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- We do not store passwords and other information! The applicationuses web versions of wallets. Bytecoin is the Next Generationcryptocurrency and the first cryptocurrency created with theCryptoNote technology. The ring signatures technology is used toprovide Bytecoin with completely untraceable and anonymoustransactions Mobile Client for Bytecoin wallet, Information aboutBCN pool, Bytecoin price Bytecoin is a private, decentralizedcryptocurrency with open source code that allows everyone to takepart in the Bytecoin network development. Privacy and security comenaturally from using Bytecoin. The best solution for those who wantto keep their financial privacy. Instant private transactions areprovided all around the world by the Bytecoin Network, they aretotally untraceable, and they don’t require any additional fees.Fiat currencies are assigned to specific territories while Bytecoinis bound to the Internet and therefore is international by default.Dogecoin is a fun, new and rapidly growing form of digitalcurrency. This form of digital currency is called "cryptocurrency";a type of digital currency. Cryptocurrency is completely anonymous,decentralized, and extremely secure. Dogecoin is used with a walleton your computer, your smartphone, or a website. You can use it tobuy goods and services, or trade it for other currencies (bothother cryptocurrencies or traditional currency like US dollars).One of the most popular uses for Dogecoin is "tipping" fellowinternet-goers who create or share great content. Think of it as amore meaningful "like" or upvote, with real value that can be usedall across the internet.

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    October 3, 2018
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Ukraine Radio 1.0.0 APK
With this program you can follow any responses to listen to onlineradio broadcasts and music of Ukraine for android device, no matterwhere you are. Best of all, you get access to all this for freefrom the radio of Ukraine!features:- Affordable simple interface-Quick Search stations- Adding a radio broadcast stations tofavorites- Minimum advertisingIn our collection of more than 140stations, all in areas of music otobrynyDanceRockPop /GeneralRattrayHip-Hop / RnBChansonJazz / BluesClassicRelaxchildFolk/ EthnoReligionSpoken---- If you want to add a radio station, sendyour request to: maxmvic@gmail.comOur application does not conductits own broadcast and rebroadcast stations. All audio streams codes(links) are taken from open public sources on the InternetForaccess to the internet application is required!If you are thecopyright owner or a representative of the right holder of a radiostation and do not want it to be in our application, you canrequest removal of material at the following address:maxmvic@gmail.com
Библия - Новый завет 1.0 APK
Книги Нового Завета были канонизированы христианской церковью наВселенских Соборах. Проблемы возникли только с двумя книгами. НаВостоке Откровение Иоанна Богослова считали слишком мистическойкнигой (её до сих пор не читают при богослужениях), а на Западесомневались в авторстве одного из Посланий Павла. В Эфиопскойцеркви принят нестандартный канон Нового Завета (туда входятнесколько книг, считающихся остальными христианамиапокрифами).Новый Завет написан на древнегреческом языке —койне.Books of the New Testament were canonized by the ChristianChurch in the Ecumenical Councils. Problems arose only two books.In the East Revelation considered too mystical book (it has not yetbeen read during church services), and the West doubted theauthorship of one of the Epistles of Paul. The Ethiopian Churchadopted a non-standard canon of the New Testament (to includeseveral books, the rest of the Christians are consideredapocryphal) .Novy Testament was written in ancient Greek - Koine.
Children's online radio 1.0.0 APK
Children's Radio in our application - a true flow positive. Hereyou can listen to the songs, excerpts from film soundtracks, andeven fairy tales staged auditions.His application we want to makethe Internet safer for children and cheerful.Children's stories,fun children's songs, songs from the cartoons of the movies, allthis and much more you will be able to listen to our application!We specifically for you and your kids have selected the bestchildren's radio broadcast stations in Ukraine, and other countriesRosiii!Minimum settings - the children will be able to easily usethis application, as well as dobovlyat your favorite stations toyour favorites!- Affordable simple interface- Quick Searchstations- Adding a radio broadcast stations to favoritesWith thisapp your kids will never be bored. They can sing, dance or listento stories during the whole day. If your children love music andfairy tales, this app is the perfect solution for you.---- If youwant to add a radio station, send your request to:maxmvic@gmail.comOur application does not conduct its own broadcastand rebroadcast stations. All audio streams codes (links) are takenfrom open public sources on the InternetFor access to the internetapplication is required!If you are the copyright owner or arepresentative of the right holder of a radio station and do notwant it to be in our application, you can request removal ofmaterial at the following address: maxmvic@gmail.com
Лев Толстой - Хаджи-Мурат 1.0 APK
«Хаджа-Мурат» — повесть Льва Толстого, написанная в конце 1890-х —начале 1900-х и опубликованная в 1912 году, после смерти писателя.Главный герой повести — реальное историческое лицо, Хаджи-Мурат,наиб Шамиля, в 1851 году перешедший на сторону русских, а вследующем году погибший при попытке бежать в горы.Рассказчиквспоминает историю Хаджи-Мурата, когда видит на дороге репей,переломанный колесом, но тем не менее не уничтоженный ипродолжающий расти.Хаджи-Мурат, аварец, известный храбростью всражениях против русских в Кавказской войне, уходит от имамаШамиля. Он скрывается в горном ауле у чеченца Садо, но когда обэтом узнают другие жители аула, он вынужден бежать дальше.Хаджи-Мурат налаживает контакты с русскими войсками и переходит наих сторону с пятью нукерами (аварцами и чеченцем). С помощьюрусских он рассчитывает победить Шамиля и освободить свою семью,которую Шамиль держит в заложниках."Hadji Murad" - Leo Tolstoy'snovel, written in the late 1890s - early 1900s and published in1912 after his death. The protagonist of the story - a realhistorical person, Hadji Murad Naib Shamil in 1851 defected to theRussian, and the following year died while attempting to flee tothe mountains.The narrator recalls the story of Hadji Murad when hesees a burr on the road, broken wheel, yet not destroyed andcontinues to grow.Hadji Murad, Avar, known for bravery in thebattles against the Russian in the Caucasian war, away from theImam Shamil. He is hiding in a mountain village near the ChechenSado, but when it will know other residents of the village, he wasforced to flee further. Hadji Murad is establishing contacts withRussian troops and goes to their side with five NUKER (Avars andChechens). With the Russian, he expects to beat Shamil and free hisfamily, which Shamil holds hostage.
А.С.Пушкин - Медный всадник 1.1 APK
Была написана в Болдине осенью 1833 года. Поэма не была разрешенаНиколаем I к печати. Её начало Пушкин напечатал в «Библиотеке длячтения», 1834, кн. XII, под названием: «Петербург. Отрывок изпоэмы» (от начала и кончая стихом «Тревожить вечный сон Петра!», спропуском зачеркнутых Николаем I четырёх стихов, начиная со стиха«И перед младшею столицей»).Впервые напечатана после смерти Пушкинав «Современнике», т. 5, 1837 году с цензурными изменениями,внесенными в текст В. А. Жуковским. Без цензурных правок,искажающих авторский замысел, поэма была впервые напечатана тольков 1904 году.It was written in Boldino autumn of 1833. The poem hasnot been resolved by Nicholas I to the press. Its beginning Pushkinpublished in the "Library for Reading", 1834, Vol. XII, entitled"Petersburg. An excerpt from the poem "(from the beginning andending with the verse" alarming eternal dream of Peter! "Crossedout with a pass by Nicholas I of four verses, beginning with theverse," And before the junior capital ").First published afterPushkin's death in "Contemporary", Vol. 5, 1837 with censorship, asamended in the text of VA Zhukovsky. Without censorship amendmentsthat distort the author's intent, the poem was first published onlyin 1904.
Reggae online Radio 2.1.2 APK
For all those who are fans of reggae, dancehall and other genres -you're sure to find what you are looking for!C using our app, youget a wide range of radio stations for the style:* Rock Steady*Reggae Roots* Dancehall* Dub* Pop Reggae* Contemporary Reggae*RaggaWe found the most popular stations this style of music andadded it to this application. You can now listen to them via Wi-Fior the Internet mobile, on the go without compromising soundquality.- Features application -- Fast loading stations- Highquality audio- Always crystal clear sound!- Popular and new-styleradio:- Our collection of over 140 radio stations- Interface isintuitive app with a very stylish design- Compact size, suitableeven for older devices- Free app- Quick Search stations- Adding aradio broadcast stations to favorites---- If you want to add aradio station, send your request to: maxmvic@gmail.comOurapplication does not conduct its own broadcast and rebroadcaststations. All audio streams codes (links) are taken from openpublic sources on the InternetFor access to the internetapplication is required!If you are the copyright owner or arepresentative of the right holder of a radio station and do notwant it to be in our application, you can request removal ofmaterial at the following address: maxmvic@gmail.comPrivacy policyAdding a privacy policy to your app's store listing helps usersevaluate which apps to download. You're not required to post aprivacy policy unless your app is part of Designed for Families.For apps in the Designed for Families program: You must link to aprivacy policy on your app's store listing page. Make sure yourprivacy policy is available on an active URL, applies to your app,and specifically covers user privacy.
Евгений Онегин - А.С. Пушкин 1.1 APK
Из романа, как и из энциклопедии, можно узнать практически всё обэпохе: о том, как одевались, и что было в моде, что люди ценилибольше всего, о чём они разговаривали, какими интересами они жили.В «Евгении Онегине» отразилась вся русская жизнь. Кратко, нодовольно ясно, автор показал крепостную деревню, барскую Москву,светский Санкт-Петербург. Пушкин правдиво изобразил ту среду, вкоторой живут главные герои его романа — Татьяна Ларина и ЕвгенийОнегин, воспроизвёл атмосферу городских дворянских салонов, вкоторых прошла молодость Онегина.From the novel, as well as fromthe encyclopedia, you can learn almost everything about the era:how dressed, and that was all the rage that people valued most,what they were talking, what interests they lived. In "EugeneOnegin" affected the entire Russian life. Briefly, but quiteclearly, the author showed a fortress village, lordly Moscow, St.Petersburg secular. Pushkin truthfully depicted the environment inwhich they live protagonists of his novel - Tatyana Larina andEugene Onegin, reproduced the atmosphere of city noble salons, inwhich the youth was held Onegin.
«Вечер накануне Ивана Купала» — повесть Николая Васильевича Гоголяиз цикла «Вечера на Хуторе Близ Диканьки».Николfй Васильевич Гоголь- украинский прозаик, драматург, поэт, критик, публицист,признанный одним из классиков украинской и русскойлитературыЛичность Гоголя привлекала внимание многих деятелейкультуры и учёных. Ещё при жизни писателя о нём ходилипротиворечивые слухи, усугублённые его замкнутостью, склонностью кмифологизации собственной биографии и загадочной смертью,породившей множество легенд и гипотез."Evening on the eve of IvanKupala" - the story of Nikolai Gogol in the series "Evenings on aFarm near Dikanka".Nikolfy Gogol - Ukrainian writer, playwright,poet, critic, essayist, regarded as one of the classics ofUkrainian and Russian literatureGogol's personality attracted theattention of many artists and scientists. During the life of thewriter of it go conflicting rumors, usugublёnnye his reticence,prone to mythologizing his own biography and the mysterious deathgave rise to many legends and hypotheses.