward to the decoration one.Stretch the cream and moisturize the surface until you cover thearea, then add the final details and make your bunny cake lookslike a real one. Combine your designer skills with the baking oneand find out how is to be chef in the kitchen. Find a way to getyour abilities improved and test your limits when it comes toculinary art. Don’t forget that each step you make is supervisedand any task you accomplish is ranked on your abilities to solve itas quick as possible. Try to get the highest score on the boardcollecting the maximum of points on each phase. Check out thesecool features of the game: - Entertaining background music andawesome graphic - Free to play - Easy control of the game - Developyour cooking skills - Improve your dexterity in art of baking cakes- Follow a specific recipe and learn how to do it yourself -Dexterity and new techniques to use

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    Bunny Cake Maker
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    April 28, 2020
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    Ioan Slavici nr.2, ap. 20
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Being a mother implies a lot of responsibilities and for sure youhave to assume taking care of your baby full time. This princessgame will take motherhood to a whole new level and will make youfeel useful trying to help this mom to get to the things she mightneed when she’ll be gone at the hospital. Make your duty as well asyou can and be there when she needs you because being a pregnantprincess is not as easy as it seems and even if she doesn’t lookhelpless she is so rushed and panic that she can’t go through thiswithout your help and assistance. Her room at the castle is a totalmess right now and you have to take care of her trying to find eachobject she ask for because she’ll need to pack it in her bag to besure she is prepared for the baby’s coming. There are certainthings you should find and drag them to her luggage and rememberthat you are dealing with a future mom in any minute so try tohurry up a little bit, but don’t forget any of her needed stuff,neither the pacifier or the clothing of new born baby. When you aredone with packing take the phone and make a call to get her to thehospital where she’ll give birth and will finally see her expectedlittle baby. This worried princess mom is counting on yourabilities to seek and find her baby’s things before she’ll have togo, don’t let her down and try to have some fun in this parentaladventure. Check out these cool features of the game: - Awesomesounds and graphics - Care for a mom during her pregnancy in theroyal castle - Free to play - Seek and find abilities improved -Working under pressure - Test your patience and eagle eyes
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Who doesn’t love ice cream? Well, we don’t know the answer for thisand that’s why we give you the opportunity to make a deliciousplate of a homemade ice cream. Put your talents on work and don’thesitate to learn new things if you’ll need to. Use all your sensesand be ready to follow instructions that will lead your accomplishtasks to an immediate success. Each part has another degree ofimportance and difficulty, but you can’t finish the recipe withoutany of steps so treat all of them seriously. Take the pot and let’scook until we create a real frozen masterpiece in taste and also indesign. Put the cornstarch, the sugar, the salt, the eggs and themilk together on the stove while you mix them. Split thecomposition in two and add different ingredients in each of them tocreate a special flavor for your ice cream. The first one has bonusthe crackers and the lime essence, the other one has the strawberrysauce and lemon juice. Place both of them in the fridge for anindicated time until they get frosted. Now you have to take the icecream cone and put the frosted mixture on. Decorate your cone withsticks and cherries so you’ll offer an interesting aspect that willmatch your tasty homemade ice cream. Once you’ve start with cookingand see how fun it can be you won’t be able to stop until you triedall of our recipes. You might check out these cool features thisgame offers: - Free to play - Easy control of the game - Dexterityin the art of baking - Create a delicious homemade ice cream -Cheerful background sounds and cool graphics - Cook an amazingrecipe and learn how do to it for yourself - Just baking, nocleaning when you’re done - Initiate yourself in the art of cookingand add new qualities on your list
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