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Beat the Buzzer to Basket the Ball with a twist of controllingtheball path to make the ball reach the basket safely. Are youexcitedto basket the ball. Besides classical basket games there isaturning point to make the ball travel to the destinationavoidinghurdles and placing platforms at the right place and heightas theymove up and down in front of you. Control the path to makethe ballmove towards the destination basket avoiding falling offthe edge.This is a classic basket the ball game with a twist ofpath makingto drive your ball roll towards the desired finalplatforms andthen to basket the ball. There are multiple hurdlesthat would tryto cease and break your ball into pieces. Try toavoid theobstacles as the come. Obstacles like Hammer, Speedyplatforms aregoing to try & stop you from getting the ball intothe baskets.There are multiple balls to select, unlock, buy andplay with. Themore advancing levels also introduce more challenginggame play.Buzzer Beater Basket the Ball Features: ★ Authentic &Realistic3D Physics ★ Multiple Balls to choose from ★ Unique &Multipleobstacles & Moving Hurdles ★ Realistic 3D Graphics ★Simple& Smooth Touch Controls

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    Buzzer Beater - Basket The Ball
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    January 25, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Vegas Street Mafia Crime : Survival Gangster Fight 1.0 APK
Welcome to enjoy the real Vegas street mafia crime. Vegascityoffers shooting gangsters and stealing the truck of ruthlessMafiaof the city. Transporting the truck from one place to anotherinmad city mafia areas is extremely risky. This game is allaboutsurvival of the Gang's, your task is to attack on citymafiadealings, by stealing the weapons, drugs & cargo become amorestrengthen & powerful Gangster. For Joining the gang thereissome task that you must perform, for example (Hit the PunchBagWith Bat & Hit the targets by using AK47 Gun) Themostinteresting & thrilling is to kill the enemies with bat.Beacriminal and don't let the crime stoppers and armed forcescatchyou. Beware of attacks from Big Mafia's.Become the gang'stopenforcer. As a toughest mobster Kill your rivals and city policetorebuild your terror on citizens. Start earning reputation ascrimeboss of underworld. Capture rival territory, rule the hoodandexpand your crime squad. Steal tools from streets, drive toenemyHQ and shoot down enemy gang members. Increase your fear inthehearts of dangerous Mafia's by attacking & Take ControlOntheir HQ. Shoot & Kill Mafia's in theft missions. Survive asareal crook in extreme city open environment, avoid police carchaseand take over control of urban town turf as hero gangster.Justload your gun and let the real gang war begin. Enjoy thug lifebyextreme rob, shoot and escape. Manage gangster escape fromEnemybefore they kill you. Rush towards store exit rapidly, shootguardsand become a real gangster.There is unique opportunity foryou tobecome a super villain. Many different ammunition and weaponsareat your disposal. Become a chief on the streets of criminalityinVegas!Survival Gangster Fight will allow you to experiencetherisky Real Vegas car theft 2018 truck drive in Vegas dangerouscityof criminal drivers. This is a time to improve your drivingskills.Features: • Real gangster city auto theft  • Easycontrols •High quality graphics • Roam for You under The HiddenBasement •Action music and control sounds • Realistic Player &GangsterAI • Multiple Missions
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In this Gang War game, you're fighting against other rival gangsinbrutal military style combat. The objective is to be thelastgangster standing. Explore the huge open world of mafia crimecitywith vintage cars and freedom to free roam in this deathshootinggame city. Punch the gangsters and even shoot down mobcartelmembers while gaining notoriety.Start your career as anemerginggangster in mafia crime city and become a criminal legendof LasVegas in open world games. Perform car theft, save yourgangmembers and there families , drive fast in this stunt drivinggamesand drive around in downtown of sin city. The sin city isfilledwith cartel gangs, mafia gangster deliver packages andcompletedeals to gain popularity. Rival gangs has their own uniquestylesof combat and it's up to you to learn and using strategy outflankand out gun them.As a big gangster involved in auto theft andmanymore crimes, you are also on a critical survival missioningangster’s crime city. Let’s show your super drifting &drivingskills to combat in this stealth challenging mission. Startyourride in your muscle car in the crime city and resumeyourunderworld criminal career in mafia games. Grab Americanmusclecars roaming on the streets and drive around for endless funandchaos in Vegas future crime.Take your guns, aim and shootyourenemies!!!Exclusively for the fans of action games, car theftgamesand mafia games.Features:- Incredible 3D Graphics-PowerfulWeapons- Night Mode Realistic Grand Theft Environments-AutoVehicles as per your choice- HD Realistic Environment- 10ThrillingMissions
US Military Plane Hijack Rescue Mission Night Mode 1.1 APK
Hijack Airplane Rescue Mission is thrilling rescue gamesagainstterrorists. Rescue mission games with the incredible will toarrestthe terror attack mission and put them in prison withgreatest ofaeroplane hijacking games. This is the big hijackmission US by theterrorists. The hostage and passengers of theplane are in danger.Now they need the fearlessly strong secretbrave agent to takecontrol of the airport and aeroplane security totake off all theplanes with safety to their destination. There ismultiple uniquechallenging missions in the new free game. This isthe accuratetest of your smashing terrorist’s skills to cover thecivilian fortheir safety. You will be awarded with cash at the endof everysuccessful mission and you can by more guns with moredamage,accuracy and range to enhance your power to counter thecriminals.The complete mission briefing will be provided at thestart ofevery critical and thrilling level for your ease.Features:Impressive and intuitive on screen controls for fans offearlessshooting games with gun Amazing 3D air force one PlaneEnvironmentThrilling & challenging fighting missions Fight hardtime withairplane hijackers in epic battle Smooth controls for bestthirdperson shooting experience
Robot Car transform Battle : Future Robot Wars 3D 1.0 APK
Earth is under attack of evil robots. Lets fight back withsuperherorobots as bravest warriors to save earth from alienrobot. It’s timeto play ultimate car robot game of the century!Drive, fire andfight to destroy all the robo cars and enemyrobots. This robot wargames includes new robot fighting games withnew combat skill.Download the amazing Real Robot Car Transformgames. Play the best3D shooting game War car robot TransformerGame from robot fightinggames. It is the new era of robot shootinggames so here it comesthe real robot car transformer game themaster of all robot shootinggames. This brilliant robot war gameswill definitely give you thepro practice of best car robot games3d. In this stunning robo game,you’ll test your controlling skillsof both robot simulator and robocar. The gameplay of the robotgame is pretty simple, you will fightagainst other battle robot tosave your city from fighter robots.Finish them to get access tonext level.The really amazing featureof this game is the shiftingof robots into furious Cars andshifting of cars into Robots.Yourcars can fire unlimited missilesand use gun power against enemies.Fight for the honor of metalwarriors in robot battle game! Youmight have played many limo robotgames but this unique limo robottakes you to the next level of funand excitement. So get ready forthe king of all robot games, TheOne and Only the REAL ROBOT CARTRANSFORMER BATTLE!Real Robot CarTransformer Wars Features:•Dynamic robot combat game• Real 3dGraphics and environment•Transform Car into Robot and Robot intoCar • RealisticTransformations• Stunning Car Physics• Beautifullandscapes•Excellent in drive and robot shooting experience
Real Sniper Hunter : Wild Jungle Animal Shooting 1.0 APK
Are you ready to play most Thrilling Real Sniper Hunter gamewithreal shooting effects, HD graphics and with most realisticforestenvironment with tress, grass, mountains etc. best worldforestplaces. The best wild jungle animal Shooting games whereadventureawaits you to hunt wild animals in a real forest. Ifyou're aperson who has the nerve for dangers, then this mountainhuntergame is the best animal hunting simulator to experiencewildhunting. Be a professional wild animal hunter in animalshooting& 3D hunting game to shoot wild animals, by showingbraveactions to the HUNTER'S AROUND THE WORLD. There are thetargetsanimals you have to kill them in each level and some animalsyoudon't need to kill them. There is also a some dangerouswildanimals that may attack from any direction in the jungle, youhaveto kill them and make your hunt safe & successful.AndSometimes you have to save some animals from otherdangerousanimals like beer after killing these crazy wild animals.Aim yourscope and shoot for precise head shot before the furiousbeastsjump on you to kill you. During shooting deer, Fox,Boar, andStag you just have to shoot deer with your sniper gun butin lionand wild animal, hunting these animal can provoke them toattack& kill you. This game is a brand new best real huntingandsniper shooting experience which you might not been able to getinyour real life. Those who cannot risk their life huntingwildanimals can enjoy real hunting experience by playing thisgame.Let’s play and enjoy free Action games with most advancespecialhunting sniper Rifles at your disposal.  Real SniperHuntingGame : Wild Jungle Animal Shooting Features:  •Dangerousenvironment Full of wild animals. • Variety of Animals toKill. •Shooting from a vantage point. • Shoot through Tree leaves.•Animal scattered quickly making hunt more thrilling andchallenging• Aim at Running Wild Animals. • Avoid killing friendlyanimals. •Kill the animals before times up. • Double zoom for moreprecision.• Permit yourself to pull the trigger when target is inrange. • 4Snipers with Best camera zooming and shooting accuracy.