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Cake Maker is a very interesting cakemakinggame, adults and children can play, here, you can play theirownimagination to produce a beautiful cake, when the belovedandfriends birthday, we come to do a delicious Cakes forthem.
First of all, we need to prepare a variety of tools to do thecake,and then add flour in the basin, eggs, butter, milk, jam,powder,etc., and then use the mixing machine to mix all thematerials.Now, we can choose to do a layer or two or three layersof cake,and then baked inside the oven, 30 seconds later, the cakemodelcame out. Finally, we add a variety of tricks to the cake, youcanadd her cream, strawberry, cherry, kiwi, oranges, grapes,bayberry,animals, flowers, love, candles and so on. Here, abeautiful anddelicious unique cake is completed, please invitefriends to shareand taste.
You can not only create a delicious cake, you can also enjoy thejoyof the game, please invite your friends to play together.

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    Cake Maker
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    July 28, 2017
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    cao tangyu
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    50 - 100
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麻將 2.5.7 APK
cao tangyu
全民麻將是一款風靡全球的單機麻將街機遊戲,好玩刺激,你喜歡打麻將嗎?但是卻時常找不到四個人一起玩?那麼這個遊戲很適合你。它的基本打法簡單,容易上手,但其中變幻莫測,搭配組合因人而異。因此,麻將成為最能吸引人的娛樂形式之一。它可以支持“雞平胡”規則和“推倒胡”的兩種麻將規則,什麼牌都可以胡,可吃、碰槓、雞平胡、推倒胡等等.你可以根據自己的喜好設計形像或者更換對手。遊戲過程中可以吃、碰、胡、自摸等等。多種胡牌方式,非常有趣。快點邀請你的心愛之人,你的伙伴們一起來加入吧。其樂無窮呢!玩法:麻將的參賽選手為4人,分別為東、南、西、北。每人手裡抓13張牌,通過吃牌、碰牌、槓牌等方式,使手牌按照相關規定的牌型條件胡牌。1.起莊在牌局開始,決定座次後,要先決定誰先起莊。2.開牌、配牌 開牌方式為從開門者前面的牌垛右側算起,保留所擲得點數之牌垛,開始取牌。3.補花 若拿到花牌,則由莊家開始依反時針方向,依次於牌垛後方補足與花牌相等之牌。4.摸牌及打牌配牌、補牌之後,接著由莊家自手內(此時莊家有十七張牌)打出第一張不要的牌於海底,即稱為打牌,又叫舍牌。然後各家依反時針方向,先摸進一張牌,再打出不要的牌,順次循環,直到有人胡牌或是流局為止。5.吃牌、碰牌、槓牌若上家打出之牌可讓你湊成順子,即可喊「吃」。若有任何一家打出之牌可讓你湊成刻子(亦即原已有與其相同的牌兩張),你可喊「碰」或「對」。其牌型須明礎b門前與花牌並列。且碰牌後,不可再摸牌,應由手內打出一張不要的牌。若下家或對家打出之牌你可湊成槓子(亦即原已有與其相同的牌三張),則可以喊「槓」,此為明槓;若本身握有四張相同的牌,亦可喊「槓」,此為「暗槓」。槓牌要記得補牌,且不得「順槓」(亦即不得槓上家的牌),以避免作弊。明槓他人所打之牌時,若所補之牌恰巧可以胡牌,不得胡牌。一張不要的其牌型須明礎b門前與花牌並列。且槓牌後,應再補花,且由手內打出牌。6.聽牌 隨著摸、打、吃、碰、槓的進行,當僅剩一張牌就可完成所有牌型時,稱之。7.胡牌藉由輪流摸、打、吃、碰、槓牌的過程,將手中的牌組合成順子、刻子或槓子,這些每三張或每四張一組所組合完成的牌,就稱為「面子」。一副牌必須湊成五組面子以及一組對子(至少十七張牌),才可以胡牌。如果是別家打出一張牌,剛好可以讓自己湊成胡牌型態時,即可叫「胡牌」,該家就稱為放炮或放槍,此時只有算放炮者輸;若是由自己摸進的牌胡牌,則稱為「自摸」,其他三家皆算輸。8.流局每次牌局最後必須留下八垛(16張)不能摸,牌局中每槓一次,則再多留一張,如果摸到最後一直沒有人胡牌,就稱為「海底流局」,莊家繼續連莊(稱為臭莊),重開新局。9.計算輸贏每一次胡牌,至少可以贏的基本數目稱為「底」,按照胡牌台型所贏的額外數目就稱為「台」,底和台的多寡必須事先議定,計算輸贏時,就是將每底的數目加上總台數乘以每台的數目。Mahjong is a nationalrage, stand-alone mahjong arcade games, fun and exciting, you liketo play mahjong it? But often can not find four people to playwith? Then this game is for you.Its basic style of play is simple, easy to use, but unpredictable,combinations vary. Therefore, mahjong has become one of the mostattractive form of entertainment.It can support the "chicken Hu Ping" rules and "Hu tear down" twomahjong rules, what brand can Hu, eat, hit the bar, chicken PingHu, Hu, and so on down.You can design your image to your liking or replacementopponent.Course of the game you can eat, touch, Hu, Zimo and so on. Avariety of points to win the way, very interesting.Hurry Invite your loved one, your partners together to join it. Funtoo!How to play:Mahjong four players who are east, south, west and north. 13 cardseach hand grasping, eating through licensing, pong, bar cards,etc., in accordance with the first player hand card-type conditionsof the relevant provisions.1. Since the beginning of the village in the hand, after thedecision seating, first to decide who plays the village.2. flop with flop card counted from the right way to the front ofthe card stack are open, the reservations throw Cards stack points,the card begins fetching.3. If the applique to get the wreath, start by making thecounterclockwise direction, in order to make up the equivalent ofthe brand behind the stack of cards flower cards.4. Mopai and playing cards with a card, then outs, followed by adealer from inside the hand (this time the dealer has seventeencards) do not play the first card in the sea, known as playingcards, also known as house brand. Then according to variousanti-clockwise direction, the first deep into a card, then do notplay cards, sequential cycle until someone points to win or streamBureau.5. Eat card, touch the card, if the card on the bar hit the houseof cards will allow you to make up straight, you can shout "eat."If any one play of the card allows you to make up pung (ie, theoriginal already has an identical two cards), you can shout "touch"or "against." Shall state its card type b basis in parallel withthe front of the wreath. And after touch the cards, no longerMopai, should play in the hands not of a card. If at home or on thehome you can play the cards make up thick stick (ie the same brandalready has an original three), you can shout "bars", this is thenext bar; if itself holds four cards of the same, also shouted"bars", this is "a dark bar." Bar card to remember outs, and not"shun bar" (that is, not the bar on home plate), in order to avoidcheating. Ming bars the play of others card, if the card happens tobe the first player up, not a winning hand. Do a brand of its typeto be out in front and b basis wreath tied. And the rear bumpercard, should be supplemented flowers, and played from the insidehand.6. draw with the touch, play, eat, touch, bars performed when acard can be completed all the remaining card type, call it.7. The first player turns by touch, play, eat, touch, barslicensing process, will be combined into the hands of the cardsstraight, pung or thick stick, each of these three or four pergroup completed the combination of cards, it called "face." Mustmake up a deck of cards and a set of five groups face pair (atleast seventeen cards), can only be a winning hand. If other familyplay a card, you can just let yourself time to make up a winninghand patterns, can be called "first player", the family is calledblasting or firing, this time shooting only count those who lose;if by themselves deep into the card winning hand is called "Zimo",the other three are considered lost.8. The Bureau of each stream Board finally had to leave the eightstacks (16) can not touch, the Board once every bar, the more astay, if no one has touched last winning hand, it is called "subseaflow Bureau ", the dealer continued to even the village (calledsmelly village), re-opened a new bureau.9. winning or losing is calculated every winning hand, can win atleast basic number is called the "bottom" number of additionalpoints to win according to the winning table type called "Taiwan,"Taiwan must end and the amount agreed upon in advance, calculatethe winning or losing is the number of each end plus the totalnumber of units multiplied by the number of each.
Mahjong 3.2.8 APK
cao tangyu
Do you like playing mahjong? But often cannotfind four people to play together? Then this mahjong game isverysuitable for you.This is the hottest free mahjong, traditional mahjonginnovativegames, give you a new experience of mahjong games.Beautifulpicture quality, playful expression, animated cool andgorgeous,give you immersive gaming experience, popular hot,mahjongpreferred, you deserve it.Mahjong lasted for thousands of years, Changshengbao spread sofar,popular in the rest of the world, with set ofintellectual,interesting, game in one of the movementcharacteristics.Come and invite your friends or loved ones to experience it.Play:Mahjong players for the four, respectively, East, South,West,North. Each hand holding 13 cards, through the card, touchcards,bars, etc., so that the hand in accordance with therelevantprovisions of the licensing conditions and licensing.First, the card type and playMahjong and the card type, including the following types: basiccardtype, seven small pairs of cards, thirteen yuan card type,thirteendo not rely on the type.Second, the line orderAccording to the counter-clockwise direction of the card, card,eatcards, touch cards, bars, cards, and licensing.Third, draw the cardIn a counterclockwise direction. The order is the dealer,south,west, north home. Draw the card, the home to play after thecard,their ability to draw cards, home did not play the card, theycannot hands touch cards.Four, out of the cardWho caught or eat, touch, open the bar, make up the flowers, andthecard will have to play a card. The first time the dealercompletesthe draw from the draw (including the flower) to the cardis limitedto 30 seconds.Five, Hu cardBy the process of turning, playing, eating, touching, andpassingthe cards, the cards of the hands are made into straightstrips,burrs or bars, and the cards of each of the three or fourgroupsare called " face". A card must be made up of five groups offacesand a pair of pairs (at least seventeen cards). If it is otherhometo play a card, just let yourself make up the pattern of Hucard,you can call "Hu card", the home is called blasting or shot,thistime only count the fishermen lose; if by their own touch Intothecard Hu card, is called "self-touch", the other threeareconsidered lose.6, the flow of each board must leave the last eight stacks(16photos) can not touch, the hand in the bar once, then stayonemore, if the last has been no one Hu card, known as the "seastreamBureau ", the dealer continued to Zhuang (known as thestinkyvillage), re-opened the new Council.
中國象棋 1.2.7 APK
cao tangyu
中國象棋是一款流傳十分廣泛的遊戲,屬於二人對抗性遊戲的一種,由於用具簡單,趣味性強,所以成為流行極為廣泛的棋藝活動。棋雙方可根據自己對棋局形式的理解和對棋藝規律的掌握,調動車馬,組織兵力,協調作戰。它難易適中,基本規則簡明易懂,古今中外男女老少皆宜,變化豐富細膩,它不僅能豐富文化生活,陶冶情操,更有助於開發智力,啟迪思維,鍛煉辨證分析能力和培養頑強的意志。象棋是由兩人輪流走子,以“將死”或“困斃”對方將(帥)為勝的一種棋類運動。基本玩法:***帥(將):帥(將)是棋中的首腦,是雙方竭力爭奪的目標。它只能在九宮之內活動,可上可下,可左可右,每次走動只能按豎線或橫線走動一格。帥與將不能在同一直線上直接對面,否則走方判負。***仕(士):仕(士)是將(帥)的貼身保鏢,它也只能在九宮內走動。它的行棋路徑只有九宮內的四條斜線。***相(象):相(象)的主要作用是防守,保護自己的帥(將)。它的走法是每次循對角線走兩格,俗稱“象飛田”。相(象)的活動範圍限於河界以內的本方陣地,不能過河,且如果它走的田字中央有一個棋子,就不能走。***車:車在像棋中威力最大,無論橫線、豎線均可行走,只要無子阻攔,步數不受限制。因此,一車可以控制十七個點。***炮:炮在不吃子的時候,移動與車完全相同。當吃子時,己方和對方的棋子中間必須間隔1個棋子(無論對方或己方棋子),炮是像棋中唯一可以越子的棋種。***馬:馬走動的方法是一直一斜,即先橫著或直著走一格,然後再斜著走一個對角線,俗稱“馬走日”。馬一次可走的選擇點可以達到四周的八個點,如果在要去的方向有別的棋子擋住,馬就無法走過去。***兵(卒):兵(卒)在未過河前,只能向前一步步走,過河以後,除不能後退外,允許左右移動,但也只能一次一步。除此之外,可以單人與電腦對弈,也可以雙人對弈,更有多種模式可以挑戰。Chinese Chess is averywide spread of games, is a form of two confrontationalgame,because the equipment is simple, interesting, it becamepopularvery wide range of chess activities. The two sides canmoveaccording to their own understanding and mastery of the chessgameof chess in the form of laws, traveling to mobilize,organizetroops, combat coordination. It is of moderate difficulty,easy tounderstand the basic rules, ancient and modern ages youngand old,rich and delicate changes, it can not only enrich theculturallife, strive to better contribute to the developmentofintelligence, enlightenment thinking, exercise dialecticalanalysiscapabilities and develop a strong will .Chess is a child turns away from the two men as "dying" or"trappedto death," the other party will (handsome) wins achessmovement.Basic play:*** Shuai (will): Shuai (will) is the head of chess, both sidesaretrying to compete for the goal. It can only activities withinthenine palaces, may be the next, can be left and right each timecanonly move around by walking a vertical or horizontal format.Shuaiand will not be in a straight line directly opposite, or elsetakethe square forfeit.*** Shi (persons): Shi (Shi) is the (handsome) bodyguard, itcanonly move around nine utero. It's line moves only nine pathfourslash palace.*** phase (like): The main role of phase (as) is defensive,toprotect their own Shuai (will). It is the walk each round to gotwodiagonal grid, commonly known as "fly like a field." Phase(like)within the scope of activities is limited to the side of theriverborder positions, can not cross the river, and if it is takingtheswastika has a central piece, you can not go.*** car: car as the most powerful chess, whetherhorizontal,vertical can walk, as long as no sub-block, the numberof stepsBushouxianzhi. Thus, a car can be controlledseventeenpoints.*** guns: guns do not eat when the child is moving and the carisidentical. When eating midnight, one's own and other's piecesmustbe separated by an intermediate piece (regardless of whethertheyown or pieces), the gun is the only sub-species of chessaschess.*** Horse: Method horse is walking up a ramp, which is togostraight sideways or a grid, and then go sideways adiagonal,commonly known as "horse walk day." Horses can take aselection ofup to eight points around the point, if there are otherpiecesblocked in the direction to go, the horse can not gopast.*** soldiers (soldier): Bing (death) before not to cross theriver,can only go step by step forward, after crossing the river,inaddition to not retreat, but allowed to move around, but onlyonestep.In addition, a single person can play chess with the computer,youcan also double game, the more variety of modes tochallenge.
Mine Landlords 6.2.4 APK
cao tangyu
Landlord is one of the most popular cardgamesand is a popular poker game all over the world. The game hasthreeplayers, using a set of cards, including two ghosts. Thegamebegins with the player bidding for the landlord, competing forthehighest score for the landlord, and the other two players forthefarmer. Two peasants come together to "fight" the landlord.Atleast one of the games is the winner.Landlord combines entertainment and the challenges of thegamefaithfully presented to the players, bring you beautifulpoker,strong computer opponents, and superior game control, andstrive tolet you indulge them, with minimal action, you can enjoythe gamepleasure.* Perfect stand-alone mode, no network and mobile phone traffic,youno longer have to worry about traffic is not enough!* Completely free, unlimited permanent play!* New artificial high intelligence, man-machine war!game rules:Leaflet: any single card.Straight: any five or five or more points connected to the card,2and the king can not appear in the straight.Pair: any two points the same card, two kings or two kings arealsoconsidered sub-card type.A pair of three or three pairs of points above the card, suchas:556677.2 and the king can not appear in the even.Three: any three points the same card.Three Shun: two or more points connected to the three cards,suchas: 555666; 555666777888.2 and the king can not appear in thethreeShun.Three with two: the same number of three cards + a pair ofcards,such as 55577 aircraft with wings: three Shun + the samenumber ofcards, such as 555666777 +99JJKK.Bomb: four or more cards with the same number of points, suchas:66666,999999King of the bomb: four ace.
Simply Ludo 3.0.1 APK
cao tangyu
is a classic game that everyone will playinthe childhood, leaving a lot of childhood memories.Interfaceissimple, chess board at a glance, play fun and easy.Would you like to revisit the classic stuff?we can now downloaditon Android.Invite friends and family to play Immediately,to revisitthechildren's classic game togetherGameplay:It is to simulate the flight of the aircraft as the theme, youcanplay with the computer, you can also invite two or three orfourpeople to play,to take a different color of the pieceseachother,there is a dice, you just turn the dice, According tothenumbers that how far can you fly. Can be free to decidetheaircraft take off number,just is the take off number, yourplanecan take off from the airport, all the aircraft first arrivedatthe destination for the win.Game features:1,Support 1-4 players Battle, single play can set the numberofcomputers.2,Free to adjust the difficulty, there are three kinds oftakeoffnumber for you to choose, so you play more easily.3,If 6 consecutive times, then all of your own pieces will backtothe apron (including the end has reached the pawn), needtore-throw.4,If just stay in the the opponent's plane, you can repatriatehisplan to the airport.5,If you just stay in the same color on your own pawn, you canleapto the next color or follow the dotted line across theopposite,so,you can save more time, the chance of victoryevengreater.
Shake Dice 3.8.2 APK
cao tangyu
Everyone knows to shake dice to decide thewinor the lose, this app can serve you anytime, anywhere.This afreeapp,please use it freely.This is a magical dice, an accumulation of 13 million people intheplay dice.In our lives, the bartender, dinner, ktv, clup and bar andotherentertainment are ultimately an activity, that is, diceshake,shake the dice music. In the dice play, that is threemodes,you canchoose a different number of dice to play,and you canalso playwith 5 dices,and can also play with 6 dices. Do you haveto playthese dice?Dice shake shake this App application function is comprehensive,itis worth mentioning that when the dice shake, themicroseismicgravity sensor, the sound of the dice, as if that isreally dice inyour cell phone shaking, very feel.Play:Generally throw the dice to compared the size of the dice, youcanset the rules, how to play on how to play.fighting mode rule:1, if that is six "4spot", known as "full house", get80points.2, if that is five "4spot", known as the "five kings", get50points.3, if that is four "4spot" and two "1", known as "championinsertedJinhua", get 99 points.4, if that is four "4spot", called "champion", get 36 points.5, if that is three "4spot", known as the "three red", get12points.6, if that is two "4spot", known as "two move", get 3 points.7, if there is a "4spot", known as "one stroke", get 1 point.8, if the respectively "1 to 6", known as the "Church", get18points.9, if that is four the same ("4spot" except), known as the"fourinto", get 8 points.10, if that is five the same, known as the "five sub-Dengke", get45points.11, if that is six "black spot", known as "six cups of black",get60 points.12, if that is six "1spot", known as "everywhere Kam", get70points.Come and talk about your loved ones and friends.
Mine Gold 2.8.3 APK
cao tangyu
Mine Gold is one of the mostpopularstand-alone free games, infinite treasures waiting foryourdigging. Are you ready?Here is the infinite gold mine, sparkling diamonds confuseyoureyes; more and more a variety of equipment and tools to helpyou ina limited time to capture more treasures, an increaseofcomfortable, fresh atmosphere of the unique scene, Let youneverplay!Play is very simple, the opportunity to continue to swing backandforth, when aiming at a good target, click on the screenwilllaunch a hook, to grab gold, mystery gift bags, diamonds,cutepets, etc. Each will have a set Of the scoring target, whenthescore reaches the target value can enter the next level.There are a variety of props can choose, you can use theexistinggold to buy props, get gold faster and moreconvenient.Do not be late, with your beloved together to earn a bucket ofgolditGold miners are one of the most popular stand-alone freegames,infinite treasures waiting for your digging. Are youready?Here is the infinite gold mine, sparkling diamonds confuseyoureyes; more and more a variety of equipment and tools to helpyou ina limited time to capture more treasures, an increaseofcomfortable, fresh atmosphere of the unique scene, Let youneverplay!Play is very simple, the opportunity to continue to swing backandforth, when aiming at a good target, click on the screenwilllaunch a hook, to grab gold, mystery gift bags, diamonds,cutepets, etc. Each will have a set Of the scoring target, whenthescore reaches the target value can enter the next level.There are a variety of props can choose, you can use theexistinggold to buy props, get gold faster and moreconvenient.Do not be late, with your beloved together to earn a bucket ofgoldit
Crazy Tetris Blocks 6.2.4 APK
cao tangyu
Mine Blocks is a popular world game, is aclassic free game, as a blocks game lovers,you can not miss thisgame.Game play is simple,you just move, rotate and place differentshapes blocks,then make it into a complete line or more rows andeliminate them, you can get scores, while eliminating more rows,then reward more scores.It is super resistant play and infinite combo and a multi-functionbuttonfunctions,this is a stand-alone game which you and throughthe boring time.So,do not wait,quickly invite your beloved friendsto compete the championship together.