1.5 / April 30, 2018
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Button Blast an addictive game. Sharpen your brain. This is apuzzlegame and you will have to think for how to remove all thebuttons ondenim to complete the level. Tap on red button and itwill work likea scissors. When you will click on one red button itwill work likea chain reaction and will remove near by redbuttons.Features:1.Total 800 unique levels.2. Four level as peryour capabilities.3.Beautiful design and animations.How ToPayClick on RED button toblast it and it will also blast near byred buttons. if near buttonsare not red then it will change asbelow . Blast all the buttonsusing number of life given.Blue willbecome YellowYellow will becomeGreenGreen will become RedRed ->blast....

App Information Button Blast

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    Button Blast
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    April 30, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    ACKAD Developer INDIA
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ACKAD Kids Spelling Learning is for Kids to learn spelling as wellas typing. More than 450+ spellings to learn with pictures. If kidsenter wrong spelling it will display it in red with sound play. Wehave designed kids keyboard especially so they can understand whichfingers to use for typing. While pressing key it also plays soundof key. Kids will also learn how to pronounce words as we haveincluded text to speech engine. Features 1. Twelve spellingcategories are included. 2. Learning Alphabets spellings. 3.Learning Animals spellings. 4. Learning Fruits spellings. 5.Learning Vegetables spellings. 6. Learning Body Parts spellings. 7.Learning Sight Words spellings. 8. Learning Numbers spellings. 9.Learning Flowers spellings. 10. Learning Birds spellings 11. 100Sight words are included. 12. Learning Transportation spellings.13. Learning Months spellings. 14. Learning Days spellings. 15.Learning Shapes spellings. 16. Learning Colors spellings. 17.Learning Domestic Animals spellings. 18. Learning Three letterswords spellings. 19. Learning Four letters words spellings. 20.Learning Five letters words spellings. 21. Learning Six letterswords spellings. 22. All twelve categories of spellings are free.23. All categories have high quality images. 24. Speak It buttonwill speak the spelling. 25. Help Me button will show spelling incase kids don't know. 26. Delete and eraser button to remove singleor all typed characters. 27. Settings to enable or disable keysound and text to speech. 28. Jump to button if you want to skipspelling. Also learn below spellings from Kids Spelling Learning 2(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ackad.kidsspellinglearning2).1. Learning Doctor and Hospital spellings. 2. Learning Kitchenspellings. 3. Learning Planets and Space spellings. 4. LearningComputer parts spellings. 5. Learning Office items spellings. 6.Learning Living Room items spellings. 7. Learning Bathroom Itemsspellings. 8. Learning School Items spellings. 9. LearningProfessions(Jobs) spellings. 10. Learning Indoor Activitiesspellings. 11. Learning Outdoor Activities spellings. 12. LearningWater Animals spellings. 13. Learning Food Items spellings. 14.Learning Countries spellings. 15. Learning Mixed words spellingswith four categories. More spellings will be added soon.
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This applications is only for Sathwara Samaj. Connecting people ofSathwara Samaj.
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Sliding Puzzle 3.5 APK
Sliding Puzzle with number and image mode. This is very addictivepuzzle game with 3 different size boards. Features: 1. Slidingpuzzle 3x3 2. Sliding puzzle 4x4 3. Sliding puzzle 5x5 4. Settingsto choose number or image mode. 5. Image of world’s 8 wonders. 6.Show number of moves. 7. Tap sound. Tap on image or number to move.
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You will have a lots of fun with Find the Cat game. This is freegame and no purchase. You can play any level at any time, no needto clear previous levels.If you can't find cat you can usemagnifier lens to zoom the image and turn off the zoom when youfind the cat to select the cat.It has more then 1000 levels.
Kids Money Counting 3.6 APK
Kids Money CountingLearn how to count moneyKids Money counting isto learn money counting for kids. There are four different ways tolearn money counting. Based on Kids expertise they can choose anoption.Enjoy this cool money counting game for kids and have funlearning money counting.To learn money counting we have speciallydesigned Vending Machine to learn money counting. Learn UnitedState currency for kids.Learn European currency for kids.LearnIndian currency for kids.Learn Chinese currency for kids.LearnEngland currency for kids.Learn Korean currency for kids.LearnAustralian currency for kids.Learn Canadian currency for kids.LearnRussian currency for kids.Learn Singapore currency for kids.1.Learn money addition.2. Learn money greater than less than.3. Learnmoney counting.4. Kids learn purchase using currency.5. Selectcoins and notes option.Please give your feedback [email protected] permission is required only for GoogleStore.