1.0 / April 6, 2011
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Bunny clap is a live Wallpaper.Touch the bunny to make it Jump..

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    Bunny Clap
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    April 6, 2011
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    Verudix Solutions Inc
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1 . Pixler is a picture puzzle game, whose complexity can bedefined by user. 2 . Pixler is a puzzle and a game rolled togetherinto one. Pixler contain 2 major sections : Images Numbers 3 .Images : Pick any image from camera or from phone gallery.Cut theimage into multiple pieces (3x3,4x4.....6x6) and these are alljumbled. Now the challenge is to put the pieces together to formoriginal image. 4 . Numbers : Choose the number that needs to befragmented . Now the numbers are jumbled and play the puzzle ofplacing the numbers in the ascending order. Go ahead challengeyourself,friend,colleague,spouse and play this game as long as youwant .
Bunny Clap 1.0 APK
Bunny clap is a live Wallpaper.Touch the bunny to make it Jump..
Musterr 1.0.04 APK
Musterr is a social location-mapping app that allows you to planmeetings and get-togethers. You can now coordinate your everydayand casual meet-ups simultaneously mapping the location of yourloved ones and while chatting with them.Our inbuilt chat and mapfeature allows you stay within the app helping you and your friendsorganize meetings and get-togethers by streamlining the detailslike what, when, where, and who in a very collaborative and easyway.Our state-of-the-art technology provides you the most accurate,up-to-date locations in real-time by staying connected and locatedwithout having to send or respond to an endless stream of “whereare you?” texts from your loved ones.All of this where you stillget to stay in control of your privacy. Control the invites,control when to share your location and Control to whom to shareyour location.
Morphix 5.0 APK
Morphix is a game for cropping out part of your image and share iton Twitter,Facebook or send to your friends by email.Morphix worksas follows : 1.Using any picture or image available on your androidand place it on the Morphix palette.You can cut the selected imageinto different shapes provided by the app from the shape button. 2.You can also apply image effects to the cropped image by selectingeffects button. 3. Finally you can share it on Twitter,Facebook orwith friends through mail. And you can save it on photo album.
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Maskit is a game for edit different types of masks to your imageand share it on Twitter,Facebook or your friends by email.Maskitworks as follows : 1.Using any picture or image available on yourandroid and place it on the Maskit palette. 2. You can selectdifferent masks from the given and edit your image by placing maskon it. 3. You can change the size of mask and can move also. 4.Finally you can share it on Twitter,Facebook or with friendsthrough mail. And you can save it on photo album.5. Check back soonfor more masks. Go Maskit and Have Fun!
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Description: Confitacts is a privacy management application formobile phones. Simple yet elegant, the application allows users topassword protect personal contacts and make them private. Features:Ease of Use: Confitacts is highly user friendly, intuitive, andmost of all simple to use Security: Contacts in Confitacts arepassword protected. iPhone users have an option to display a dummyname so that the real name of the contact will not be displayedwhile sending and receiving SMS and phone calls in the nativeinbox. Android users do not have and do not need this feature asConfitacts deletes private SMS and phone call logs from nativeinbox automatically to protect your privacy. Compatibility:Mobile:Confitacts is compatible with iPhones and Android phonesGeography:Confitacts can be used globally Cost:Confitacts is a freeapplication and does not cost anything to the user
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Privacy & Security of your Emails is Defigo Mail mottoDefigoMail is aimed at anyone concerned with securing their emails.Defigo provides simple, yet powerful solutions to protect youremail privacy. Defigo provide 256-bit high level encryption of youremailsDo you have sensitive emails containing the following type ofcontent?FinancialMedicalPersonalConfidentialPrivateThen Defigo Mailwill be your solution
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TempusCard is a time tracking system of your employee with dynamicaccess to tasks. Timesheet Tracking projects for client billing orjust need to keep a tab on employee activity, our software makes iteasy and simple to track. Track employees individually as perproject, or track projects as a whole and time consumed. Generateand export to excel or pdf for easy billing and reference. TaskActivity Assign, Accept, reject and complete tasks assigned to youby your peers or colleagues. Start and pause your task based onyour work time or availability. Manager/ task assignee can trackthe progress of the task from assigning to completion. LeaveRequest Submit requests for leave, track their approval and alsoplan the leave in your calendar year. Now Managers can resolve timeoff and edit requests individually or as a lot through approvalsand Rejections. Plan employee leaves and track them throughcalendar.