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Beep, beep, beep! Welcome to the jigsaw puzzles for kids full ofvehicles delight! Let your child explore the fascinating world ofcars and trucks in a really fun and educational way! Wow! So manycars! Does your toddler enjoy playing with different cars? Then youfound the very right puzzle game for your little one! Here you’llfind tons of cars and vehicle kid puzzles of all kinds and sizes!Full version of the educational puzzle games includes 5 fun-filledthemes with 60 vehicles: Free car games for little boy. This themewill appreciate little ones who are crazy about bigfoot monstertruck puzzles, sports cars, racing cars, pickup truck and trailergames, bike and scooters. Construction vehicles puzzles forpreschoolers. Every little boy will surely enjoy the puzzle setwith road rollers, cranes, cement mixers, tractor and various dumptrucks. Heavy machinery games. This is for those who can't getenough of big vehicles like trailer trucks, dump trucks, mixers,lift crane, tank trucks. Diggers baby puzzles for two year old.Discover various excavators, dump trucks and loaders used on aconstruction site. Special purpose vehicles. Carefully selected forlittle ones who like to play policemen or firefighters. Enjoypolice car puzzle, fire trucks for kids, ambulance car, mail lorry,ice-cream truck, garbage truck, SWAT vehicle, taxi and city bus.How to play these jigsaw puzzles free games kids for 3 year old:touch the screen and drag the car to the correct place matching thevehicle and its shape. When a puzzle is completed enjoy the happycheering and then tap the arrow to assemble the next one. Featuresof the free car games for kids 5 and under boys: - Five colorfulthemes with 60 different vehicles; - When a puzzle cars for kids iscompleted children are rewarded with colorful balloon popping; -These games about cars are highly interactive. Every vehicle isfilled with sweet animations and sounds; - Pleasant backgroundmusic and sound effects; - Toddler car puzzles are randomlygenerated so every time your little one will play a differentpuzzle; - Easy navigation between puzzles specially designed fortoddlers and preschool children 1 – 4 years old; - Interactive appencourages child’s development of attention, logic thinking,memory, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, etc.; - And a pleasantbonus for parents – you don’t have to worry about losing any of thepuzzle pieces! Download the Wooden Puzzles for Kids and forgetabout boredom!

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Racing games for toddlers 3.5 APK
New Car Racing for toddlers! Kids games free 3 years old. Do yourkids like to play with car toys, or just love machinery and racing?Then this car racing for toddler is specially for your little fanof speed! It’s the finest hour! Rush towards the wind, overcomevarious obstacles - it's racing trucks where you have to fix themand race online game, become the winner and get the PRIZE! Ready?3…2…1… Go! Start the game and get 5 cars for free! One of thegame’s features is that it’s possible to cross the finish linewatching the game as a cartoon but chances to win substantiallyincrease if children interact with the game. Kids don’t have todecide on how to overcome the obstacles on the way. Instead, theyshould pay attention to difficulties that appear on the road andtap them while the car teaches your child the best way to comethrough. It’s a nice and simple cars racing games for toddlers toplay and improve fine motor skills, learn to be attentive on roadsas well as develop leadership qualities. Here we’ve reached agradual transition from watching a cartoon about racing into carracing games 2016. Moreover with this free educational gametoddlers get to know different kinds of vehicles, from truck andpolice car to a fantastic concept car. Police car racing games fortoddlers. Yet, the game is still quite interactive and easy tonavigate. Even before race your child has fun time choosing a carfrom a wide variety and find the one he or she likes most. Whatvehicle is your kid’s favorite – a police car, turbo truck or maybejeep or bike? The process of selecting and upgrading vehicles willbring loads of pleasure not only to boys but also to girls. Letyour kids feel like a professional racer and win their firstmonster truck games easy for kids freek.! Features of truck racinggames for kids under 6 for children to enjoy: - Build your car - Anexpansive collection of cars for hours of gameplay - Intuitive userinterface and touch control make this race cars for little kids to3 and up a perfect game - Animated high quality images and soundeffects - Your little driver can accelerate the car and honk hornjoyfully - When obstacles appear on the road suddenly it’s hightime to train your toddler’s attention and reaction time - Thesenew car racing games 2016 are even more enjoyable if your toddlerpop clouds, tap animals and background objects to make them moveand sound what makes the app really interactive. - A winner gets anice cup with bright star fireworks. And the grand prize: A vehiclewith unique design which is placed on your child’s personal prizeshelf. They can select a prize car and start the next racing gamesfor girls. - Amass a big collection of cars and other vehicles onyour personal prize shelf. If your child really enjoys machinery,машинки, cars and other vehicles then this application is the bestchoice. The collection contains 3 sport cars, bigfoot monster truck(really awesome!), cabriolet, four-wheeler, smart car, motorcycle,retro-beetle, van, race car, concept car, big jeep, 4x4 pickup and,of course, police car. The collection is planned to increase!Motorcycle racing games for kids free This game is one of reallygood car racing games for toddlers and kids. Our games are alsodesigned for 2-3 year old children and help to develop their firstcomparison skills, fine motor skills, recognize numbers, find outabout contemporary and old-timer cars and vehicles and simply enjoythe blaze and the monster machines racing games free. All games areeasy to use for little kids: preschoolers, toddlers, little boysand little girls.
Car puzzles for toddlers 2.4 APK
More than 100 animated jigsaw puzzles for kids free! Assemble apuzzle to see cars driving, construction machinery moving. Childrencan pop the balloons when the puzzle is completed and get awonderful collectors’ vehicle for 5 completed puzzles! At the sametime the kid will have much fun unwrapping the present which isplaced on your child’s personal prize shelf. Amass a big collectionof presents on the personal prize shelf. All images are colorfulreal world pictures. They help toddlers explore the world aroundthem and learn to distinguish different object groups. The imagesare grouped into 15 categories which include more than 100 jigsawpuzzles. The game will help children memorize different elements ofsurrounding objects, develop attentiveness and brings many hours offun. Specially for boys there are excavator games for kids free,puzzles with machinery, cars, trucks, trains in the game. Littleadmires of construction machinery will like digger, dozer and ofcourse children’s favorite vehicles – ambulance car, fire truck andpolice car. Themes of our easy jigsaw puzzle: - Cars. Little boyswill surely like various puzzle-vehicles: car, racing car, jeep,off-roader, limo, pickup, Formula 1 car. - Construction Machinery.For a little fan of big machinery! In the section: roller, cementtruck, dozer, tractor, dump truck, digger. - Special PurposeVehicles. If the child likes to play policemen or firefighters thenthese puzzles are right for them! Here kids can assemble policecar, fire truck, ambulance car and also taxi and even a SWAT car! -Auto-Moto-Bikes. Your toddler can discover different kinds ofvehicles. The set consists of bicycle, four-wheeler, little oldtimer, muscle car, scooter and motorcycle - Trucks and Buses. Letyoung learner assemble double-decker, van, ice-cream truck,school-bus, towing vehicle, trailer truck, trailer, dump truck. -Ships-Planes-Trains. New jigsaw puzzles for toddlers who love toexplore! Travel around the world on a sailboat, yacht; by tram,plane, train or take an air-balloon flight. - Plants. Girls andboys will find out how to identify a tree by its leaves. Here arecollected the following trees: chestnut, maple, apple-tree,fur-tree, palm-tree, and oak-tree. - Animals. Children will learnanimals! There’re deer, bear, cow, goat, hedgehog, sheep in ourlittle zoo. - Living Creatures. For nature lovers! Here are thepuzzle pictures of chicken, owl, snail, parrot, ladybug and frog. -Sea Animals. Take an imaginary dive to the bottom of the ocean andmeet its inhabitants: funny octopus, various fish, dolphins and theterror of the sees – shark! - Fruits-Vegetables. Your child willget to know fruits, vegetables and berries. Pumpkin, strawberry,carrot, cucumber, tomato, apple, banana, beetroot, egg-plant –everything is here! - Food and Drinks. This yummy set consists ofhot-dog, chicken, drinks, water, milk and sandwiches. - Desserts.For a sweet tooth! Ice-cream, donuts, lollypops, fruit-cocktails,cake, muffins are waiting for you. - Sights. Take a voyage aroundthe world’s historical monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Coliseum,the Sphinx, the Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, and Rushmore. -Houses. What types of the houses are there and what are theyconsist of? The answer to this question kids will find out fromthis theme. Educational puzzle games features for children toenjoy: - Choose images to complete from a wide collection of themeswith multiple colorful jigsaw puzzles in each of them - Interfaceand touch controls are specially designed for preschool children -Nice animations and sounds while assembling a puzzle - Developmentof comparison skills, fine motor skills, leadership. Kids get toknow modern machinery and just enjoy the game!
Tractor Puzzles for Toddlers 2.5 APK
Trucks and cars puzzles for toddlers! Tractor puzzles for toddlersMore than 100 animated jigsaw puzzles for kids! Put together apuzzle to see cars going, construction machinery moving. All jigsawpuzles are colorful real world pictures. They help toddlers explorethe world around them and learn to distinguish different objectgroups. The game helps children memorize different elements ofsurrounding objects, develops attention and brings many hours offun. Specially for boys there are new games free 2016 for kids withmachinery, cars, trucks, trains in the game. Little admirers ofconstruction machinery are definitely going to like digger puzzlesfor toddlers, dozer and of course children’s favorite vehicles –ambulance, fire truck and police car. Themes of big truck puzzlegames: - Construction Machinery. Puzzle for boy full of heavymachinery used on a construction site! You'll find here: roller,cement truck, mixer, dozer, tractor,dump truck games for toddlers,digger, excavator, caterpillar, earthmover, dumper, bulldozer,crawler, scraper. - Special Purpose Vehicles. If the child likes toplay policemen or firefighters then these puzzles are right forthem! Here kids can assemble police car, fire truck puzzlestoddlers, ambulance car and also taxi and even a SWAT car! -Ships-Planes-Trains. Jigsaw puzzles for kids who love to explore!Travel around the world on a sailboat, yacht; by tram, plane, trainor take an air-balloon flight or blimp. ship jig saw puzzles freeCheck out our other apps for more new jigsaws sets: Cars,Auto-Moto-Bikes, Trucks and Buses, Animals, Living Creatures,Plants, Sea Animals, Sights, Houses. The FULL VERSION includes 15categories with more than 100 jigsaw puzzles. Both boys and girlswill like our addicting games. Children can pop balloons when apuzzle is completed and get a wonderful collectors’ vehicle for 5completed puzzles! At the same time a child will have much fununwrapping the present which is placed on his personal prize shelf.Amass a big collection of presents on the personal prize shelf.Game features of best kids games for 5 year olds free: - Originalhigh quality cartoon puzzle images of vehicles and police carpuzzle game drawn by professionals - Choose images to complete froma wide collection of themes with multiple colorful jigsaw puzzlesin each of them - Interface and touch control are speciallydesigned for toddlers and preschool children - Nice animations andsounds while assembling a cartoon puzzle bulldozer puzzle to playand learn - Animations make the vehicles come to life - Easynavigation between categories and cartoon puzzles with excavatorgames for kids free - Easy movement of puzzle pieces across thescreen for children of kindergarten age - Development of comparisonand fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual perception,leadership - Drag and drop puzzle pieces to match their holes -Kids get to know vehicles and just enjoy the game! Young explorerswill surely love to collect their favorite car pictures from trainsfor little toddlers to digger games for kids free. - Ambulancefiretruck and police car game for kids These educational games arealso designed for 2-3 year old children to develop their firstcomparison skills, recognize numbers, find out about vehicles,learn animals, food, plants, and simply enjoy the games. All gamesare easy to use for little kids: preschoolers, toddlers, littleboys and little girls.
by.alfasoft.WashCarGame 4.0 APK
Welcome to the most popular car workshop in town! Everybody in thearea knows that Raccoon is the best auto mechanic and car makeovermaster who will help even in the most difficult cases. But littleRaccoon has so many orders that he might need your help. Are youready to repair cars? Drive the car in the garage and roll up yoursleeves. There's so much work to do! Crazy Car Racing for toddlersIn this city all citizens are huge fans of cars and races. Howabout a race where instead of avoiding various obstacles you shouldwreck cars? Crash into the brick walls, trees, haystacks, driveright into the huge puddle or cake! Let your car through a realcrush test. How many obstacles can you hit in easy car game forkids to race? Car Workshop and Car Repair Shop After such anextreme race the car is a mess and needs a good auto repair inservice station games. Use necessary tools to fix damages andremove scratches in the body. Pay attention to the flat tires -take the tire inflator and pump the tires full of air. Don’t forgetto refill the gas tank. Now look under the hood and replace thebroken parts of the engine so that it runs smoothly while driving.Car Wash Games Kids Free Let’s make this dusty and dirty car getits shiny look back in car washing games free for kids! First, grabthe soap and sponge to clean up all mud and spots. Then take thetowel and dry the truck. For the final touch, polish the car tomake it glow. Now the vehicle looks as good as new! Good job!Tuning Shop and Makeover Game Tune-up your car! Select wheels,shiny bodies and doors. Turn your vehicle into your dream car withvibrant stickers and tattoos. In addition, customize it with funobjects such as rockets, flags, police lights, spoilers. Plenty ofother cool accessorizes, even rather unusual ones, are waiting foryou in this car wash game for girls. What’s inside these free kidcar mechanic games? • 3 different workshops to repair, wash andcustomize your car; • Crazy car racing for kids that brings tons offun for toddlers; • Three vehicles to choose from: racing car,monster truck, police car, tank and train; • A variety of superbaccessorize to combine and tune up cars; • Lots of different toolsto fix up vehicles in car garage games; • Fun educational games forkids about cars who wants to learn how to build your own car; •Intuitive interface and easy gameplay make it suitable for childrenof all ages. Toddler Car Wash Games
by.alfasoft.Constructor 3.0.23 APK
Hi, little architect! Do you like to design and build extraordinaryconstructions? Let’s create a beautiful virtual world! Each levelis your playground – build whatever you want. Nothing ispredetermined! Everything goes by your rules. What are you waitingfor? Go to the construction site, select and combine craft blocks,choose doors, windows, rooftops and many more. Good games to buildhouses: build a tiny farm house, luxurious mansion, majestic castleor a haunted house. Use imagination – there’re no limits in thesecrafting games! Chose various construction materials – everythingfrom simple bricks to rather unusual elements like cheese orpudding blocks. Get creative! Features of these easy building gamesfor toddlers: * Loads of construction materials make everythingpossible. How about a stylish cake house or a breathtaking waffleskyscraper? * Five exciting locations in kid building games willunleash your imagination and never let get bored; * Unlimitedresources and limitless sandbox mode. Create your own new citybuilding games, town or a fantastic world or build a city of yourdream – only you’re in charge here! * Realistic gameplay based onphysics turns every time you play into a unique experience; *Breathe life into your constructions with fun animated blocks; *Build and destroy - use the demolition crane with the wrecking ballto destroy old constructions and build your own city; * Beautifulanimations and sound effects; * Building city games free no usewifi * Interactive app Little Architect encourages child’sdevelopment of attention, logic thinking, memory, cognitive skills,fine motor skills, etc.; * Interface and touch controls in theseconstruction games free for kid are specially designed for toddlersand preschool children 1 – 4 years old; Download constructor gamesnow and prove that you're the best in architect simulation buildinggames!
Car Puzzles for Toddlers Free 2.0 APK
Trucks and cars puzzles for toddlers! Vehicle puzzles for toddlersMore than 100 animated kids puzzle vehicles! Put together a puzzleto see cars going, construction machinery moving. All jigsaw puzlesare colorful real world pictures. They help toddlers explore theworld around them and learn to distinguish different object groups.The game helps children memorize different elements of surroundingobjects, develops attention and brings many hours of fun. Speciallyfor boys there are puzzles with machinery, cars, trucks, trains inthe game. Little admirers of construction machinery are definitelygoing to like digger, dozer and of course children’s favoritevehicles – ambulance, fire truck and police car. Themes of newjigsaws: - Cars. Little boys will surely like variouspuzzle-vehicles: car, racing car, off-roader, limo, jeep 4x4pickup, Formula 1 car. - Auto-Moto-Bikes. Your toddler can discoverdifferent kinds of vehicles. The set consists of bicycle,four-wheeler, little old timer, muscle car jigsaw puzzles, scooterand motorcycle, monster truck games easy for kids - Buses andtrucks and car games. Let young learner assemble double decker busgames, van, ice cream truck games, school bus puzzle, towingvehicle, trailer truck, trailer, dump truck. Check out our otherapps for more jigsaw puzzle sets: Construction Machinery, SpecialPurpose Vehicles, Ships-Planes-Trains, Houses Animals, LivingCreatures, Plants, Sea Animals, Sights. The FULL VERSION includes15 categories with more than 100 jigsaw puzzles. Both boys andgirls will like our addicting games. Children can pop balloons whena puzzle in cars match game for toddlers is completed and get awonderful collectors’ vehicle for 5 completed puzzles! At the sametime a child will have much fun unwrapping the present which isplaced on his personal prize shelf. Amass a big collection ofpresents on the personal prize shelf. Game features for children toenjoy: - Original high quality cartoon puzzle images of vehiclesand machinery drawn by professionals - Choose pickup truck andtrailer games to complete from a wide collection of themes withmultiple colorful limo truck games in each of them - Interface andtouch control are specially designed for toddlers and preschoolchildren which makes it probable best kids games for 5 year oldsfree - Nice animations and sounds while assembling towing cars andtrucks to play and learn - Animations make the vehicles come tolife - Easy navigation between categories and cartoon puzzles inthese free car games for little boy and toddler puzzles for girls -Easy movement of puzzle pieces across the screen for children ofkindergarten age - Development of comparison and fine motor skills,hand-eye coordination, visual perception, leadership - Drag anddrop puzzle piece cars and trucks to match their holes - Kids getto know vehicles and just enjoy the car games for kids 6 year oldboy! Young explorers will surely love to collect their favorite carpuzzles for kids free from bike to yacht. - Games for kids ages 0to 3 free These educational apps are also designed for 2-3 year oldchildren to develop their first comparison skills, recognizenumbers, find out about vehicles, learn animals, food, plants, andsimply enjoy the 4x4 pickup truck games. All scooter game for kidsare easy to use for little kids: preschoolers, toddlers, littleboys and little girls.
Cars Adventure for Kids Free 2.4 APK
Smart Kids Games offers you to take a fascinating journey with anew games about cars for toddlers Cars Adventure. Cars are verybusy, each has a work to do: the fire needs to be put out, housesneed to be build, citizens need to be taken from the airport andice-cream should be delivered to kids. Let’s help cars take care oftheir city!The app consists of 5 interactive themes; each of themis an independent educational mini-game. Children will findthemselves in different professional spheres, such as taxi driver,firefighter, farmer and candy-man!1. Airport (Taxi):Let’s go to theairport. Help to load the luggage into the taxi.2. Constructionsite (Excavator, Digger):These old houses should have been knockeddown long ago. Let’s do it right now!3. Building a city:The townneeds new buildings. Build houses for citizens. Don’t like thehouse? Destroy it with the help of the car or create a realearthquake.4. Fire scene (Fire truck):Hurry up! Rescue the city andsave the day! Experience the pride of becoming a firefighter. Putout the fire before it destroys the whole city. 5. Walk in the city(Ice-cream truck):Good job! The town is safe now. You’ve workedhard and deserved some rest. Do you want to play make ice creamgame? Pick favorite flavor, put decorations you like, grab thespoon and eat before it melts!6. Jam factory (Dump truck):It’sabout time to crop apples. Let’s make delicious apple jam for thetown. When the truck with apples arrives, wash the fruits, loadthem to the jam making machine, get empty jars ready and that’s it– apple jam is ready to be send to the shops. Every mini-game ishighly interactive. Tap different objects on the screen to activateamusing animation. Can you discover all the hidden surprises? GameFeatures: * Collection of five colorful mini-games in one app;*Interactive app Cars Adventure encourages child’s development ofattention, logic thinking, memory, cognitive skills, fine motorskills, etc.;* Original high quality graphics, animation and soundscreated by professionals; * Interface and touch controls arespecially designed for toddlers and preschool children 1 – 4 yearsold;* Beautiful animations and nice sounds;* Kids will get to knowvehicles and just enjoy the taxi games for free!Cars Adventures isuniversal toddler fire truck games free in educational series whichis good for both phones and tablets so that your little ones couldpractice their skills everywhere and whenever they want: during theroad trip, in the line to the dentist or when parent needs to dosome house work.
Animated Fish Puzzles for Kids 1.6 APK
Let’s explore the ocean! Join us on an adventurous sea expeditionand explore the magical and mysterious underwater world! In oceanwildlife and sea animals puzzle app you will meet various marineanimals such as dolphin, octopus, colorful fishes, shark and more.In kids learning puzzle games free all sea animal puzzle images arecolorful real underwater world pictures. These child games below 5years encourage toddlers to explore the ocean life and learn todistinguish sea animals. The educational puzzle games help childrenmemorize elements of surrounding objects, develops attention andbrings many hours of fun. Chromecast support will be availablesoon! This Lite Version of our fish puzzles for toddlers is allabout Sea Animals. Take an imaginary dive to the bottom of theocean and meet its inhabitants: cute octopus games, various fish,funny dolphins and the terror of the sees – shark in live jigsawpuzzles free! Free animal puzzle fun games for toddlers and kids