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Bunny Kid Run is the latest game for Bunny and Kid!This is a kidrunning game to collect all the cute bunny.This game is suitablefor all adults and kids to play as it is for relax and leisurepurpose.Do you still remember how cute rabbit is and how you petthem during your kids time?This game help you to recall back allthe sweet memory with rabbits.In the forest there are a lot ofbunny and the kid started the journey alone.In this game bunny isthere and kid need to run to them to collect points.The forest isso beautiful and nice with all the trees and blue sky and kid willdefinitely like it.Kid like bunny very much just like playing theirtoy like robot and skater.Bunny is a very cute animal and kid likesthem and like to run for them.That is really adorable when you seerabbit and this is why we make this game for you.In Bunny Kid Runthe kid need to run smart and make perfect jump to avoid gameover.Kid need to collect all the bunny to score higher points toenter for next level in the games.There are ten level in total foryou to explore and have fun with it.Each level increase inchallenging for greater excitement and you need to explorethem.Always challenge yourself for a higher score in thisjourney.Bunny is a soft animal and will not run and kid can petthem easily.Imaging your kids playing this game and have so much offun with it.That must be a very lovely and joyful moment for themand you can play this game as well.Bunny is a very smart animal andthey can play game like skater escape plan racing and soccer.Youwill feel very relax playing Bunny Kid Run with the comfortablebackground song.This game will make you very happy, relax and goodmood with its character and game play.How to play Bunny Kid Run★The kid is keep running★ Jump Up or Down when there is a gap★ Flashto speed upThis could be a wonderful and joyful journey foranyone!Let's start the adventure with Bunny Kid Run now!

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    Bunny Kid Run
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    August 22, 2015
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    Fun Kids Wonderland
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