1.0 / August 22, 2017
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Cartoon Giraffe Screen PIN Lock - be a child again! With ourCartoonGiraffe Screen PIN Locker you’ll have an awesomely lookinggiraffealways there to give joy to your eyes and have of yourdailytroubles pass away! We provide not only a good protection butabunch of good looking pictures as well! Check out even moredownbelow! You have a wide bunch of possibilities to ensure yourdata’ssafety! Create a unique and hard-to-break password! Or goanotherway and choose a short yet very effective little PIN to lockyourScreen! Or get things even more sophisticated and use yourvoice ora certain way of touching the screen to protect your data!Thechoice is absolutely yours! Experience protection and acoolpicture in our new Cartoon Giraffe Screen PIN Locker!

App Information Butterfly Wing PIN Lock

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    Butterfly Wing PIN Lock
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    August 22, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
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    Carkin Lock App
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Emoji Monkey PIN Lock – your tiny little cuttie!Do you like tinyand happy monkeys? And you also would like a Screen PIN Lock? Whydon’t you combine these essential needs of yours? Emoji Monkey PINLock – you little but not weak defense! Give them your password,PIN, voice or touch and you’re in! If not then despite how cutethey all are, they certainly won’t let anyone else in!Don’twithstand this pleasure – download our Emoji Monkey PIN Lock!
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Miracle Unicorn PIN Lock is an Android-based application that worksto meet the security needs of conscious users. The applicationallows you to change the look of the lock screen with beautifulunicorns.Protect your privacy with Miracle Unicorn PIN Lock. Simpledesign allows you to use what features you want to use! By enablingonly what the users really need and keeping the size of the programsmall, the application can be launched quickly when you want to useit.Unicorn - a mythical being symbolizing integrity. Usuallyunicorns are represented in the form of a horse with a horn.According to esoteric teachings, it has a white body, red head andblue eyes. Install our application and feel safe!
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Boxing Gloves PIN Lock 1.0 APK
Boxing Gloves PIN Lock is the best protection application toinstall our PIN Lock in order to prevent the invasion of yourprivacy by unauthorized persons.If you are a boxing fan and martialarts competitor, you will definitely enjoy our app that wasdesigned for you.This program helps you to set up screen lock withthe required number of features. The application containseverything you need to protect a smartphone:Password lockscreenSlider Screen lockYou can change the wallpaper on the themeof boxing gloves which are a kind of boxing equipment, which servesto protect the athlete's hands and body parts of the sparringpartner during training and matches.
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Husky Breed Screen PIN Lock – a fine loyal doggy!Have gorgeousandamazing photos of a good and loyal husky to ornament you ScreenPINLocker! Various different yet all as one amazing andastonishinghuskies just for you to choose from! Have not only agood ScreenLocker to defend your data but get also a bunch ofmasterpiecepictures of a cute doggy!Our Screen PIN Locker providesyou withlots of possibilities to ensure that your data is safe andsound!We offer you an ability to make either password or PIN, oreven achoice between a voice or touch access control! This isabsolutelyup to your choice!Download our Husky Breed Screen PINLock – andhave cuteness all around!
Blue Whale Lock Screen 1.0 APK
Blue Whale, block the screen fun and free. Blue Whale PIN Lockaddsthe fun and personality of your unlock pattern. Provides youwith afascinating wallpaper blue whale locking theme with uniquescreenunlocking styles.Blue whale - the largest creature that livedonour planet. In some cases its weight reaches 200 tons, andthelength is more than 30 meters. The average length of one speciesis22-28 meters. Blue whale is a huge animal. Its range extendsfromAntarctic to the Arctic. To this day the whaling hasalmostdestroyed the blue whale. Because of this, he is listed intheInternational Red Book.The fountain that emits a blue whale isnotvery sprayed and rises to a height of 6 to 9 meters.
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Get rid of your boring screen lock and download our latest FluffyHamster PIN Lock. Download our Cute Hamster PIN Lock freeware andmake sure your personal data is safe.If you like hamsters then ourlock screen will suit you perfectly. Milk hamster - maybe you cannot love them? Hamsters are very cute pets, and they are easy tocare for, so it's not surprising that they are so popular.Hamstersuse chews - bags to carry food in their nets in the wild. Thesebags are more than twice as wide as their faces! Different kinds ofhamsters are often kept in zoos or living corners. Ground animals;Some species swim well, picking up air in the cheek pouches. Theylive alone, dig complicated holes. They do not fall into a realwinter hibernation, but they may fall into a prolonged numbness.They feed on plant and animal food, mostly seeds.
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Monster Smile Screen PIN Lock – a good protector! Use our newandfashionable Monster Smile Screen PIN Locker – am awesome andloyalprotector of your valuable data. Multiple smiles of alittlemonster are available to you in our Screen PIN Locker! Have afancya stylish looking locker and not a typical one. Stand out ofthecrowd! You may use a good password or a short PIN. You may aswelluse your own voice to do so. Or you may also use your ownveryunique touch to do so. It’s entirely up to you! Be cool andtrendy– grab our Screen PIN Locker!