2.0 / September 12, 2016
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Caar Racing : Drivesafe is a speed car racergame on Indian roads. Speedy trucks and cars are racing on thehighway with different velocities.
Dodge the cars, buses, and other vehicles of the traffic on theroad.
Avoid crashing into traffic on the highway.

How to play caar racing:
- Game uses accelerometer so, Tilt your phone to move car throughthe traffic (left to right).
- Tap to increase speed of the racing car.
- Release to slow down the speed of the racing car.
- Avoid crashing into traffic!
- Leaderboards to compete with other speed racers.

App Information Caar Racing : DriveSafe

  • App Name
    Caar Racing : DriveSafe
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    September 12, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Marothia Techs
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email marothiatechs@gmail.com
    2011-12, Vankar Textile Market, Ring Road, Surat - 395010
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Caar Racing : DriveSafe 2.0 APK
Caar Racing : Drivesafe is a speed car racergame on Indian roads. Speedy trucks and cars are racing on thehighway with different velocities.Dodge the cars, buses, and other vehicles of the traffic on theroad.Avoid crashing into traffic on the highway.How to play caar racing:- Game uses accelerometer so, Tilt your phone to move car throughthe traffic (left to right).- Tap to increase speed of the racing car.- Release to slow down the speed of the racing car.- Avoid crashing into traffic!- Leaderboards to compete with other speed racers.
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The game is to knock down the boxes using a slingshot and balls.Gulel Crafts is a slingshot shooting game again from the makers ofShoot Girl's Fruits : Gulel. In this game you need to knock downthe fruits, apples, boxes, glasses, balloons, stones, all of themwhich are put as stack in the environment. There are differentlevels with unique arrangement of the objects. Just smash them tothe ground to clear each level. The physics used in this game isvery accurate and interesting. You will surely enjoy it. [How toPlay] - Knockdown all the breakable objects in the surrounding. -Do not shoot fruits or balloons. [Online Map Store] - There is aninbuilt map editor to create your own levels and let the worldknock them down. - Google Plus ID is used by default when uploadingnew levels. - Play thousands of innovative levels created by otherplayers.
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Stonepillar is a simple game to play with physics of weightbalancing. Simple tap and release to put a block of stone at theground. And turn by turn stack each block to create a heightedtower. You need to maintain center of mass of the whole building atsuch a position that tower formed as a result does not fall to theground. Game Modes: 1. There is an infinite mode of game where onehas to build a tall tower until it loses balance and falls to theground. This mode is simply a chase for highscore. 2. Other one isa Level mode where certain tasks have to be completed based on: -number of blocks to use, - height to be reached, - time limit forconstruction - and any combination of the above. There are hundredsof beautifully designed levels yo clear. Have fun and keepproviding your positive feedback to the game, Stone Pillar.
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Wisdom GST Search is a small application to quickly search byname,address, pan, or GSTIN and verify the status of GST Details ofanytaxpayer in India. It helps you to verify the correctness ofaGSTIN by validating it with GST system. For valid GSTINs,thestatus of returns filed can be checked in the app. You don'tneedto write captcha. Just type or scan the GSTIN number fromcameraicon and instantly check get the complete details oftaxpayerincluding Trade name, Address, Contact person name,Businessnature, Return Filing status and other GST relatedinformation.Wisdom GST app can easily recognise GSTIN from anycluster ofprinted text. Its very handy and quick to scan thesurface of anytax invoice, business card, shop board, flyers oranything where aGSTIN is printed. * Now you can search anyTransport ID details byusing GSTIN Search by name feature which isvery helpful whengenerating E-way Bills. * Quick Snapshot of GSTFiling Status isprovided to give you a quick overview of thevalidity and filingstatus of a searched GSTIN number. Wisdom GSTSearch is a smallmodule of the upcoming Wisdom ERP Solution forTextile Markets inSurat. Key Features: * Scan printed invoices toquickly search anyGSTIN * Search by Company Name to GSTIN * Searchby Person Name toGSTIN * Search by PAN to GSTIN * Search by Addressto GSTIN * Getsthe list of all the registered GSTINs for particularPAN number. *Queries list of all GST numbers matching for searchedname. * Canshare GSTIN Details in the form of image which can beprinted orsent via other apps. * Wisdom GST Search app canautocorrectwrongly typed GSTINs if the State code and PAN numbercontained inthe GSTIN is typed correctly. Simple search by name& cityExample: "Marothia Textiles Surat" <- this search willresultthe list of all the GSTINS from Surat whose name contains"marothiatextiles". Its just a beginning, Stay tuned for upcomingfeatures.
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Shoot Girls Fruits : Archery OR Gulel 2 is a sequel game forShootGirl's Fruits : Gulel. Gulel i.e. Slingshot is replaced by BowandArrow in this game. So you will use your archery skills insteadofstone shooting by a slingshot. HOW TO PLAY: - This time youhaveunlimited arrows for your archer in gulel2 . There aremanyattacker birds holding canons or mortars. Shoot them too tosurvivethe round. - Get a bonus of 100 scores by shooting same typeoffruits three times without killing the bird holding that fruit.-If you shoot down fruits or the birds you will get 1 score &1coin but make sure not to let the birds take away three fruitselsegame over. There are different types of arrows available:TripleArrows : Three shots in a go. Row Arrows : Three shots one byoneStrong Arrows : One shot kill arrow. You can submit your scoretocompete with your friends for high score. If you feel likeshootingeverything in sight then enjoy shooting the birds as wellbut becareful as you will lose your girl's fruit if the bird getshit!Kids and adults, boys and girls, men and women of all ages canplaythis game. This is a complete fun package for family,party,office, solo, school, college whatever is the place,time,location, you can enjoy this game anytime anywhere. Go get itnow!