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When you come to Hong Kong to buy gold, this App will help you tounderstand the unit cost of gold as well as the costs of the goldornaments you are going to purchase. It takes care of the weightunit (tael) being used in Hong Kong and the SI unit (gram) that youare using. Moreover, it also retrieve the unit cost of goldautomatically from the Internet to ease your purchase.

App Information Buy Gold Calculator in HK

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    Buy Gold Calculator in HK
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    May 4, 2012
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    Android 2.0 and up
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    KenMac Holdings Limited
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    2A Chatham Commercial Building, 399 Chatham Road North Hong Kong
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365 圣经金句 2.1 APK
「圣经金句 365」罗列了365节经文,每天一节并配上照片,呈现在大家眼前,好让 神的话语成为彼此随时的帮助。「圣经金句365」加进下面功能:1.记录感想对每节经文,记下自己的或领受、或感想、或体会、或联想…;也可按一个键,将所有输入的「感想」罗列出来2.电邮分享将感想和经文,自动复制,成为电邮内容,跟别人分享那一刻的思绪3.搜寻串联输入目标词汇或片语,让「圣经金句365」找出相关经文,互相参照;寻找范围也包括了所有输入的「感想」4.繁简互换只需按一下,繁体和简体中文,便可立即转换5. 字号底图字体大小随心意,从10号选至40号;底图可自选纯色、风景或仿纸的6.交流分享大家可利用facebook, twitter, 「微博」及电邮,跟我们沟通
365 圣经金句 HD 2.1 APK
「圣经金句 365」罗列了365节经文,每天一节并配上照片,呈现在大家眼前,好让 神的话语成为彼此随时的帮助。「圣经金句365」加进下面功能:1.记录感想对每节经文,记下自己的或领受、或感想、或体会、或联想…;也可按一个键,将所有输入的「感想」罗列出来2.电邮分享将感想和经文,自动复制,成为电邮内容,跟别人分享那一刻的思绪3.搜寻串联输入目标词汇或片语,让「圣经金句365」找出相关经文,互相参照;寻找范围也包括了所有输入的「感想」4.繁简互换只需按一下,繁体和简体中文,便可立即转换5. 字号底图字体大小随心意,从10号选至40号;底图可自选纯色、风景或仿纸的6.交流分享大家可利用facebook, twitter, 「微博」及电邮,跟我们沟通
圣经 - 祝福你 3.3 APK
“圣经 -祝福你”为Android版中文和合本圣经,不但功能强大,其操作尤其便捷轻易;不论在灵修、研经、带组查经、崇拜读经等...“圣经 -祝福你”绝对是您及每位渴望追求神的读者之最优工具。“圣经 - 祝福你”功能会陆续更新,而已附特色如下:1. 书卷章节完备完整包含简体中文和合本旧约、新约全本圣经,更全部附设每章节标题,介面简洁清晰。2. 强化搜寻定位设有多类定位查经模式,可本书卷内检阅前后章节、可跨书卷跳阅指定章节、可以关键字作全书或特定书卷搜寻经文。3. 书签感想纪录在灵修读经时遇到对自己有提醒的经文,或在按计划读经时想记低下次接续的章节,可先加进书签,以便随时重温。每遇经文而有感而发之时,更可流下心迹,记下感想,让日后回顾。4.多源分享途径 一刻感觉有益处的经文并渴望与别人分享,可点选该节或多节经文并长按介面,拣选分享功能,分享到您指定的途径如Facebook / Gmail 或以短讯发放。5. 字体自由缩放 读者可任何时候自行调整圣经文字大小,以切合读经时的最佳舒适度
W2P stands for Web to Print. This App (call it as FOD) is the firstand innovative tool for you to manage your printing business bysmartphones or tablets. It targets on FEFCO and ESBO corrugatedpackaging. Printing is a highly competitive business, to surviveyou should understand the profit margin of each quotation; as such,you must employ latest cost factors to secure your profitability.To manifest this, FOD is inevitably your choice. Just a few taps,you can update all cost databases such as paper, machine, ink,finishing and wastage etc.Once databases are set, tap and locateyour target corrugated packaging, input values of length, breathand height, select paper, machine and finishing. FOD will derivethe best production method for you:- size of paper- paper-outmethod- number of up- number of print sheets, most importantly-pre-press cost- material cost- printing cost- finishing cost.Shortage of printing personnel is no longer a concern; FODpossesses all printing know-how and can work for you round theclock.You don't have to buy any hardware or software license; justdownload FOD and run it. Your start-up cost is minimal. You willonly be charged on demand, this amount may be less than one USdollar.Your colleagues can also employ your account to login attheir own smartphones or tablets. By doing this, you are creating adiversified mobile shopfront to strengthen your salesforce.Whenmeeting customers, there is no pre-defined cost vs price table inFOD, instead FOD is your interactive tool to meet every requirementraised by your customers; this includes box type, box shape, boxsizes, quantity, printing material and number of colour.
bis zum Tod 1.1 APK
"bis zum Tod " sammelt einige Bibelverse zum Thema "Liebe". Eszielt darauf ab, mit Ihnen zu teilen "der Natur / Wurzel derLiebe", "das Engagement der Liebe", "die Rolle von Mann / Frau"...Um Ihnen zu helfen durch die Schrift inspiriert, haben wir einBild zu jeder Strophe aufgenommen."bis zum Tod" hat folgendeMerkmale berücksichtigt:1. Notieren Sie Ihre GedankenBeim Leseneiner Bibelstelle, kann es Assoziationen, Gedanken, Wertschätzung,das Gefühl ... Entrückung in deinem Geist ist, nur einen Klickentfernt zu notieren dieser früheren Zeit.2. Sagen Sie es perEmailMit einem Klick wird Ihre Gedanken oder den Vers gelesenwerden automatisch zu dem Inhalt einer E-Mail, Sie könnten IhreMeinung mit anderen sofort zu teilen.3. Bookmark IhreLeidenschaftMit einem Klick Bookmark Ihren günstigen Vers so ihreRückholung in Zukunft für die Wiederbelebung Ihren Geist zuerleichtern.4. Holen Sie sich Ihr Ziel hast"bis zum Tod" finden Siedie Verse und Ihr allerdings mit Ihrer Zielgruppe Phrase oderWörter Eingang eingebettet"To the death" collects some Bible verseson the subject of "love." It aims to share with you "nature / rootof love", "the commitment of love", "the role of man / woman" ...Tohelp you to be inspired by Scripture, we have taken a picture toevery verse."To the death" has taken into account the followingfeatures:1 Write down your thoughtsWhile reading a bible verse,there may be associations, thoughts, appreciation, feeling ...rapture in your mind, write down only a click away earlier thistime.2 Share it by emailWith one click, your thought or the versewill be read automatically to the contents of an e-mail, you couldshare your mind with others immediately.3 Bookmark yourpassionClicking Bookmark so in the future for the revivalfacilitate your cheap verse their retrieval your mind.4 Get yourtarget searched"To the death" to find the verses and your but withyour target phrase or words input embedded
Love Vow 1.4 APK
“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and holdfast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” “So they are nolonger two, but one.” “Therefore what God has joined together, letman not separate.” These are the teachings given by our God aimingto remind us it is imperative to maintain a good and healthymarriage.. The saying “marriage is holy” receives a lot ofjudgments these days. Why is it so difficult to maintain theChristian marriage nowadays? Will the marriage be bonded forever ifthe couple gear to tolerate and love unconditionally? Will thecouple adhere to each other forever by listening biblicalcommandments? Will the power of the church eliminate the tensiongenerated from inharmonious marriage? Will it be constructive ifthe couple suppress themselves to ignore their unhappy loverelationship? A syndrome “I love you but I am not in love with you”gradually formed and strengthen to disintegrate Christianmarriages; this has become the portraiture of marriage lives in thechurch. What could we do while we are facing this difficultsituation? Yes, we need to face our true self and renew our mindsto go along with the will of God. Let’s read the scripture againand be refreshed.“Love Vow” has incorporated the followingfeatures:1. Record your thoughtsWhile reading a bible verse, theremay be associations, thoughts, appreciation, feeling…rapture inyour mind, just one click away to jot down this previous moment.2.Share it by emailWith one click, your thought or the verse beingread will be automatically become the content of an email; youcould share your mind with others immediately.3. Bookmark yourpassionWith one click, bookmark your favourable verse so as to easetheir retrieval in future for revitalizing your spirit.4. Get yourtarget searched“Love Vow” will find the verses embedded with yourtarget phrase or words input and get them highlighted
365 聖經金句 2.5 APK
「聖經金句 365」羅列了365節經文,每天一節並配上照片,呈現在大家眼前,好讓 神的話語成為彼此隨時的幫助。「聖經金句365」加進下面功能:1.記錄感想對每節經文,記下自己的或領受、或感想、或體會、或聯想…;也可按一個鍵,將所有輸入的「感想」羅列出來2.電郵分享將感想和經文,自動複製,成為電郵內容,跟別人分享那一刻的思緒3.搜尋串聯輸入目標詞彙或片語,讓「聖經金句365」找出相關經文,互相參照;尋找範圍也包括了所有輸入的「感想」4.繁簡互換只需按一下,繁體和簡體中文,便可立即轉換5. 字號底圖字體大小隨心意,從10號選至40號;底圖可自選純色、風景或仿紙的6.交流分享大家可利用facebook, twitter, 「微博」及電郵,跟我們溝通
365 Biblia 2.5 APK
"Bible Verse 365" en la versión española (español), recoge 365versículos de la Biblia y las listas de un verso y una foto de cadadía, vamos a leer todos los días para que la palabra de Dios nospuede animar a cualquier hora y en cualquier lugar.Hemosincorporado las siguientes características en la versión española"Bible Verse 365":1. Anota tus pensamientosMientras lee unversículo de la Biblia, no pueden ser asociaciones, pensamientos,reconocimiento, sensación de éxtasis ... en su mente, a sólo unclic de distancia para anotar este momento anterior y, además, otroclic aparecerá una lista de todos los comentarios de entrada parasu revisión.2. Comparte por correo electrónicoCon un clic, elpensamiento y el verso que se lee se convierte automáticamente enel contenido de un correo electrónico, usted puede compartir sucuenta con otros inmediatamente.3. Consigue tu objetivobuscado"Bible Verse 365" encontrará integrados los versos con sufrase de destino o de entrada de palabras, el límite búsquedaincluye los comentarios de entrada.4. Tamaño de la fuente y elfondoSeleccione el tamaño de la fuente deseada de 10 a 40, de fondode diferentes colores, paisajes y texturas también estándisponibles para elegir.5. comunicaciónComparta sus ideas connosotros, ya sea Facebook, Twitter, Micro Blog (「微 博」) o por correoelectrónico."Bible Verse 365" in the Spanish version (Spanish),collects 365 bible verses and lists one verse and one photo foreach day, we read every day so that the word of God could encourageus anytime and anywhere.We have incorporated the following featuresin the Spanish version "Bible Verse 365":1. Record yourthoughtsWhile reading a Bible verse, are not associations,thoughts, appreciation, feeling ecstasy ... in his mind, just aclick away to score earlier and now also another click will listall input comment for review.2. Share mailWith one click, thethought and the verse that reads automatically becomes the contentof an email, you can share your account with others immediately.3.Get your desired goal"Bible Verse 365" will find the versesembedded with your target phrase or words input, the search limitinput includes comments.4. Font size and backgroundSelect thedesired font size from 10 to 40, different background colors,landscapes and textures are also available to choose from.5.communicationShare your ideas with us, whether Facebook, Twitter,Micro Blog ("微 博") or by email.