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This calculator is easy to use and it is for free. It has twodifferent formats (scientific calculator and basic calculator) andyou can switch between them with only one click. It is very usefulat home, in class, in the office, for shopping, doing homework, oreven calculating taxes.The basic calculator has 28 keys with 7 mainoperations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,percentage, square root and multiplicative inverse).The scientificcalculator has 50 keys including all of the basic operations,trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, exponentiation, logarithm,factorial, etc. There are also two keys with constantspreprogrammed (e and π).The range of numbers that this app canmanage goes from 4.9E-324 to 1.7976931348623157E308 (both inabsolute value).It is possible to select a different set of digitsfor the keyboard and/or for the screen. It supports Western,Arabic, Persian, Chinese/Japanese, Devanagari (Hindi, Nepali, andother), Tamil, Bangla, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.Please, takeinto account that the app replaces the Western set (0123456789) bythe new one, digit by digit. Not all of the available sets can beused on screen to write a number correctly. For instance, using theJapanese set, the number 100 will be displayed as 一〇〇, but theright codification is 百 (only one digit).¡Enjoy it!

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    Creative Products & Services, S.L Av. Isabel de Farnesio, 34 bis, local 3 Boadilla del Monte 28660 - Madrid España
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Magnifier Plus HD with Flashlight 1.7 APK
This magnifying glass app will help you to see any small thing andto take a picture. It is very easy to use and it is for free.It isa magnifying glass with light using the zoom and the flash of thecamera (if they are available) and the screen zoom.The screen zoompermits the use of the Magnifier in devices with camera that doesnot implement zoom. In devices with zoom, it improves itsquality.In devices supporting the LED flash of the camera in modeTORCH, you will be able to use it as a flashlight or lantern toilluminate the thing that you are seeing. If camera has focus withmode "MACRO" you will be able to use it to have a high qualityimage. If it is needed, there are popup messages that inform youabout the limitations of the features of your deviceIn devices withzoom x8 or higher we can say this is a high definition pocketmicroscope Please, take into account that the quality of the imageand the magnification level depend directly on the screenresolution, the quality of the camera and its zoom because they arethe lens of the magnifier.The maximum zoom level depend on thedevice.There are devices that have an embedded camera applicationthat manages the zoom but its zoom is not available for otherapplications like this magnifier.Ultra high digital quality using atiny amount of memory.QUICK GUIDECONTROLS:There are 3 buttons(Light, Focus and Picture) and 2 slide bars (Screen and Zoom) butONLY if your device supports all the needed features.LightButton:To switch on/off the flash light. If your device does notsupport the mode TORCH or if it has not got flash, this button willnot be available.Focus Button:To focus. The quality will be betterif your device supports the MACRO mode.Picture Button:To take apicture. They will be stored in the Gallery, in the CPS_Magnifierfolder.Screen X Bar:It magnifies ONLY the screen, pictures are notaffected. It is useful in devices not supporting camera zoom. If itis set to 1, the pictures will be exactly the screen view. Withother values, the pictures will be more than the screen view.Zoom XBar:It is the camera zoom. It magnifies both, screen andpictures.ASPECT RATIO DISTORTION:If images are wider or narrowerthan the real object, please, go to Menu and select Aspect Ratio.Use the slide bar to calibrate it correctly.Enjoy it!
Mirror HD 2.4 APK
Convert your phone into a high quality mirror for free. It is amagnifying mirror (if your front camera has zoom). In some devicesit can be used as a mirror with light (if the front camera hasflash). Needed controls are shown only if the features aresupported by device.You can use it to check your make up, to putyour contact lens, to shave, to comb, etc.Advantages: - A highquality mirror in a tiny amount of memory. - High Definition (ifyour device support it) - It is a magnifying mirror (if the frontcamera has zoom) - A mirror with light (if the front camera hasflash) - it is for free.Enjoy it!
Compass with GPS 2.6 APK
This is a very easy to use magnetic compass app. It includesdigital compass and analogic compass. It shows information aboutthe direction to the magnetic North Pole and the geographiccoordinates. It also provides other useful information such as thestrength of the magnetic field (in μT), GPS error and the accuracyof the gravity and magnetic sensors.A compass that you can use foryour outdoor activities such as trips, picnics, camping, hiking,boating or any kind of adventure sport.The GPS can be used inairplane mode or in places without coverage. Depending on differentparameters, it can take a time to start to provide coordinates.Animportant feature is that it can work without network coverage,which is the situation that often occurs in places where a compassand a GPS are required (the countryside, the mountains, the sea,etc).The compass graphics can be shown in a pseudo 3D mode.You canmodify the texts of the cardinal points to show them in English orin other languages. It is only going to show the first letter.Theaccuracy depends on your device. Normally it is better when deviceis used horizontally. If the accuracy of the magnetic sensor is notgood enought, you can improve it by moving your phone a few times,drawing a figure of 8 in the air.Magnets and metal parts can affectthe performance. Do not use it near them.Enjoy it!
Magnificent Magnifier HD with Flashlight 4.5 APK
This magnifying glass with light will help you to see any smallthing and to take pictures. It is very easy to use and it is forfree.Using it as a reading glasses, you will be able to read thefine print without problems. It helps you to see the details ofstamps, coins, insects, electronic circuits, etc. It is also veryuseful if you have vision problems such as presbyopia,farsightedness, blurred vision, or if you do not have your glassesor contact lenses. This magnifying glass with light uses the zoomand the flash of the camera (if they are available). It uses theLED flash of the camera as a flashlight to illuminate the thingsthat you are seeing. If it is needed, there are popup messages thatinform you about the limitations of the features of your device.Indevices with zoom "x8" or higher we can say this is a highdefinition pocket microscope.Please, take into account that thequality of the image and the magnification level depend directly onthe quality of the camera and its zoom because they are the lens ofthe magnifier.The maximum zoom level depend on the device, some ofthem has no zoom or the zoom is not available to be managed byapps. In these cases the zoom will be "x1”There are devices thathave a camera application embedded that manages the zoom but thiszoom is not available for other applications like thismagnifier.Enjoy it!
Compass and GPS 2.1 APK
This is a very easy to use magnetic compass app with altimeter andGPS. It allows to know the navigation information, the location andthe orientation and it also shows the distance and bearing to yourfavorite places (the summit of the mountain, the base camp, theparking, etc.). It is very useful in places without networkcoverage. Due to this, it is ideal for adventure activities likehiking, trekking, sailing or sightseeing, and it is for free.Withthe Premium version you can also export your favorite places to aGPX file.You can modify the texts of the Cardinal Directions toshow them in English or in other languages. It is only going toshow the first letter.It displays information about:- Direction tothe Magnetic Pole.- The terrestrial coordinates.- Altitude.- Thestrength of the magnetic field.- Accuracy of: GPS, networklocation, magnetic sensor and gravity sensor.- Direction anddistance to the favorite places.The magnetic compass is designed inthe form of a radar, which facilitates the display of favoriteplaces.The application uses both, GPS and the network location totake the advantage of both. The GPS gives a much more accuratelocation and can operate without coverage. The network locationprovides coordinates much faster and works well indoors.Animportant feature is that it can work without network coverage,which is the situation that often occurs in places where a compassand a GPS are required (the countryside, the mountains, the sea,etc).You can store and display your favorite places. In the editionscreen it shows the distance and the bearing to all ofthem.Distance and bearing can be calculated according to the RhumbLine or the Great Circle navigation. The Rhumb Line is to go fromthe origin to the destination while keeping the same bearing, whichon a map results in a straight line. The Great Circle navigation isto go from the origin to the destination by the shortest route,taking into account that the Earth is spherical. In short distancesthere is little difference between one type of navigation and theother, but in long distances it can there be large differences,especially in the initial bearing. For example, to go fromWashington to Bangkok with the Rhumb Line, the way goes throughNorth Africa, while on the Great Circle, it crosses the NorthPole.With network coverage, it is also possible to see the currentlocation or the location of your favorite places in a map.Thecompass accuracy depends on the device used. It is usually higherwhen the phone is horizontal. If the accuracy of the magneticsensor is not enough, you can improve it by moving the terminaldrawing an 8 on the air.Magnets and metal parts may affectoperation. To ensure reliable operation do not use the app nearthem.Enjoy it!
LED Scroller - Electronic display 4.5 APK
A real scrolling text in a simulated LED display.Support for allalphabets (Western Latin, Hangul, Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana,Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, etc).Select one of the predefinedcolors or create a combination by yourself.Different speeds toselect.Right to Left and Left to Right scroll directions.Supportfor all the fonts that you have installed in your phone.It is funand easy.It is for free.It is not a wallpaper.- Your own marqueetext.- A ticker with the info that you want.- Clear messages in anoisy environment (disco, bar, etc.)- Communication with adifferent styleUse it in Valentine's Day, in Christmas, inHalloween, in parties, in concerts, in demonstrations, etc.Enjoyit!
Flashlight 2.7 APK
Switch on the device screen and the flash LED of the camera (ifavailable) to use them as a torch light, a lamp or a lantern and awarning light. This app has been designed to provide the maximumlight with the minimum consumption of memory and CPU.It does notneed any widget. Its icon can be installed in the main screen andto switch the light on, you only need to click on it.Thisflashlight is one of the brightest ones because it uses the flashof the camera, if it is available. This ensure the maximum lightthat we can have with the deviceThe device screen can be used aslamp too. You can select the color to have a soft ambient light foryour room. This mode is very useful to care for your child or babyat night without disturbing him or herThe app implements a warninglight mode too. It is very useful in case of emergency.It can beactivated only with one click. You can select the sequence, thefrequency and the color of the lights. Depending on theconfiguration, it can simulate police lights.This app is forfree.Enjoy it!
Magic Mirror 3.3 APK
Convert your phone into a high quality magnifying mirror to checkyour make up, to shave, to comb, etc. The difference with othermirrors is that this one can speak (at this moment, only in Spanishor English). To do it, it needs the Text To Speech (TTS) engine. Ifyour device does not have it, the app helps you to install it.MagicMode: It will say you nice things talking about your beauty. It canbe a good way to start the day, with an extra dose ofself-confidence.Joking Mode: It will talk about the beauty or aboutthe ugliness of the user. You can change from one to other slidingdiscreetly the finger on the screen. A lot of laughs withfriends.Advantages: - A high quality mirror in a tiny amount ofmemory. - Zoom control (if available) - The highest definitionsupported by the phone - It is for free - It can talk about yourbeauty or not, you decideEnjoy it!