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It is an app to automatically delete call history of the specifiedphone number.Whether or not to automatically delete the history inincoming or outgoing call can be set.It is also possible to leaveonly the most recent history.It can be viewed at a later time tosave the deleted history of the item in the app.You can set apasscode to start the app.It can remove the telephone number andthe name that appears in the notification at the time of missedcalls.Telephone number is entered directly or selected fromcontacts, and set the delete options of call history from aregistered phone number.Telephone number can be multipleregistration, setting of once registered phone numbers can be ON /OFF from the app.Caution* Only outgoing, incoming when setting isenabled the call history is deleted. Call history of the timesetting is disabled will not be deleted.* Please refer to there-registration since the equal app to modify the phone number inthe contact will not be reflected.

App Information Call history mgmt

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Frustrating Alarm 3.13.19 APK
At the time that you have set Alarm can not be canceled alarm eventoccurs at random, if you do not clear the event. Please letreappears from the icon in the notification area if the screen hasdisappeared by pressing the Home button. Alarm Events: * Reset thealarm by entering the 10-digit number that appears. And try againwith the wrong. * Reset the alarm by applying a light to theterminal in the set brightness. (Required light sensor) The attemptto set the brightness of the window that much opened the curtainsin the morning. Caution alarm because not stop If you set toobright. * Reset the alarm by tapping in order from 1 a number of9-25 pieces are placed randomly. And try again with the wrong. *Reset the alarm by carrying the ball to the goal.(Requiredacceleration sensor) Redo course has changed the ball falls intothe hole. Clear is difficult to remain was lying down. Notes: Eventdoes not occur in the models do not have the required sensor.
YT Checker 1.0.2 APK
"YT Checker" is an app that you checkregularly the status of the updates YouTube Channel that had beenregistered in advance, to notify if there is an update.You can see at a glance how far you play unplayed videos because itis highlighted. In addition to that can be played within the app,videos can also be played in the external app that isinstalled.In addition, you can view the narrowing down of the category andset the category for each channel.*Registration method of channel- You can register by selecting the tap > Subscribe to sharebutton while displaying any video channel you want to register fromthe browser or YouTube app.- Enter any of the video URL of the channel you want to registerfrom the top screen > Subscribe to tap the Register button.
Blog Checker 3.9.8 APK
"Blog Checker" is an RSS Reader app that you check regularly thestatus of the updates blog that had been registered in advance, tonotify if there is an update. You can see at a glance how far youread unread articles because it is highlighted. In addition to thatcan be displayed within the app, articles can also be displayed inthe browser that is installed. Show is available in the category bysetting a category to each blog. *Registration method of blog Youcan register when you tap the Register button while displaying theblog you want to register from blog search. It was to be directlyregister the URL of the RSS feed. - May not be registered by thesite. 2015/07/02 ver 1.6.0 It was to be directly register the URLof the RSS feed. 2015/01/20 ver 1.4.0 Default browser to displaythe blog has become available for selection. TOP -> Settings-> External browser to default 2014/11/12 ver 1.1.0 Added thesettings in browser accelerator. (Beta) TOP -> Settings ->Accelerate browser(Beta) There is the fact that the applicationfreezes If you enable this feature. Please disable it when it wasfrequent.
com.skelabo.speeddial 2.7.10 APK
This is an app to create a shortcut to dial with one touch fromcontacts. * This is not a widget. * In Android 8, square icons cannot be created because the shapes of the icons are unified. Homescreen after you have created a shortcut to it will be able tostart the purpose of the app from the shortcut at the touch of abutton directly. Shortcut that you created that you can organizecollectively to folder. How to use 1. Launch the speed dial. 2.Select a person because contact is displayed. 3. Selected if thephone number or mail address is registered more. 4. Select the typeof shortcut to be created. 5. Edit shortcut title, if necessary. 6.Tap the OK button to select the app to launch. 7. Icon with ashortcut title the app icon to launch will be created in the homescreen. Caution * Will not be reflected in the shortcut if you editthe phone number or e-mail address of the contacts. Please remakeafter you delete a shortcut. It does not remove the apps andcontacts delete the shortcut. * Shortcut that you created when youuninstall the app will not be deleted. Shortcut that you created,please delete manually.
Short Tunes Player 1.0.1 APK
It is an application that can play the soundsamples of music that has been downloaded sold in continuous.You can play by searching artist and album songs from playing.A short period of time may find a new artist or song for that itis possible to listen to a lot of songs.Please to work for BGM, etc.Features Include:* Play the ranking of each genre* Play the results of keyword search* Play to each artist* Play to each albumMusic of more than 20 countries will be searched.
荷物追跡通知 1.7.9 APK
配達状況も各荷物追跡システムに移動することなくアプリ上で確認でき、未読の配達状況は強調表示されます。各運送業者の追跡サイトも表示可能です。 ※注1 各運送業者の荷物追跡システムから情報を取得しているため、荷物追跡システムの仕様変更があると、アプリ上で表示ができなくなる可能性があります。 その際はアプリのバージョンアップをお待ちください。※注2 EMSの配達状況は配達先の国によっては不正確な場合があります。 詳しくはEMSのサイトでご確認ください。
com.skelabo.forgotkanji 1.3.6 APK
漢字をど忘れした時に携帯の文字変換機能で確認するためだけのアプリです。漢字をど忘れした時に誰もが携帯を使って確認したことがあると思います。その時に立ち上げたアプリは何でしょうか?メールアプリですか?ブラウザですか?そんな重いアプリを起動しなくても「ど忘れ漢字」なら軽快な動作でど忘れした漢字をすばやく確認できます。文字入力も面倒だという方のために音声入力にも対応しています。文字入力欄、音声認識(Androidの機能です)、入力文字クリアボタンだけのシンプル設計なので「あの漢字どう書くんだっけ?」という時にサッと起動してスッと確認できます。 It is an application only forchecking with the character conversion function of the mobile whenyou forgot kanji. When I forgot kanji, I think that everyone hasconfirmed using a cell phone. What was the app launched at thattime? Is it an email app? Is it a browser? Even if you don't startsuch a heavy app, you can quickly check the forgotten kanji with"light forgetting" if it is "forgettable kanji". It also supportsvoice input for those who are troubled with character input. As itis simple design of only character input column, voice recognition(it is function of Android), input character clear button When yousay, "How do you write that kanji?"
Simple FlashLight Widget 1.2 APK
ON / OFF of the flash light in the widget is an application thatcan easily.Please place the widget on the home screen afterinstallation. The first time arrangement may take time to prepare.When the light bulb button is displayed, to enable ON / OFF.Openssetting screen when you launch the app directly. Current can be setof vibration during the flashlight ON / OFF (default ON) is.