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***Fun Fun Games Games presents... Cake DesignHD - Maker Bake***

Cake Design HD - Maker Bake is a fun way of making fantasticmouth watering cakes without all the mess and washing up!

Let your imagination go wild and create the cake of your dreams,from traditional birthday cakes to jelly cakes and even mudcakes!

There are 1000's of crazy, colourful, cute, yummy cakecombinations to choose from letting you fully customise your caketo your liking. From the base to the border you get to choose whatYOU want on your cake.

You can even eat your tasty creation after you have finishedcooking.

Cake Design HD - Maker Bake is suitable for all ages.

There are no ads or no IAP (in app purchase) within thisapp.

App Information Cake Design HD - Maker Bake

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Meerkat Madness - Whack a Mole 1.7 APK
***Fun Fun Games present... Meerkat Madness –Whack a Mole!***Meerkat Madness is a fun and frantic whack a mole style arcade gameand best of all it's free!.Why Whack a Mole when you can Whack a Meerkat!!Those pesky Meerkats have gone and took over the kids toy ballpool, it's up to you to show those cheeky Meerkats who'sboss!**How To Play**You have 90 seconds to score as many points as possible, points arescored by 'whacking' meerkats as they pop-up through the ballswithin the ball pool. Power-ups and bonus balls as also availableto help you boost your score. Play against your family and friendsand compare scores to see who is the Meerkat Madness King.Meerkat Madness is suitable for all the family, kids and adultsalike will love the whacky, silly, peekaboo fun of MeerkatMadness!
Baby Egg Hatch - Easter Chicks 1.5 APK
*** Fun Fun Games Presents – Baby Egg Hatch –Easter Chicks ***Ever wanted your very own newly hatched baby chicks? Now you can,boom! You can have hours of fun taking care and dressing up yourvery own three super cute baby chickens and you get to choose anddress up each cute baby chick and choose what they wear and looklike.Pick their eggs and feather color, you can even pick their eyecolor!Next, you can dress up your virtual chicks in super coolaccessories.Keep your Chicks on the Farm or even take them into outerspace!Baby Egg hatch is a great virtual pet game for Easter and will makekids as happy as the Easter bunny.So come dress up and play with your own pet Easter chicks in thisgreat maker game.Best of all Baby Egg Hatch is Free!
Crash Smash Cars -Destroy All 1.10 APK
***Fun Fun Games Presents – Crash SmashCars!***Crash Smash CarsWhy dodge, when you can BASH your way past other cars, destroyingvehicles never felt so good!Use your Monster Truck to race against traffic to see how far youcan get before you are taken down, while on the way causing as muchmayhem as possible!Driving reckless is the key to scoring big, the more cars youcrash, smash and completely destroy the better your points rackup!Collect gas canisters while racing to boost your score into turbodrive also use cool power-ups to aid you to the top of the scoreboard.Watch out for bombs along the way as they will completely wreckyour ride, turning it into trash.
Baby Loves Candy - Sweet Tooth 1.8 APK
***Fun Fun Games presents... Baby Loves Candy- Sweet Tooth******Story**Candy, Candy, Candy!! Baby Loves all kinds of Candy, colorfulCandy, Hard Candy, Soft Candy, Chewy Candy, you name it Baby willeat it, EXCEPT the yucky Coconut and Liquorish Candy Baby HATESthem, just the thought of it makes Baby want to cry, so take carenot to feed any to Baby.**How to Play**Slice open the balls that pop up on screen with your finger, thiswill free the Candy from inside. Baby has sat himself upon askateboard so he can move more quickly, tilt the device from sideto side to move Baby so he can catch the tasty falling candy. KeepBaby Full and Avoid the Coconut and Liquorish Candy and Baby willbe happy, sounds easy? Well, just try it for yourself!Baby Loves Candy - Sweet Tooth is a cute, addicting and fun, rusharcade game that is free to play and suitable for all ages toenjoy.Baby is so cute you will want to play with him for hours!
Bone Rider - Moto Extreme 1.9 APK
**Bone Rider - Moto Extreme**Famous deceased daredevil Maximus Payne, can't rest in peacewithout one more big final stunt... breaking out of the land of thedead!Giant Evil flying Eyes, demonic Pumpkins and razor sharp blades allwait you on your quest.On Halloween night help Maximus now know as the 'Bone Rider',defeat hoards of undead demons and ghosts that are hell bent onstoping him from achieving the impossible, breaking out ofhell!Have you got the skills to help this old ghost rider in smashingdown the gates of hell?Bone Rider - Moto Extreme is a fun Halloween style Biking arcadeaction game where you have to shoot enemies and navigate obstacleswhile trying to rack up your score by collecting coins.With its simple controls and it's addicting game-play, Bone Rideris great for kids and adults and ghosts alike.Controls*Tilt your device to control the bikes direction (Steering)*Touch the left side of the screen to Jump (twice to doublejump)*Touch the Right side of the screen to fire
Wild Animal Games & Sounds 1.1 APK
Learn the names of wild Animals from allaround the world and what each animal looks like with this greateducational app. There are 3 different game modes to choosefrom:Animal NamesListen to the animal name then try and match it to the correctanimal picture.Animal SoundsPress on the animal pictures to hear what the animal sounds likewhen it speaks.Animal PairsMatch the pictures of the animals in this fun pairs game.With over 30 different wild animals from all around the world, somebig some small your child will have fun learning them all.Animalsinclude:Lion,Baboon,Bat,Bear,Hippo,Flamingo,Gorilla,Pig,Parrot,Tiger,Wolf,Rhinoceros,Zebraand many more!Along with helping teach your child about wild animals, this appcan also help improve your child's memory and concentrationskills.Wild Animal Games and Sounds is a great way to introduce yourchildren to the world of wild animals, they will have fun playingwhile they learn.This app is aimed at toddlers of kindergarten (preschool) age butcan also be helpful for young children that are in elementaryschool (primary school).Wild Animal Games and Sounds was designed so a young child caneasily navigate around the app with or without the aid of anadult.
Cute Kitten Match - Memory app 1.4 APK
***Cute Kitten Match – Memory App***A Fun, Free and colorful memory match game for Kitten and animallovers everywhere.
Have hours of fun matching pairs of adorable kittens, play byyourself or take turns with your parents, friends or even yourbrother or sister!There are 12 different kittens breeds to match with 4 differentdeck sizes,so everyone can play! Each kitten picture is of a real kitten andin HD.
Great fun for boys and girls alike with it's simple intuitiveinterface.From toddlers to grandparents it's great fun for everyone.Its also a perfect way to improve children's memory andconcentration skills.Cute Kitten Match is a free educational and entertaining app forchildren of all ages.If you're a fan of puppies, kittens or any other fluffy baby animalyou will love this app.
Santa's Present Rush 1.1 APK
It's Christmas Eve and all the elves that workin Santa's toyshop have become ill!It's up to Santa to finish off all the work in time by putting allthe presents into the correct sacks or Christmas could be ruinedfor everyone!Santa's Present Rush is a fun and colorful arcade game which isperfect for small children but can also be enjoyed by the wholefamily, it has a Normal mode as well as an Easy mode so anyone ofany age can enjoy playing.All available free on the Google Play app store.