1.29.00 / June 10, 2019
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Bus Rush 2 is one of the most complete multiplayer runners forAndroid. Run along Rio de Janeiro and other scenarios. Drag to jumpor slide and to move left or right, avoid hitting obstacles liketrucks, buses and subway trains among others! Play races with otherusers around the world in the multiplayer mode. Run around andgather all the coins you can in different scenarios from Rio citylike downtown, subway, sewer, forest, different beaches and anamazing jungle! In Bus Rush 2, you can choose among 6 differentcharacters to play with. Run with Roy, Zoey, Darryl, Katie andtheir new friends that come to join the adventure: Shen and Ada!Also, you can customize your character of choice by purchasingdifferent items such as t-shirts, pants and shoes! Try the newpowerups! The boomerang that destroy obstacles converting them incoins and the surfboard that converting you in an immortal runner.These powerups will be very helpful in the scenarios more difficultlike jungle or subway. If you run long enough you can venture intothe new skate park bonus stage. Test your abilities in the skatepark, where you have to be as agile as you can to get all therubies. If you reach the goal you can open the chest full ofrewards. This mode is available in endless and levels! Only forbrave riders! The sewers and the subway are more difficult, becareful! Think twice before making a decision. Try to play the newmultiplayer mode where you can join fun races with people aroundthe world, collect powerful pickups and activate them to win therace! Soon there will be multiplayer levels set in the sewer,subway, and others! If you are tired of running, you can play thenew mode based on the classic snake game! In this snake mini gameyou can get many rewards that you can use in the rest of the game!Including startboosts, multiplayer boxes, random tickets, coins andrubies! The Bus Rush 2 Store has lots of items to enhance youringame experience. Get upgrades to improve your power ups includingmagnets, boots, boomerangs and surfboards. Upgrade your jetpacktoo, and get lots of coins and gems. You can also purchase Boardsto survive obstacle hits or a consumable jetpack you can use at thestart of every game! Features: 6 characters 4 thematic and 6 basicfully customizable sets of clothes 4 game modes: endless, levels,multiplayer and snake minigame Rio de Janeiro themed city Differentscenarios to run in. Downtown, sewer, subway, forest, jungle anddifferent beaches! Many obstacles and vehicles to dodge, such asbuses, trucks, garbage collectors, subway trains among others!Excellent graphics and sounds Over 7 power ups and boosters BonusStage: Skate Park

App Information Bus Rush 2: Subway Run

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    Bus Rush 2: Subway Run
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    June 10, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    9709 Kenneth Oren drive Charlotte, NC 28213 United States
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Bus Rush 2: Subway Run Version History

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  • 1.25.02 (214012502)
  • Bus Rush 2: Subway Run 1.25.02 APK File

    Publish Date: 2019 /3/4
    Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Size: 81.6 MB
    Tested on: Android 9 (Pie, API: 28)
    File Sha1: f15c94299d370a5dff7e49cec66a0a88cc6966b1
    APK Signature: f1fd93d48f0610349b2fb2bd625382ff54414120

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Bus Rush 1.15.11 APK
Bus Rush is an amazing running game for Android. Run along thecraziest scenarios in the Bus Rush City. Drag to jump or slide andto move left or right. Avoid hitting trucks, buses and subwaytrains. Run around the Bus Rush city, subway, forest and beach andgather all the coins you can. In this exciting runner game, you canchoose among 10 different characters to play with. Surf the BusRush city with Roy, Zoey, Darryl, Katie, or any of your favoritecharacters! Also, you can customize your virtual surfer of choiceby purchasing thematic runner skins! The Bus Rush Store has lots ofitems to improve your running performance. Get runner upgrades toimprove your power ups (including magnets and boots). Upgrade yourjetpack too, and get lots of coins. You can also purchase Boards tosurf mid-air and survive obstacle hits —whether you hit buses,trucks or even subway trains! Bus Rush also gives you the chance ofgetting amazing gifts. Collect your daily gift each day and openmystery boxes to get some special rewards! Bus Rush is a very funrunner game. Download it now and start running! Features: -Chinatown included! - Bonus stage implemented! - New characterincluded! - 10 characters for you to choose and surf the city! - 14great skins to change the looks of your favorite runner! - Amazingpower-ups: coin magnet, jetpack, super jump, score multiplier andair-surfing boards! - Different scenarios to run in. City, subway,forest and beach! - Trucks, buses and subway trains to avoid! -Lots of obstacle-dodging fun! - Daily gift
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