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This game is an 3D airplane ShootingGame.Fight against varieties of Enemy airplane with your own plane.2different stages. Don't Die early!!!! Boss is waiting for youatthe end f each stage. Infinite fighting. Gain as much score asyoucan. Be a top scorer and take your name in the highscore.Havefun.

App Information Burst your Enemy

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    Burst your Enemy
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    February 11, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    EATLApps Store
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    50 - 100
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Bangladesh is a country surroundingbyspectacular collection ofnature’s finest work and beautiful natural landscapes .Butforeigntourists as wellÂÂ as local tourists can’t explore thesebeautiesdue to lack of proper guidance and dictation. So to helpthese kindof people who are really thirsty for exploring naturalbeauties wewant to build an android app as a helping hand to themFeatures:1.Top Plans:User can find top places of Bangladesh on different categorye.g.sea beaches, historical places e.t.c.2.Explore:User can find different important nearby places ranging from 1 to50kms from his/her current location along with differentpathdirection e.g walking , driving on google map.User also can see different prominent places of differentdistrictsin Bangladesh.3. Make a plan:User can plan his total trip in this section , also user cansetalarm or custom notification .4. Find Hotels and mode of Transportation:User can easily find detailed information of hotels Buses andtrains.5.Traveler’s Blog:User can share their experiences by logging in with theirgmailaccount . User can also see other’s experience and commentthere.6. Notification:User will receive notification on different important issuesoftravelling
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'Rickshaw Racing Dhaka' is the firstracinggame of its kind in Bangladesh. In this game you race againstotherAIrickshaws on tracks inspired heavily by real life locationsofDhaka City. You have a varity of vehicles to choose from.That includes multiple types of rickshaws and even vans!'Rickshaw Racing Dhaka' is a fully 3D game that hasbeenoptimized for mobile devices. So get startedracing through the streets of Dhaka city on your rickshawsinthisbrand new android game! And don't forget to rate us .Your feedbacks are what will help us make this gameevenbetter.smileyIMPORTANT: INCREASE YOUR PHONE'S SLEEP TIME BEFORE STARTINGTHEDOWNLOAD AS EATL INSTALLER TENDS TO STOPDOWNLOADS IF PHONE GOES TO SLEEP WHILE DOWNLOADING.
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Facebook Message:This Valentine's Day EATL brings to you the ultimate funValentineapps and you can not only just play, with this you cangetopportunity to enjoy the Valentine's Day romantic dinner withyourloved ones. In this moment of love, EATL brought anexcitingvalentine game for you "Find your friend avalentine".Competition Guideline:By using your Android phone go to www.eatlapps.com, and searchforthe game "Find your friend a valentine" to download the game oryouget the apps in Google play store... You can make many postsforyour friend as more time as u want, you can published onFacebookand tell your friends to tag. How much u want you can makeandshare the posts. The person who made maximum no of valentinepostsfor his friends and tag his friends he will have higher chanceofwinning. Share your valentines post in our eatlapps Facebookpage.Then why so late, please help your friend to find her lovedones.Find your friend a valentine.Tutorial:1. You can download the game "Find your friend a valentine"apps,from eatlapps website.2 .Click on the apps first3. Select a shape for your Friend for whom you want to findavalentine or want to make the post3. Write your thoughts about your friend, exciting truth,mysterythat only you know, all the great thing you can write aboutyourfriend and can post and the end message will be, He/She isverycool / dashing / smart,So find him / her a valentine.4. Save and publish on your Facebook.5. Tag your friend.6. To participate in the competition inbox us.
Burst your Enemy 1.0 APK
This game is an 3D airplane ShootingGame.Fight against varieties of Enemy airplane with your own plane.2different stages. Don't Die early!!!! Boss is waiting for youatthe end f each stage. Infinite fighting. Gain as much score asyoucan. Be a top scorer and take your name in the highscore.Havefun.
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Tritiyo Matra by Zillur Rahman, anawardwinning program on Channel i television, is one of the pioneerandthe most popular talk-shows ever produced by anytelevisionchannels in Bangladesh. By 2008, more than 20 milliontelevisionBengali program viewing audiences in Bangladesh or livingacrossdifferent regions around the world had made Tritiyo Matra apart oftheir nightly television viewing routine. The one-hourprogram isbroadcasted two times a day for all 365 days of a yearand can beseen from most places around the world through Channeli’ssatellite network.Tritiyo Matra means a 3rd dimension and it represents athird,neutral view point to observe and analyze the matters aroundus;also creates a place that encourage frank expression ofthoughtsand sharing of individual views or opinions; also offersthe mostsuitable (unbiased) conditions that helps us initiatediscussions,dialogues or debates to justify, clarify and evaluateall thematters that interests us, and of which, we are a part.Tritiyo Matra, with its first telecast on truly introduced atothe socio political mindset of the nation, by offering aneutralground for open discussions, constructive criticisms anddialoguesbetween the social leaders, intellectuals, politiciansandbureaucrats of the nation; and made it possible for thegeneralpeople to watch them closely how they act, react, discussanddefend their ideologies, opinions or stand-points when exposedandbeing questioned by their oppositions. It created a huge impactbygenerating tremendous awareness amongst the mass abouttheircountry’s politics and socio-economic situations that enabledthemto better judge the existing leadership and developed theirstrongview points about the betterment of the country.Zillur Rahman, as the host, researcher and director,isconsidered to be the Heart of Tritiyo Matra. The depths oftheirrelationship has made Zillur Rahman and Tritiyo Matrabecomeinseparable entities - to the extent where one can bereferred toas the ‘synonym’ of the other! Rahman also undoubtedlystands apartas a host and director, as he has brought in a wholenew dimensionto the concept and presentation of talk-shows of whathas becomethe most watched and popular talk-show Tritiyo Matra.However many people do not know that there’s another personwho’sname must be associated with every success, achievementsandfailures of Tritiyo Matra. None other than Faridur Reza Sagar,theManaging Director and one of the founders of Impress TelefilmsLtd.and Channel i, is one of the founders, initiators and keypatronsof the program. As a matter of fact the very first conceptof thistalk show is believed to be a brainchild of Faridur RezaSagor.Zillur mentions, ‘My success has also been largely because ofthesupport and faith I have received from Faridur Reza Sagar, whohadgiven me this opportunity and freedom’.‘The idea of the show istoensure accountability. Throughout these years, I have triedtomaintain an unbiased and clear approach where people get toknowthe truth,’ he says strongly. ‘Despite the casual andsimplepresentation of the show, the testimony of its success is thefactthat it is the most watched show both here and abroad.