1.2 / May 15, 2015
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Find where the call is coming from whenunknown number calls you and block the number if thats not a callerLocation that you want to accept the phone call from.

Call Location & Call Blocker has three main components:

1. Display Caller Location and Caller Block Feature When callcomes in. Every time a call comes in we overlay the caller locationand Call Block features on phone screen. Easy to block a numberthis way by just looking at number and phone location.
2. Browse Call Log and know all your callers location. BrowseContact list and view your contacts location.
3. Block any number you want from Call Log, Contact List or anynumber you want to block.

Best Caller Location and Call Blocker App in one seamless UI foryou to block unwanted calls and determine call locations.

App Information Call Location & Call Blocker

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Thief Catcher 1.0 APK
Thieves and Intruders are trying to unlockyour phone and steal data in your absence? Thief Catcher comes torescue by taking a Photo every time someone tries to unlock yourphone unsuccessfully. When you successfully unlock the phone,Intruders photos are launched with timestamp for you to catch them.Thief Catcher is easy to use.1. Enable Thief Catcher to monitor screen unlock attempts (We needthis to be able to detect unsuccessful attempts to unlock yourdevice).2. Make sure you Password protect you lock screen.You are ready to go. Anytime anyone else tries to unlock thephone, Thief Catcher will take a photo and store it. When youunlock the device, Thief Catcher will display photos to you.Thief Capture works by setting app as Device Administrator. Ifyou want to uninstall the app, please follow steps below:1) Go to Settings (Your phone settings)2) Click on Security3) Click on Device Administrator. You will notice Thief Catcher asa Device Administrator. Uncheck Thief Catcher. Now you will be ableto uninstall the app.
Big Keyboard 2.2 APK
Fat fingers? No problem. There is an app forthat too. We designed Big Keyboard for Android just you in mind.Whether you a Big Man or person with Big Hands or need Big Keyson your Keyboard, this is the app for you.We not only have apps for different keyboard themes we are alsointroducing different keyboard sizes for Android.You do not have to fiddle with those tiny and frustrating smallkeys anymore. Now you can be sure what you type on your keyboard iswhat you intended to type with Big Keys Keyboard. Typing on thattiny Android phone just got a whole lot better thanks to Big Keyson the Big Keyboard. Now you do not have to spend more timecorrecting typing errors but focus on the content due to typingincorrectly on Tiny Keyboard. The Big Buttons on the Big Keyboardlets you type very easily.You don't have to Learn anything new to use Big Keys Keyboard.Big Keyboard uses an Extension of QWERTY style keyboard bettersuited for people who need big buttons.Make sure to select Default Big Keyboard options to make the BigKeyboard as your default keyboard. Select “Enable big keyboard”option to setup various features described below.Features:Vibrate on Key press on Big Keys.Play key tone on touch of Big Buttons.Quick fixes to correct commonly typed mistakes which is very rareon Big Keyboard.Display suggested words while typing to help you further withGigantic Keys.Auto-complete using space bar to select the suggested wordSuggested punctuation – Now your girlfriend cannot keep pointingout the lack of punctuation.Touch misspelled words to correct them on Big Keyboard.
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Set Photo, Name and Background that you want to appear as yourwallpaper.Select the Photo you want from your Gallery and crop the shapeyou prefer like Heart Shape Collage or Circle Shape Photo or SquarePhoto. Choose the name you want with Font Style and Font Size toappear on the Wallpaper. You can choose one of many backgrounds toappear as wallpaper background.The Photo you selected, Name select will move around on yourwallpaper in artistic way.Create your own Live Wallpaper with your photos, name andbackground of your choice.
Shake Locker 1.0 APK
Shake Locker is the easiest way to Lock Screen anytime by simplyshaking the phone. You can configure sensitivity of the shake byadjusting the configuration to suit your needs to lock the screen.Shake Lock Screen is easiest way to Lock Screen and best lockscreen.
Global Call Locator 1.0 APK
Global Call Locator Displays location of Caller while a call comesin any where in the world. Global Call Locator display City ofCaller When available and State of Caller.Global Call Locator Has three main features:1. Display Caller location over call screen when a call comesin.2. View your contacts location with Search capability.3. View Call log sorted by Location and view calls from everylocation.Global Call Locator is the best Caller Finder app that hassupport worldwide.
Emoji Keyboard 4.0 APK
Put some emotion into your SMS and emails forfree! Emoji Keyboard is a free app for Android. Emoji Keyboardhelps you add several different emotions to your email and text. Sogo ahead and express yourself. It is free, all you need is yourimagination and your Android phone or tablet.Keyboard Themes - 1000s of different Emoji Keyboard themesincluding color options, Photo Keyboards, Text Settings, Keyboardlayouts, Photo Backgrounds, Keyboard Fonts and more. AnimatedKeyboard Themes to entertain yourself.Photo Keyboard - Set your photos as Keyboard Background andshow off your Photo Keyboard to people. Photo Keyboard is best wayto have Fancy Keyboards.Animated Emojis for Texting - Animated Emoji Keyboard tosend Emoji through text and other social platforms. What to sharean Animated Emoji for Android on social platform? Animated Emojisfor Android? This is the app for you.Emoji Status - Create Funny looking Emoji Status messageswith Emoticons and Text Status messages, Emoji Status, AnimatedStatus Messages and more.Emoji Keyboard - Emoji's of various category includingSmiley emojis, Flag Emojis, Emoticon icons and more added. EmojiKeyboard is a full fledged keyboard is not a simple Emoji Plugin.Stick your tongue out, wink, or show you are mad all with a singletap on the emoji keyboard.ASCII Text Art Keyboard - Share Emoticons as Text art withEmoticon Keyboard.Animated Emojis for Texting, Politician Emojis to share, FunnyEmojis to share on Facebook, Cartoon Emojis to share on WhatsApp,Customize your Emoticon Keyboard with Photo Keyboard.Looking for Pope Emojis, Modi Emojis or Trump Emojis ? We have themall.
Voice Unlocker 3.1 APK
Voice Un locker is the only Lock Screen thatunlocks with your talking to the phone. Manual override (withkeyboard) is available when you can't say your un locker codepublic.Unique lock screen app that unlocks with your voice command(Passcode provided by voice). Unlock you phone with your voice orkeyboard and show off your cool lock screen to your friends.Voice Enabled Lock screen is the only one of its type givingfreedom to unlock hands free. Hands Free Unlock your phone.
Photo Keyboard 1.0 APK
Photo Keyboard is full fledged custom keyboard with Photobackgrounds, Themes, Dictionary and Emoji Support.Photo Keyboard is complete Keyboard with following features:1. Photo Background: Ability to Set a Photo as Background forKeyboard. You can set your Picture or family picture or loved onespicture as Keyboard background. Set Photo Background to perfectlyfit Keyboard.2. Keyboard Themes: Chose one of many themes available tocustomize Keyboard Colors .3. Emoji Support for IM's: Photo Keyboard include Emoji's whilein IM Mode.4. Dictionary and Type ahead Support: Photo Keyboard is completekeyboard with Dictionary and Type ahead to help type faster onkeyboard. Show Suggestions show suggestions as you type.5. Spell Check Support: Type ahead and Spell check makes PhotoKeyboard a perfectly usable keyboard.6. Auto Capitalization, Vibrate on Key Press, Play Key tone,Quick Fixes support, Auto Complete support.Photo Keyboard is the best keyboard to have on your phone.